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Chapter TenThe Party and Naruto gets what he wants! (also known as, The "Get Dog-Boy to Love Me" Mission is a success!)

Naruto caught up with Kiba after they had left the ramen stand. He grabbed Kiba by the arm and pulled on him to make him stop. "Kiba! Um, I was just kidding about the training part. We only have a couple more days off and I was hoping we could spend them together alone. At your place." Naruto gave Kiba his fox grin.

Kiba blushed, then growled. "I knew it! You just can't keep your hands off me, can you Blondie?" Then Kiba grinned.

"Nope, you're just too sexy for me to resist. So what do you say we go to your house and you remind me of why I have the hots for you?" Instead of waiting for an answer, Naruto grabbed a hold of Kiba's hand with his and started heading in the direction of Kiba's home.

"I think I'm up for that!" Kiba smirked. He let Naruto hold his hand and walked with him back in the direction of his home.

But as luck or bad luck would have it, Lee, Tenten, Neji and Gai came walking towards them.

Damn! I don't want to talk to them now! I just want to get home and have my way with Blondie! Kiba hoped the others would just greet them then move on.

"Hi guys!" Naruto smiled at them and swung his and Kiba's arms back and forth.

Kiba forced Naruto to stop the swinging.

The others noticed they were holding hands and then looked at each other, before looking back at Naruto and Kiba and then greeting them.

"Naruto-kun and Kiba-kun are celebrating the Spirit of Youth today! Taking a vigorous walk around the village and showing off their Youthful Love to everyone they meet!" The green clad Lee shouted. He smiled at the lovers and gave them the 'nice guy pose'.

Everyone, except for Gai and Lee, groaned.

"Yes, as my wonderful, youthful student Lee has exclaimed, you two are great examples of how young people should show their Youthful Spirits!" Gai looked at Naruto and Kiba with a big smile on his face and a sparkle in his eye.

Everyone, except Gai and Lee, groaned again.

Tenten looked at Naruto and Kiba and smiled. "I'm very happy for you both. Neji told us about you two being boyfriends now. You do know about the party that Sakura and Ino are throwing for you both, don't you?"

Naruto and Kiba looked at each other and mouthed quietly, "Party?"

Kiba then growled. All I want to do is go home and fuck Blondie for the next two days. It was a big mistake to make our relationship public. Now no one will leave us alone!

Naruto looked at Tenten. "Why are Sakura and Ino are throwing a party for us?"

Neji smirked at Naruto. "You know how they are. They will find any excuse to throw a party. You two are just unlucky enough to give them the latest reason."

Tenten laughed.

Lee turned and glared at Neji. "You should not talk about my Sakura-chan that way. She is a fine example of Youthful Womanhood and the sweetest of all the fair ladies of Konoha. You, my rival, must learn to appreciate the fairer sex more."

Neji sighed and said nothing. There was no point in encouraging Lee into continuing to praise Sakura. Lee was blind to Sakura's faults.

"Okay, well where and when is the party?" Kiba was getting annoyed and wanted to finish the conversation so he could go home with Naruto.

Tenten answered Kiba. "It's at Sakura's house and it starts at seven pm. Her parents are away for a few days so we can have as much fun as we want." She looked at Neji and smiled. Maybe I can finally get Neji to pay more attention to me. He treats me like a team mate but nothing more. I hope he's not gay too! She frowned at that thought.

"Okay thanks for the head's up and we'll see you tonight! Got to go now!" Kiba then started dragging Naruto away.

"Yeah see you tonight! Kiba, stop pulling me so hard!" Naruto dragged his feet till Kiba slowed down.

Neji, Tenten, Lee and Gai watched Kiba dragging Naruto away and then turned back around.

"Kiba sure was in a hurry!" Tenten laughed.

Neji smirked.

"It's their Youthful Spirits that make them want to run towards their destiny!"

"Lee, my youthful student, you are correct! Ah, the passions of Youth!" Gai sighed happily.




Tenten interrupted their love-fest. "Um, Gai-sensei, weren't we headed for the training grounds?"

"Oh yes, my young student, Tenten. Thank you for reminding me! Let's go and train hard today, my Youthful team!"

Neji murmured, "Thank you, Tenten."

