This is the first fanfic that I've ever written and published to the public, so whatever mistakes are in this story, I'd appreciate constructive criticism to help me improve it. No flames about this being yaoi please. It's stated below what this story is about. Thank you!

Kiba, Naruto, Hinata, and the rest of the rookie nine, are 14 years old in this story. Lee, Neji and TenTen are 15. This story takes place after Sasuke went to Orochimoro. Naruto doesn't go out of the village to train with Jiraiya for two and a half years like he did in the manga. Instead, he stays in Konoha and trains and takes missions. This story is AU (alternate universe) because this story goes off a different path from the anime and the manga.

Pairings: KibaNaru, one-sided HinaNaru

Warnings: This is yaoi so there will be homosexual pairings in this story. If this bothers you then please don't read this story. Mature content and sexual references are in this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of it's characters. This story is a work of fiction based on the Naruto manga and anime series.

Thoughts and dreams are represented by italics.

Chapter One - The Dream

Kiba wasn't that happy to find out he had another mission coming up the next day. Not that he didn't like going on missions, but that he had to go on one with the blond idiot again. Even though Hinata would be with them, he would still have to put up with the loud and annoying Naruto. Hinata was too quiet and wouldn't provide enough distraction to make the mission bearable. Normally Shino would be their third member because they were still a team, but Shino had been sent as a third member for Ino and Chouji's team on a mission, yesterday. Shikamaru was now working as an instructor at the Ninja Academy and that left Team 10 one man short. So other people would take turns filling in as the third member whenever Team 10 got a mission.

Kiba walked over to his closet and grabbed five of his black fishnet shirts and five of his light gray pants off their hangers. He then went to his dresser to pull out five of his boxer shorts. He then put all the clothes into his backpack, he had already put his camping gear, tent, blankets, towels toiletries, snacks, dog food and doggy biscuits (for Akamaru) in there earlier. This mission would last close to five days so he wanted to make sure he had enough supplies to last that long. He looked down and saw Akamaru curled up at the foot of his bed, staring up at him. "Hey Akamaru, you aren't looking forward to this mission either, are you buddy?"

"arf!" Akamaru barked. Then rolled over to his back, begging to get his belly scratched.

Kiba laughed and reached over to scratch Akamaru's belly. "Well hopefully that idiot, Naruto, won't ruin this mission too!" Missions with Naruto always had something go wrong during them, and most of the other people, on the teams that Naruto got put on, think Naruto is a jinx. No mission ever goes smoothly if the blond idiot is involved.

"woof woof!" Akamaru rolled back to his belly again after Kiba stopped scratching him.

"Yeah I know! Wishful thinking eh?" Kiba frowned and then reached over to pick up his backpack and laid it down near his bedroom door. He was still frowning as he got undressed and put on his pajama bottoms. Kiba preferred to sleep bare chested. Then he pulled down his covers and climbed into bed, pulling the covers up to his neck. He leaned up slightly from his bed to reach the clock that was on his nightstand, he picked it up and checked the time and saw it read eleven pm and then he checked to make sure the alarm was set to go off at five am. The team was to meet at the front gate of the village at six am. He put the clock back down and then laid back in his bed, turning over to his lay on his back. Akamaru had already fallen asleep, but Kiba called out good night to him anyway then fell asleep himself.

"Ahhhh Kiiiibaaa! More!" The blond boy yelled out as the dark-haired boy bit and sucked on his neck. Kiba rocked his hips slowly against Naruto's as Naruto lay beneath him and both of them moaned at the feel of their erections pushing up together at every downward stroke. Kiba was finding it hard to go slowly with the boy beneath him, but he wanted to enjoy all the sensations before finishing too quickly. He didn't know how much longer his control would last. Naruto was just so hot and sexy with his pleas for more and the way he was thrusting his hips back up into Kiba's hips.

The blond was already shirtless, so was Kiba, and now Kiba wanted to remove both of their pants and boxers. So he did and then moved back down on top of Naruto. This time when their hips were thrust together they both moaned out even louder before, because of the erotic pleasure of feeling their erections against each other, bare skin to bare skin. Kiba crushed his lips against Naruto's and Naruto opened his mouth for Kiba to thrust his tongue inside. Both the boys tongues dueled and then they took turns exploring each other's mouths. Kiba pulled away and looked down at his blond lover, black eyes staring into blue, both pairs of eyes filled with lust.

