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"So, how you feelin', Bebs?"

"Could be better. My arm's crampin' a bit. Could you give it a rub, Mang?"

" 'Course," the molewoman said sweetly, and gave Bebbil's arm a squeeze.

"Thanks, my dear," the moleman responded with a warm smile as he continued his work in the nearly dark workroom. They still had five nights to go and he was just getting into the groove. "Be a few minutes before we need to add more," he commented. "Got it ready?"

"Got it all right here," she stated, gesturing to the table. "Even the sap. Amazin'! We don't have to go trackin' no trees. Terrible things to find when they move around so much in the night."

"Aye, we had a bit of luck, didn't we?"

'Yes, we did," Mang said and then sighed. "Those land-dwellers certainly were a bother, though," she stated.

"Aye, they were," Bebbil conceded.

"Rather not have to put up with them. Fallin' in on our homes. Bleeding on things. Put holes everywhere in our lovely tunnels."

"That they did."

"Dabbo and Nobis are gonna be workin' every night to put those right." She squinted her huge teardrop-shaped eyes at memory of the light leeching into their happy home. "And then they gone and flooded the lower tunnels. Cor, it's gonna take some doin' to get that cleaned out."

"We'll manage."

"Gonna be damp for a bit."

"Aye, that it will. Quite a mess they made," Bebbil confirmed. "They always do – those dwellers on land. Got no sense a'tall."

"Always comin' and goin' as if they own both the land above and the land below," Mang said with an unhappy voice.

"Aye, but they did us one fine thing," Bebbil stated as he continued his work. "They supplied us with everythin' we need to make enough of the salve to keep us healthy 'til the end of time." And a smile crinkled his fuzzy face as he gazed at the mortar and pestle, made from blood-marble mined from the Eknar Fissure. It was the only material that could stand up to the tenacity of the alicorn horn. Bebbil was slowly rendering the spiral horn to a dust, aided by the skin of the fezzmick, the blood of the nuttalli, water from the pure fountain of Is and a few secret ingredients.

"Toss me a nugget of the Twiki Bird, dear heart," he called to Mang.

"Here ya go, love," she stated, handing over a hunk of the great leathery bird's whitish flesh. And when their big shovel-like hands touched, their eyes met, and Bebbil gave her a sly wink.

Mang blushed and drew back. "None of that, you rascal," she stated. "You know I have to keep myself pure." She brushed her hands against the ill-fitting linen that draped her, preferring nudity to being clothed – but the ceremony demanded she be dressed in linen – and so she was.

The problem was, the garb really turned-on the alchemist. There was something enticing about a virginal molewoman, all wrapped up. He sighed and tried to think about unpleasant things – like rainbows, sunlight and alicorns. It helped.

The bit of Twiki Bird went into the mix, to be pulverized with the horn and the other ingredients. "Good for the liver," he said offhand to Mang, glad that he and the boys didn't have to make the journey to the Twiki's nesting ground to kill the beast themselves.

Such an expedition was always fraught with dangers. He might have gotten hurt! All that running around above ground at night was never good for a moleman and he was fated to trip and stub something along the way. It was tiring too! And he didn't like to sweat.

Yes, they'd caught a lucky break with the land-dwellers. They almost had too much of the materials – but it would be a shame to waste it.

"Fancy a fruit?" Mang asked sweetly, holding out a juicy slice of reddish fruit.

"I am a bit peckish," Bebbil admitted, and allowed Mang to slip a slice into his mouth. He smiled at her as he gnashed down on the fruit, the juice dribbling down his snout and dripping a bit into the mixture – another of the secret ingredients. He made a satisfied sound as he smacked at the virgin.

Mang shook her head at him, and tsked at his behavior. "Keep your mind on your work, Bebs, and stop thinkin' on me." And she sashayed toward the table that contained the salve's ingredients.

"You're a tease," Bebbil told her, and he continued with his responsibility. He regarded the work ahead of him with a weary heart. Honestly, they didn't need to be doing this right now, and he would have gladly put off the task for years. They already had plenty of the mixture and it was getting to be a bit of a bother to keep it all stockpiled in their sleeping chambers – the substance was best kept close to the body for at least part of the day. Honestly, they didn't need any more and he wondered where they were going to keep the latest batch.

Mang continued in an annoyed voice, "Anyway, good riddance to them – those land dwellers. Wonder what they come here for anyway?"

"Hard to say," Bebbil responded. "Didn't say why they were here, did they?" Already he was getting a bit annoyed at the idea of having more bottles of this stuff shoved around his sleeping pad. He wished he had a means of offloading it somewhere. It had been ages and ages since the Lanteans came around for their usual order of the stuff. He wondered what was keeping them.

Finally, Bebbil stated, "Land dwellers are strange creatures and its best if we don't even try to understand 'em. They're as strange as they are aggravating."

Mang nodded and picked another piece of fruit from the bowl and fed it to her sweetie.


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