Tenten smiled and looked at Neji. "I did it for my own sanity too, but you're welcome."

Tenten and Neji followed behind Lee and Gai, all of them walking towards the training grounds.

Several hours later, around six thirty pm...

Kiba was in the kitchen feeding Akamaru his dinner. "Well, Akamaru I hate to leave you here alone, but I don't think you'd enjoy the party. I plan on getting wasted so I wouldn't be good company for you. You don't mind, do you?"


"Good, well I got to go now. Blondie insists we go get ramen before the party. He's afraid Sakura and Ino won't have any at the party and he's got this addiction you know." Kiba rolled his eyes.


"Yes he is, but he's my idiot." Kiba grinned. "See you later Akamaru!"


Kiba left the kitchen and headed to his bedroom where he had left the blond. Naruto had insisted on going to his own apartment before they had come back to Kiba's house. Naruto had needed to get some clothes that he could wear to the party.

When Kiba walked into the bedroom he saw Naruto and then stopped and stared at him. Wow! Naruto looks hot! Black suits him. Kiba leered at Naruto. "Blondie, maybe we should skip the party and stay home tonight." He walked up to Naruto and looked him over slowly from his feet all the way to the top of his head, then looked into his blue eyes.

Naruto blushed. Then he shivered as Kiba's eyes raked him. "Um, you think I look hot?"

"Oh yeah, I really do." Kiba then wrapped his arms around Naruto and pulled him close. "So what do you say about skipping the party?"

"Ahhh...yes...I mean no! Sakura-chan and Ino would kill me! But we don't have to stay late." Naruto grinned and then lifted his head up and touched Kiba's lips with his own. He licked Kiba's lips then pulled out of his arms. He looked Kiba up and down. "You look pretty hot yourself tonight."

Kiba was wearing black trousers that hugged his hips and he was wearing a tight black t-shirt with a picture of Akamaru on the front. Naruto was wearing tight black trousers that hugged his hips, just like Kiba's. But Naruto was wearing a black fishnet undershirt and over that he wore a black sleeveless satin vest that had a deep v neckline that allowed the fishnet shirt below it to be seen. Kiba's brown hair was short and spiky like Naruto's blond hair. Neither wore their hitai-ate's on their foreheads. They decided to not wear them at the party. So both had their bangs hanging down over their foreheads, giving their faces a softer look.

"Thanks Blondie! So if you really want to go to this party, we better get a move on now."

"Yep! I'm starving and I want to go eat ramen before we go." Naruto headed to the door.

One of these days I'm going to break him of his ramen addiction! Kiba followed him out.

"Where's Kiba and Naruto?" Chouji asked this of Shikamaru. They had arrived a few minutes after seven and had found a seat on the couch. Everyone else was gathered around the food table.

"Of course the guests of honor would be late. They are so troublesome." Shikamaru hadn't really felt like coming to the party. But Ino had threatened him with violence if he didn't show up. So he figured it would be too troublesome if he didn't show up.

Iruka and Kakashi had gotten some food and headed over to where Chouji and Shikamaru were. They sat in the loveseat across from them.

"I think your bad habits have rubbed off on Naruto, Kakashi." Iruka was hoping that Naruto would show up soon. He wanted to see how he was doing since their last talk together.

"Aww Iruka, I don't have any bad habits." Kakashi grinned.

"Of course you don't. After all, how would I know your bad habit's, hmmm?" Iruka teased.

"So true, you know nothing about me. We are complete strangers." Kakashi moved closer to Iruka.

Chouji and Shikamaru were surprised at the behavior of the adults. They both looked at each other and then shrugged.

Chouji leaned close and whispered to Shikamaru. "I don't think I want to know what's going on with those two."

Shikamaru whispered back. "Adults are so troublesome."

There was a knock on the door. Sakura and Ino ran to the door. Both racing each other to be the first one there.

Sakura won. She opened the door. "Naruto and Kiba! You're finally here! Come in."

When they came in, Sakura hit Naruto over the head.

"Ow! What did you do that for?" Naruto rubbed the place where he was hit and frowned at her.

"That's for not telling me first!" Then Sakura grabbed Naruto and hugged him.

"Hehehe, what is this for?" He hugged her back.

She moved away from Naruto. "That is because I'm so happy for you!" She smiled at him and there were a few tears coming from her eyes.