"I want to fuck you so badly right now!" Kiba growled roughly.

"Then do it!" Yelled Naruto.

All of a sudden Kiba heard a loud buzzing sound and he growled out loud in frustration. Then his eyes shot wide open in shock. Oh God! I was dreaming of having sex with Naruto! Kiba jumped out of bed, accidentally knocking Akamaru on the floor when one of his feet kicked him. Akamaru yelped in surprise and pain. Kiba didn't notice or hear though, because he was so upset, and ran to his bathroom (he had a bathroom connected to his bedroom). Kiba stared at himself in the mirror over his sink. His eyes were staring back at him and they were filled with dismay. Then he noticed that his pajama bottoms felt wet in the front so he looked down. "Oh Crap!" He yelled out. He turned on the water in his shower, and after the temperature became warm enough, he pushed his pajama bottoms off and stepped into the shower. The dream kept repeating itself over and over in his mind, as he scrubbed his skin furiously with a soap covered washcloth.

Why would I dream of having sex with him? I must be going crazy. Yes that's it, I'm going insane! Damn, it must be because I was thinking about him right before I went to bed. There is no way that I really want to fuck Naruto of all people! Stupid, stupid hormones! Argh! Kiba decided to ignore the dream and quickly finished washing himself all over, then he rinsed all the soap off his body. He turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. He dried himself off with a towel and walked back into his bedroom. He went to his dresser, opened the top drawer, then pulled out clean boxers and put them on. He walked over to his closet and grabbed one of his light gray pants and a fishnet shirt out of it, and put them on. He grabbed his comb off his dresser and ran it through his hair to take out the tangles. Then he went to his backpack and put the comb inside it.

Akamaru felt a bit put out, because of being ignored and at how he had been woken up. "arf arf!"

Kiba looked over to Akamaru with a guilty expression on his face. "Ahh, sorry Akamaru! I had a really bad nightmare and was freaking out there for a bit."


"Um, nothing for you to worry about it! I already forgot what it was about." Kiba couldn't bring himself to tell Akamaru about his dream. "We need to go as soon as we both eat breakfast." Kiba grabbed his backpack off the floor and opened the bedroom door. He didn't have to worry about being quiet this morning because his mother and sister were both out on missions, so he had the house to himself. Kiba and Akamaru headed out to the kitchen. Kiba got a carton of milk out of his fridge and placed it on the kitchen table. Then he opened a cabinet to the left of the fridge and grabbed a couple bowls. He poured some milk in one of the bowls then put it down on the floor for Akamaru, he opened another cabinet and grabbed a can of dog food and opened it, then emptied the can into Akamaru's food bowl. He grabbed a box of Cocoa Puffs from the top of his fridge and poured some of it into his own bowl and poured some milk over it. He put the milk back in the fridge then grabbed a spoon from a drawer. He sat down at the table and started eating. After both Kiba and Akamaru finished their breakfast, Kiba went back to his bathroom and brushed his teeth and then brought his brush and toothpaste back with him and put them in his backpack.

"Well Akamaru it's time to go." Kiba carried the backpack to the front door and put it down so that he could grab his gray jacket off the coat rack and put it on. He then picked up his backpack, slung it over one of his shoulders, then opened the front door and stepped outside. He locked his front door, then he and Akamaru started jogging towards the front gate of the village.

Naruto woke up to his froggy alarm (it looks like a frog, Gamakichi as a matter of fact!) going off at five fifteen am. He slammed his fist on it, then groaned out in irritation. Damn I want to sleep more but I can't! Have to go on another stupid mission with Dog-Boy. I really hate that mutt! Naruto forced himself to sit up and then he stood up and stretched while yawning loudly. He walked over to his bathroom and washed his face to get the sleep out of his eyes. When that was done he brushed his hair, then he brushed his teeth. Then he carried his hair brush, toothbrush and toothpaste back into his bedroom and put them into his backpack. It was a good thing I took a bath last night because I don't have a lot of time to get to the meeting place. Naruto took his pajamas off, keeping his boxers on (he had put on clean boxers after his bath the night before), then walked over to his closet and grabbed one of his orange pants and a black fishnet shirt, and put them on. He had already packed everything he needed for the misson the night before, so he grabbed his backpack and carried it over to his front door and laid it on the floor.

