Credits for Potion Torture

(not really...)


The idea for Potion Torture came to me at three a.m. when I was scrolling through stories and realized that so many AxelLarxene stories had them proclaiming their love for one another. I thought "Nobodies can't feel...anything... So how would they be able to proclaim love?" And then I thought of love potions. Thus, this was made.


Actual Credits

Luxord being the one to drink the potion was my brother's idea. I asked for a number, he said 10.


Demyx's nickname for Marluxia-

(Demyx's grin returned. "Whatever you say, Mar.")

-was basically a result of my laziness and not wanting to type out the entire name.


The hypochrondriacs on drugs line-

("...and that's why there's nothing more annoying than hypochondriacs on drugs," Roxas finished)

-was created by me, when I was drinking a coke and staring out a window. I have no idea how I came up with it.


Lexaeus and the hippie monkey-

("But what about Lexaeus and the hippie monkey?")

-was brought about the exact same way the hypochrondriac line was.


Luxord's line-

("I'll be gentle, I promise!" Luxord said.)

-was not exactly meant to be percieved as sex. But then again, it was. Figure that out.


Axel asking Larxene if his cloak made him look fat-



"...Does this cloak make me look fat?")

-was Owshad's idea. So, all credit goes to her. None to me.


While writing Chapter 14, I got a little bit bored. So-

(Larxene blinked, surprised. Her eyes narrowed and she wasted no time in slapping Axel. "That was a stupid question," she said, scowling at him.

Axel grinned and started to laugh.

Running a hand through his hair, Demyx turned and started down the ruined hallway, hoping to find some sign of Marluxia.

Xigbar rolled his eyes and teleported away from them. Most likely, he went somewhere to find another bag of chips.

Eventually, Axel's laughter died down (right around the time Larxene smacked him in his jaw with a kunai). He sat up and eyed her. They stared at each other for a little while, until-

"Now, Larxene," Axel said. "Do you have any idea where Roxas went?"

"Either that way or that way," Larxene replied, pointing in said "directions". She grinned at Axel as his eyes narrowed.)

-I spelled out Larxene.

(Roxas was currently walking down an empty hallway, whistling. He had no idea where he was headed or what he was doing, but he didn't really care. As long as no one happened to pop out of the many portals that opened up daily and scared the shit out of him.

Of course, if you don't want it to happen, it's going to.

Xigbar narrowed his one good eye in confusion as Roxas jumped nearly three feet in the air and took off running down the hallway. He had just teleported up to what he thought was an empty hallway.

And to think, all Xigbar wanted was some chips. He shrugged, then followed after the teenage member. It was the kid's fault that he ran out of chips so fast in the first place. As Xigbar gained on the boy, he tripped over something - or his own feet, the world may never know - and landed hard on the ground. He sighed as he watched Roxas's feet run down the hallway and turn a corner, then sat up and looked to see what he had tripped over.

Saix's Claymore. At least, one of them. He seemed to have endless amounts, seeing as he was always summoning another to his hand after he threw one at someone. Xigbar pondered briefly as to how he could have possibly missed the gigantic sword sticking out of the ground, and then realized it was on his blind side. Rolling his eye, Xigbar got to his feet and looked around. Saix must have come out of Axel's room, judging by the liquid in a puddle on the ground. "Axel's a naughty man," Xigbar said to himself, spying Axel's magazines lying in the two boxes and on the floor around them. He grinned, then decided to help himself to the pyro's ample amount of magazines.)

-And Roxas.

(Demyx grunted and pushed another broken door out of another broken doorframe. He sighed. Yet another empty room. "Maybe Mar can hear me coming..." he wondered aloud, walking down the hallway.

Either that or he was conspiring with Luxord. Demyx shuddered at the thought.

Marluxia - of course - wouldn't betray him and leave him alone with Luxord. He was Demyx's... well... brother. For now, anyway. "C'mon, Mar!" Demyx said to the vacant hallway. "Where are you? Don't make me...uh..." He paused, trying to think of something Marluxia wouldn't like.

"Yodel!" he yelled suddenly, quite proud of himself. "You hate yodeling, don't cha, Mar?" He grinned, but the grin fell quickly. "Oh...wait...I hate yodeling too... Dammit!" He sighed and continued down the hallway, kicking chunks of the wall out of his way as he did. He tried to figure out somewhere that Marluxia would be, but the only thing that came to mind was Marluxia's garden. Which was destroyed. Demyx tried to think harder, but only really succeeded in getting distracted and falling over a piece of rubble. He sighed again - at the fact that he couldn't multitask, even when he wanted to - and sat up, pulling his pants leg out of his boot to see what had happened. Grimacing, he pushed the fabric back down. "Disgusting..." He looked back towards the rock he had tripped over (he knew which one it was, it was tipped with bright red blood) and realized it looked like another member's weapons...

"Xaldin's spears!" He stopped himself from going further into his one-man conversation and instead stood and started running down the hallway, jumping over the chunks and doors. He would find Marluxia. He was sure of that.)

-And Demyx.


Sequel Information

The sequel shall be called Pandemonium Ensues. I don't know when I'll post it, but it will be about - somehow - some of the Organization members are turned gay, and I shall be poking fun at a few yaoi pairings.

Pairings will all be onesided, and are: AkuRoku (AxelRoxas), LexZex, XemnasSaix, SaixAxel, VexenMarluxia, and ZexionDemyx.

I will not tell who is affected in each pairing. Ones that are not mentioned in the above pairings are obviously not afftected by whatever the others are. I suggest that no one who is easily offended and likes yaoi pairings (the ones listened above, mainly) probably wouldn't want to read Pandemonium Ensues.