Angela: -humming as she dances around the room-

Bakura: -walks in- What's got you so happy woman?

Ryou: -sighs- On Friday, she and her friend Kyle started officially dated. YOu're lucky you've been away the past week. She's been off the wall.

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Bakura: ... For the Love of Ra... Stay away from the sugar bowl today.

Angela: Happy to! -Continues dancing around- I love Kyle.

Ryou: That's nice Angela. Bakura, write the disclaimer.

Bakura: Fine, fine.

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The sun was sinking slowly as the two reached the small village Bakura had seen in the distance hours before. Tami was still asleep behind him, and he glanced back at the girl. With a frown, Bakura dismounted, catching Tami as she slid with him to the ground. Tying the beast to a pole outside the village, Bakura slung Tami over his shoulder like a sack of goods, and stalked into town to find a doctor.


The doctor frowned at the slash mark on Tami's face, as the girl glared back at him.

"Well… It'll heal. But there will be a scar."

Bakura smirked. "Look at that. Now you'll be just like me, little brat." Tami glared at him next, and then turned her gaze to the dirt floor. Bakura smirked at her, a low chuckle coming from his throat. "Well, is that all?"

The doctor nodded.

"Yes. It'll heal in a week." Bakura tossed him a bag of gold.

"You never saw us."

"Of course I didn't." The doctor bowed. "No one has been here all day."

Bakura nodded, smirking at him. "Good." Tami sighed. "Let's go girl, we have to get moving." Tami scrambled after him, glancing back once as they left the village.


As they rode away, Tami longed to stay, to spend another day or two in the village. She hated always being on the run, never able to rest without fear of a palace guard looking for you. She sighed.

"Best not to think about it. We're thieves, we don't belong in a village," Bakura said quietly, looking back. "It's best to that now, in this way, than later when it hurts more. Trust me on that." Tami didn't answer; her eyes greedily clung to the fading village. Bakura turned forward again, losing himself in his own thoughts and memories. The only sound left was that of the horse's hooves on the sand and the lonely whisper of the desert winds.


The form of the palace stretched before the two thieves, as night fell. Sweeping an arm before him, Bakura motioned to the land. "You see all this Tami? All of this could be mine. A King of Thieves needs a castle." His smirk widened considerably. "And you Tami. You'd have the finest ladies at your every call, doing all you wished. And hundreds of men to want you, to adore you. Would that be to your liking, my pretty princess?" Tami's eyes widened. "And all the best jewels, the most sparkling gems, the softest silk, just for you." Her eyes grew wider still as he continued describing what she could own.

"Oh Master! It sounds so wonderful!" she breathed. He chuckled, looking down at the palace again. Tami turned her awed gaze to the stars in the sky. "It'd be so wonderful to have such a life…" Bakura nodded his gaze following hers.

"Do you fancy any stars my princess?" he asked gently after a moment of silence. Tami nodded, barely daring to breath. "Which one?"

"That one. The brightest of all the stars."

"Then it is yours. You can not say I do not give you gifts when you deserve them."

Tami turned to him in awe. "Can you do that? Giving me a star, is it allowed?" His laughter spilled from his lips as his eyes danced.

"And who is there to say it is not, my dear Tami? Who would forbid the King of Thieves to give his only child a star?" he replied. "The pharaoh would not dare. He fears me."

"Master, I'm not your daughter!"

He shrugged. "A man can pretend, can't he? Either way, it's your star now. Do with it what you please." He turned away, the magic of the moment broken, and began to move away. Tami stayed still, still gazing at the stars. And though neither knew, a small strand of magic had slithered into both hearts, nestling deep inside and lighting a tiny flame of hope that would later become a roaring fire.

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