He walked over to his kitchen and opened his fridge to get his milk out. He checked the expiration date and was happy to see he still had a couple more days before it went bad. He would have to stop by a grocery store after he got back from his mission to buy more. He put the milk on the kitchen table, then turned back to open a cabinet to get a clean glass. He put the glass down on the table and picked up the milk and poured it into his glass. He turned back to his kitchen cabinets again, then opened the one to the right of his fridge where he kept his ramen. He picked out a chicken flavored one, pulled the top halfway off and then put it near his stove. He took his kettle off the stove, filled it with water, then put it back on the stove. He turned the stove on so that the water would heat. He went to the kitchen table, lifted his glass of milk and then drank the milk slowly, waiting for the water to be get hot enough.

After a few minutes the whistle blew, by that time he had finished his milk and had already put the glass in the sink. He took the kettle off the stove, after turning off the stove, and poured the hot water into his cup of chicken flavored ramen. He closed the cover on the cup and whistled the Ramen Song while he waited the three minutes for the noodles to cook. He got tired of whistling after a minute though, so he started singing the song out loud instead.

"Ramen, Ramen, the food of the gods, got to have Ramen to be big and strong! Ramen Ramen...", he sang it over and over till he realized the three minutes were up. (Actually he had ended up singing for five whole minutes before he realized the time!) He grabbed a pair of chopsticks out of one of his drawers and then sat down on a chair at the table. He shoveled the ramen quickly into his mouth and finished it all in only a few minutes. He then threw his chopsticks in the sink and the ramen cup was tossed into the trash can.

He rushed to the front door and grabbed his orange jacket off the coat rack, then put it on. Naruto reached down and grabbed his back pack from the floor and strapped it securely onto his back. He opened his front door and stepped out. He noticed the temperature outside was comfortable and there were no clouds in the sky. Great day for traveling! He locked his front door and then turned and ran down the short corridor in the front of his apartment, then ran down the stairs to get to the street below. He decided to jog to the meeting place, at a slow, comfortable pace, because he still wasn't fully awake yet.

Naruto got to the gate at five fifty-nine am (he didn't live close to the front gate so it took him fifteen minutes to jog the distance!) and saw that Hinata and Kiba were already there waiting for him. He spoke to Hinata in a friendly voice, but to Kiba he growled the nickname he had given him. "Good Morning Hinata! Dog-Boy."

"G-g-good m-m-morning, Na-naruto-k-kun", stuttered Hinata with a pink blush covering both her cheeks.

"Whatever." Kiba grunted. He wasn't in the mood to exchange insults with Naruto this morning. He was still upset because of the dream he had. He wanted to get this mission over with as soon as possible. But Kiba couldn't help glancing at Naruto out of the corner of his eye. Do I find him attractive? I don't normally like dumb blonds and I've never thought of any of my male friends as being attractive in a sexual way. But...Naruto's hair looks really great though, with the sun shining down on it and his eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue I've ever seen. Ack! Kiba mentally slapped himself. What am I thinking? I've got to stop thinking about him! Kiba turned his back on his two team mates and started walking to the front gate. "Come on you two, time to go."

Naruto grumbled. "Stop being so bossy, Dog-Boy!" Geez he's got a stick up his ass this morning. And he's acting weird too, he won't look me in the eyes. Naruto was puzzled and irritated, but he followed Kiba out the front gate anyway.

Kiba-kun is acting very strange this morning. He would hardly talk to me this morning before Naruto-kun showed up. He seems very distracted and worried about something. Oh well, maybe he will feel better later. I'm so excited about being on another mission with Naruto-kun! I wish I could tell him how I feel. Hinata followed her male team mates out the gate, while trying to think of a way she can get Naruto alone later to tell him her feelings.