Naruto smiled back. "Awww Sakura-chan you don't have to cry. I'm glad you are happy for me though."

Ino hugged first Naruto then Kiba. "I'm happy for you both. Now come and get some food." She then grabbed an arm of each boy and dragged them to the food table. Sakura following behind.

An hour later, after everyone had gotten something to eat and had talked with each other, Iruka and Kakashi approached Naruto and Kiba.

"You both look happy." Iruka smiled at both of the boys. So did Kakashi.

"We are Iruka-sensei." Naruto smiled at Kiba and Kiba nodded at him and smiled back.

"Iruka-sensei, I know how important Naruto is to you and how important you are to him. I just want you to know that I care a lot about Naruto and I would never deliberately hurt him."

"I'm glad to hear that Kiba. All I want is for Naruto to be happy. If what you have said is true, then I know he will be." Iruka smiled at Kiba and then decided to give him a hug.

Whoa! I never knew Iruka-sensei was so affectionate! Kiba hugged back and then backed away from Iruka, blushing.

Iruka looked at Kakashi and nodded at him.

"I'm happy for you both too. Just remember if you two should need any pointers, just come to me." Kakashi leered at them.

Naruto was right. Kakashi is a pervert! Kiba backed away a little from Kakashi.

"Um, that's okay Kakashi-sensei! I think me and Kiba have it covered!" Naruto backed away also. I don't like how close Kakashi is standing to Iruka! I hope he won't try anything perverted with my Iruka-sensei!

"Are you sure? Because I think I could help you boys out..." Kakashi was stopped from saying anything more by Iruka putting his hand over his mouth, and then dragging him towards the front door.

"Well, it was a great party and I'll see you later, Naruto! Good night you two!" Iruka dragged Kakashi out the door.

Naruto and Kiba looked at each other.

"That was..."

"...weird!" Kiba finished Naruto's sentence.

"Yes!" Is something going on between Iruka and Kakashi? God I hope not! That is so...ewwww! Naruto shuddered.

Sakura yelled out. "It's time for Spin The Bottle!"

All the boys groaned.

"Now come on everyone! Get in a circle right here!" Ino directed everyone where to sit. Then she put an empty bottle on the table, that was in the center of where everyone was sitting.

"I'll go first!" Lee was excited about the chance that he would get to kiss Sakura. He spun the bottle and it landed on...Shikamaru!

Shikamaru got up to run from the table, but Ino grabbed him and forced him to sit back down. Then she and Sakura had to hold him so that Lee could kiss him.

Lee took pity on Shikamaru and just pecked him on the lips very quickly.

Now it was Shikamaru's turn to spin. It landed on Naruto.

Shikamaru groaned.

Kiba scowled.

Naruto looked at Shikamaru expectantly. Maybe Kiba will get jealous!

Shikamaru walked over to Naruto to peck him on the lips, like Lee had done to him.

But Naruto wouldn't let him. He wanted Kiba to be jealous, so when Shikamaru got close to kiss him, Naruto grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down and kissed him hard. Naruto held on to a squirming Shikamaru and kissed him for several seconds. Then let him go. Naruto looked over to Kiba.

Kiba was extremely pissed off. Why did Naruto kiss Shikamaru like that? Shikamaru better not get any ideas about stealing my Blondie away! I'm going to need to punish Naruto for this later.

Naruto saw that Kiba was very angry. Uh oh! I want him to be jealous but I don't want him to kill me! I'll have to make it up to him later!

"Naruto it's your turn to spin!" Ino wanted Naruto to hurry up.

When Naruto spinned the bottle, Sakura and Ino focused their chakra on the bottle and forced it to stop in front of Kiba.

Now's my chance to kiss and make up! Naruto grinned and then got up quickly and rushed over to Kiba. He jumped on Kiba's lap and threw his arms around his boyfriend's neck. Then crushed his lips on Kiba's. Naruto tried to force his tongue into Kiba's mouth.

Kiba was still angry with Naruto and he wouldn't let Naruto have his way. So he didn't respond to the kiss. When Naruto started to pull away, to ask what was wrong, Kiba grabbed Naruto by the back of his head and pulled him back. Then he kissed Naruto roughly and forced his own tongue into Naruto's mouth.

