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Truth Lies in the Shadows

Chapter 1

The moon's beams beat down upon the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There was an eerie calmness over the castle. Recent events had disturbed everyone including the staff at Hogwarts. But it seemed that the wizarding world and the world of muggles were not the only ones threatened by the Dark Lord's return to power.

Albus Dumbledore sat in the chair behind his desk, happy to know that Harry was safely at the Burrow. He had just returned to the castle only half an hour before. After a brief conversation with Professor McGonagall, he passed up a meal and went to his office. His rest was cut short for there was a knock at the door. He called out for them to enter. The door swung open to reveal the giant form of Hagrid, the school's gamekeeper and Care of Magical Creatures teacher. Following close behind him was an irate McGonagall and a cloaked stranger.

"I'm really sorry, sir, but it's kinda an emergency." said Hagrid.

The Headmaster raised his uninjured hand as he stood. "It's quite alright, Hagrid. I am not very tired anyway." he said with a smile. "What seems to be the emergency?"

"Well, my friend here needs to talk to yeh." The half-giant gestured to the figure behind him. "Um, I'll just wait outside." he said. Hagrid turned back to the door and left the room.

"I told them that this could wait, Albus, but he argued that he must speak with you." said McGonagall.

"It is no trouble. Now, how can I help you?" Dumbledore sat down in his chair. With a gentle wave of his wand, he conjured up another chair in which the woman sat. He then offered the chair across from him to the stranger. The cloaked man nodded and took a seat.

Thinking it rude to keep his identity a secret from the one he sought help from, the man raised a hand to pull back his hood. McGonagall gasped in shock, but that was immediately replaced by a look of anger. How could Hagrid have permitted this man entrance into Hogwarts she thought. Dumbledore, on the other hand, made no movement to indicate that he even noticed anything strange about the one sitting before him. But he did notice. It was a bit hard not to.

Dumbledore studied the man with great interest. The man was good looking by anyone's standards. His dark eyes stared back into Dumbledore's blue ones. His black hair was tinted blue and fell to his broad shoulders. Slightly pointed ears were hidden by the curtain of hair, but they were known to be different than others. The aura around him was not that of a wizard, or even a mortal.

"I come seeking your help, Headmaster. Hagrid informed me that Albus Dumbledore could possibly be of assistance." the man stated.

After a moment of consideration, Dumbledore asked, "May I ask you who you are?" He was very interested to learn more about this man. Never before had a demon come to him asking for help.

"My name is Darikk. And as you can see, I am not human. I am a shadow demon from the other side of the Dark Forest." he replied in a calm voice.

"I see." said Dumbledore glancing at the mark on Darikk's forehead. He assumed that it was the symbol of the shadows.

"What kind of help are you looking for?" said McGonagall. The men spared her a glance.

Darikk shifted in the chair before speaking. "Something has happened that requires my presence as soon as possible. However, I must go alone. This poses a problem because I have a child to take care of." He paused, debating on whether to continue or not. "Due to special circumstances I cannot leave her with any member of our clan or of the neighboring clans."

He stared at Dumbledore to see if the wizard was following. He was and gave Darikk a sign to contine.

"I was hoping that she could stay here at Hogwarts until I return." he finished.

The wizard behind the desk had listened intently to the story and had watched the demon's reactions to his own words. Why would he want his daughter in a place full of mortals, full of people who view demons as Voldemort's allies?

"She could do whatever you want her to. She could help the house elves, the teachers, or whoever else needs her." said Darikk, trying to weigh Dumbledore's decision to the positive side of the balance.

"Tell me, Mr.Darikk,"

"Just Darikk."

"Darikk, why do you want your daughter to stay here? I'm sure there is someone in your clan that wouldn't mind looking after her." said Dumbledore in his usual calm voice. "Enlighten us as to why you've choosen to come here."

The demon did not aswer right away. It seemed that he was becoming lost within his own mind. But his blank look disappeared as fast as it had come. "There is no one willing to take my daughter under their roof. Even those who appear to be fine around her refuse to have more contact than necessary." said Darikk.

McGonagall still looked lost, but it all was becoming quite clear to Dumbledore. He leaned forward a bit, putting more weight on his arms.

"They reject her for what she is. She is a half-demon, is she not?" asked the wizard. Darikk nodded with obvious pain in his black eyes.

"A half-demon? So the child has a human mother." stated McGonagall. She did not know a ton of information on demons, but she knew a reasonable amount. Half-demons were not easily accepted by demons or humans. The races do not interact with each other and it is rare that half-demons are born. "Is the mother incapable of caring for her own child?"

"My wife is dead. She died giving birth to our daughter nearly sixteen years ago." said Darikk.

"Oh, I am so sorry." the witch apologized.

"It's fine. So, can you help me or not, Headmaster?" the demon asked trying to change the subject.

"I will tell you once you have given me the rest of your reasons. There is something that you are not telling us, Darikk. Excuse me if I am overstepping the boundaries, but your true intentions run much deeper than just finding a suitable place for the girl to stay." Dumbledore saw the man tense at his words. After a minute of silence, he spoke again. "You do not have to say it if you do not wish to. However, I would feel better to know more about this girl before allowing her in my school."

Darikk redirected his gaze to the portraits on the walls. There was one painting that had a man obviously pretending to be asleep, but listening in to the conversation. Fawkes was on his perch watching the demon through alert eyes.

"You are very good at reading people, Headmaster." he finally said. "Yes, there is another reason why I chose Hogwarts. After my wife died, I had high hopes that my baby could one day become acquainted with her mother's family. Even though her parents disowned her when she wed a demon, her brother never looked away. They were very close. Him and his wife had also had a baby, a son, a month prior to my wife's death."

Dumbledore had a hunch as to where this was going. He had a suspicion about it when Darikk said his wife had been disowned, but her brother still spoke with her. He knew a young woman that this had happened to. She had attended Hogwarts with her brother. She would get into trouble when she was caught sneeking out into the Dark Forest to see her demon lover. It was a sad day when the news of her death reached the staff. It was an even worse experience for her brother and sister-in-law.

"And I know that the young man, my nephew, attends Hogwarts. I just want my daughter to be able to meet her cousin." Darikk fell silent when he had finished.

"I believe we can work something out. What is her name?" said Dumbledore. Darikk sighed in relief.

"Reina. But I must ask you to take on someone else as well. Reina would never agree to come without her best friend."

"We can squeeze them in." the wizard said with a smile. "Have them here tomorrow morning."

"Thank you. I won't forget your generosity." Darikk stood to leave. Dumbledore stood, too, out of manners. The demon left the office, replacing his hood before going down the spiral staircase.

Once he was gone, Professor McGonagall turned to Dumbledore. "Albus, do you think it wise to have a demon in the castle with everything that's happened?" she said.

"Do you know the people of which Darikk spoke of, Minerva?" The witch thought for a moment and then it hit her. She gasped in astonishment. "Yes. We have just met with Marina Potter's husband."

"But that would mean that..." Her voice trailed away as the thought ran over again in her mind.

"This will be good for both Marina's daughter and nephew. Harry will come to know that he still has family living besides the Dursleys."