The mission the three were on would take them to the Water Country. They would meet up with Hidden Mist ninja just inside the border of the Water Country and then take over escorting the Water Lord to the Leaf Village for a meeting with the Hokage and the Fire Lord. The trip to Water Country then back to Konoha for the meeting would take about two days, the meeting itself would only take half a day, but then they would have to leave right after the meeting and travel for a few hours before stopping for the night. After that, it would take about half a day to get to the Water Country in order to meet up again with the Hidden Mist ninja that would take over security for the Water Lord. Then it would take the rest of that day and into the early evening to get back to the Konoha and be finished with the mission. The Water Lord would have his attendants with him and a couple of bodyguards, but the ninja would provide the needed security to make sure the Water Lord arrived safely to and from his meeting.

"I really hate escorting stuck-up lords!" Naruto yelled. He had said this several times during the last few hours and Kiba was about ready to stop and beat the crap out of the blond. Of course, that wasn't the only thing that Naruto had been complaining about during the trip so far, and this time Kiba had had enough.

"Would you just shut up already! You are driving me crazy! If you say one more word, I won't be responsible for the consequences!" Kiba yelled. He had looked back at Naruto and glared as he said this.

Naruto was in the mood for a fight, he was so bored and needed a distraction. The Dog-Boy just gave him the distraction he needed. Naruto raced forward towards Kiba, grabbed him and then tackled him to the ground. Both boys punched and kicked at each other as they rolled around on the ground. Akamaru joined in and grabbed the right trouser leg of Naruto's between his teeth, pulling at it and growling.

Hinata was afraid the boys would get seriously hurt so she tried to get them to stop. "Um, um, pl-please st-stop fighting." But they both either ignored her or didn't hear her.

Finally after ten minutes, both boys quit fighting and rolled to their backs, panting heavily. They realized at the same time that they felt pretty great, like they had just had a good workout. Even though both were bleeding from busted lips and scratches and each one had gotten a black eye from the other.

Hinata looked at each boy in surprise when they started laughing. I don't understand. Why are they laughing after they just fought? "Um, Na-naruto-kun and Ki-kiba-kun, wh-why are you laughing?"

Naruto turned his head towards Kiba and looked at him. Kiba has a great laugh and he looks really cute when his eyes crinkle up like that. Why didn't I notice before how cute he is? Wait! What am I thinking? Kiba is sooo not cute! I don't even like him that much! Sure he can fun to be around sometimes, when he likes to pull pranks on people, but most of the time he's an asshole.

Meanwhile, Kiba had also turned towards Naruto and got caught trapped in his eyes. His eyes are so beautiful. I feel like I could look into them forever. He has a beautiful smile too. Crap, not again! I refuse to think of Naruto that way! He's an idiot! I can't be attracted to him...can I?

While both boys were looking at each other and were lost in their thoughts, Hinata kept looking back and forth between them. What's going on here? They keep staring at each other with these strange expressions on their faces. They are both ignoring me too, like I'm not even here. This is very weird. I really don't like this at all! I'm starting to feel jealous of Kiba! She was so angry at the thought that Kiba might actually like Naruto, in the same way she does, that she lost her stutter. "Kiba-kun and Naruto-kun we need to keep going or we'll be late for our mission!" Hinata yelled this, which was so unusual, that it caught both boys' attention.

Naruto and Kiba were glad of the distraction though, neither of them wanted to continue with the thoughts they had been thinking. Kiba jerked his eyes from Naruto's and looked up at Hinata. "Ahh, you're right Hinata! Naruto, you idiot, if we are late it will be all your fault!"

"What? It's your fault not mine, bastard! You insulted me!", Naruto glared at Kiba and Kiba glared back. Then both boys turned away from each other and stood up. They leaped back up into the trees. Kiba and Naruto continued traveling towards Water Country, grumbling insults to each other along the way, their voices were too low though for the other to actually hear them. Hinata followed along behind them, every once in a while she would look back and forth between her team mates trying to figure out why they were both acting strangely. She was very worried that something bad was going to happen during this mission.