Naruto started moaning and then kissed back. Both boys tongues fought each other and Naruto started moving his hips against Kiba's. The boys then wrapped their arms around each other to get as close to each other as possible. They completely forgot where they were.

Sakura and Ino couldn't take their eyes off Kiba and Naruto. They found the public display of both boys' affections for each other extremely hot.

Hinata was blushing, but she, also, was unable to stop watching.

The other boys in the room became uncomfortable with watching two of their friends making out, right in front of them.

Neji felt that it was up to him to remind his friends of where they were. He got up and walked over to them and tapped Kiba, then Naruto on the head, and the taps weren't gentle either.

Both boys froze. They pulled away from each other and their faces became red.

Naruto got off of Kiba's lap, then laughed nervously. "hehehe, um, sorry?"

Neji smirked at him, then walked back to his seat.

"Well that was hot!" Ino started fanning herself with her hand.

"It sure was!" Sakura grinned at Naruto. "I never knew you had that in you, Naruto!"

"hehehe well um, I love Kiba, so what can I say!" Naruto looked down at Kiba.

Kiba looked back up to him. "Hey, Blondie?"


"Let's go home."


Kiba got up and put his arm around Naruto. Then he looked around at the others. "Me and Blondie need some privacy now. I hope you all can understand. It was a great party and I had a lot of fun."

Naruto was blushing. "I had fun too! See you all later, okay?"

Everyone agreed it had been fun and told the two to have a good night. But some of them smirked when it got to the 'have a good night' part.

Kiba then walked Naruto to the door, keeping his arm around Naruto's waist all the way to his house.

When they got to Kiba's house, Kiba lead Naruto to the couch and pulled him down to sit with him. Kiba had realized when he saw Shikamaru and Naruto kissing that his feelings for Naruto were not just about lust and simple caring. Kiba didn't want to see Naruto with anyone else. In his mind and heart, Naruto belonged to him. Naruto was a part of him, the part he had been missing all his life. His unexpected soulmate.

"I have to tell you something, Blondie." His voice was completely serious.

Naruto felt nervous. Kiba looks so serious. Whatever he wants to say it's important. "Alright Kiba, I'm listening." Naruto gave Kiba an encouraging smile.

"You know how before I told you that I wouldn't tell you I love you unless I really knew it was for real."

"Yes and I told you I would wait."

"Well you don't have to wait any longer."

Naruto started shaking.

Kiba wrapped his arms around him and looked him in the eyes.

In Kiba's eyes, Naruto could see what his next words would be.

"I love you, Blondie." Then Kiba kissed Naruto. It was a passionate kiss filled with love and desire. Naruto had tears falling from his eyes, but kept kissing back. Kiba broke off the kiss and pulled back. He then smiled at Naruto.

"Say it again, Kiba!" Naruto was almost sobbing, he was so happy.

"I love you." Kiba raised up a hand and wiped away Naruto's tears. "Don't tell me that I fell in love with a cry baby! Geez!" Kiba smirked.

"Hey! I'm not a cry baby! It's okay to cry when you're happy, you know!" Naruto cried and laughed at the same time.

"Who says!" Kiba laughed back.

"Me you big dummy!" Naruto punched at Kiba, but Kiba stopped the punch and pulled Naruto's fist to his mouth and kissed it.

"Save that temper for when we get to bed. And instead of punching with that hand I can find another use for it." Kiba smirked and then stood up from the couch, pulling Naruto up with him. He grabbed Naruto by the arm and started heading for the bedroom.

"And you always say I'm impatient!" But Naruto didn't really mind being dragged to the bedroom. That is one place even he was in a hurry to get too.

The End!

About the Spin the Bottle part, I got the idea to add that in because I remembered something similar in another fan fic I read. And I thought it would fit with the plan that Sakura and Ino had, to see Naruto and Kiba kissing. I don't remember which author came up with the idea for Ino and Sakura to use chakra to force the bottle, in the Spin the Bottle game, to stop where they wanted it. I've read so many fics at this site that I can't give credit where it is due. So if that author should read that scene and recognize it, then just know I wasn't stealing your idea because I couldn't come up with another, it just made sense for me to have Sakura and Ino do that in my own story.

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