Note: It's been AGES since I wrote a FILK (actually, the last one was in December, when I wrote 'Have Some Rice,' which has become insanely popular), mainly because I had no idea what to use for the music... but I wrote this thing in about five minutes while on hold waiting for Advanced Support to answer the phone, and then I couldn't stop laughing when the tech guy finally answered the call. Of course, at that point, the tech wanted to know what I was laughing at...

To the tune of "Les Poissons," from THE LITTLE MERMAID!

VoilĂ !

(Les) Samurai

Sung by Kirara, Komachi, and Rikichi

Samurai, samurai
How we love samurai
Love to beg and to grovel and plead
As we ask for their help
and we bribe them with rice
Since all we can offer is feed

Samurai, samurai
Hee hee hee (ai-yi-yi)
We have searched til we're ready to cry
We have searched here and there
(Heck, we've searched EVERYWHERE)
But who here has doubted? Not I!

Here's sweet rice from Kanna for you sir,
Prepared in the classic technique

In all truth, well, you eat like a moose, sir

Oh damn, there goes another
And he's taken his friend
Or is that his brother?
Will this quest never end?

Check it out! Did we find one?

Oh my gosh, what is this?
How on earth did we miss
such a noble and great samurai?

Well it's really too bad
(and more than a bit sad)
That to find him, I nearly had to die!

But we've got one at last
(We need six more men fast!)
And it will take all of our luck
Coz the Nobuseri
Want to kill us, you see

And that would just totally suck!