"All warfare is based on deception."- Sun Tzu


The idea that the corporate world never sleeps is simply absurd. After ten o'clock, it can practically be heard to snore. Certainly, no exception could be made to the corporate headquarters of Beuno Nacho. It's otherwise busy and hectic offices were completely dead at eleven thirty at night, much to the benefit of the two intruders moving around atop its roof.

"He's here somewhere, I know it." A tall figure growled in frustration, holding a scanning device of his own design in his hand as he continued to take trace readings of the roof beneath him.

"Ok, you know what," the other figure replied, letting out a yawn as she spoke, "this is nowhere in my contract. I checked."

"Shego!" The first exclaimed in frustration.

"I checked twice." She replied confidently.

"Well maybe if you'd give me a hand, we would have found him already." He insisted through clenched teeth.

"Hey, I do the important stuff around here. All the lame science projects you come up with are your problem. You want to look for goo, you look for it." Shego replied simply, her tone of voice indicating that the issue was not up for further discussion.

The blue skinned doctor let out another growl before returning to his work. "All I need is just the smallest sample to reconstitute him. There has to be some of him still on top of this roof. There just has to be."

"You know, it was raining that night. He probably just got washed away." Shego argued.

"Nonsense. His chemical density should… wait." Dr. Drakken paused for a second as his scanner presented new readings. His eyes focused closely on the data his instrumentation indicated before he exclaimed delightedly. "I found him!"


"Ready?" A young male voice asked hesitantly.

"Ready." A second voice affirmed.

"Set?" The first voice asked, his finger hovering ominously over the button to start the process.

"Set." The second prepared himself.

"Initiate breakfast sequence." Jim pressed the button on the microwave, and then took a step back alongside his brother as the kitchen appliance began to emanate an ominous red glow. Through the small door window, Tim watched as their breakfast waffles were cooked at temperatures hot enough to melt steel.

After only a second or two, the microwave let out a slight ding to indicate the process was completed, even as the dark crimson glow coming from the microwave died down.

Tim moved a step ahead of his brother to open the microwave door and observe the success of the experiment.

"Hoosha!" Tim exclaimed, grabbing a pair of kitchen gloves as he held out the plate.

"The world's first thermo grilled waffles!" Jim marveled at their success as he beheld the perfectly cooked breakfast delicacies.

"Boys!" The twin's father had observed the unnatural red glow from the kitchen and had come in with his morning paper already in hand. "Boys, how many times do I have to tell you, breakfast is no time to experiment on… hey, waffles." Mr. Dr. Possible exclaimed rather pleasantly at the aroma and sight. "Don't mind if I do." And with that, the rocket scientist casually swept the plate from his son's hands, carrying it over to his place at the table.

"Hey, those are ours!" Jim moved to protest, but was halted by his brother.

"No, wait. This means we can make them again!" Tim explained with almost wicked delight.

"Hicka-bicka-boo." Jim grinned with the same almost twisted grin before moving to the refrigerator with his brother.

"Morning." Kim Possible greeted her family as she entered the kitchen in search of food, leaning over to give her father a kiss on the cheek as she moved, both her and her father seemingly oblivious to another powerful red glow coming from the microwave, around which her brothers were gathered, which quickly dissipated and vanished as she turned around.

"Morning, Kimmie-cub." Her father responded as he began eating his pilfered breakfast.

"Hey waffles. Great. I'm hungry." Kim moved to grab another hot, well cooked batch, snatching it, almost absent mindedly from her brothers, causing the pair to look up at their older sister in frustration, forcing them to grab some more from the fridge.

"Say, these are delicious!" Kim exclaimed to her father. "We should probably leave some out for mom when she gets home."

"Good point. You know how your mother gets after working an all nighter." The father of the house looked away from his paper to catch a glance of the kitchen clock. Realizing what time it was, he slowly began counting aloud. "Three, two, one."

Kim's confusion was explained away as the front door swung open, admitting entrance to a tall, rather enthusiastic blond haired man.

"Greetings Casa de Possible. And how are we on this fine morning… hey, waffles!" Ron Stoppable exclaimed, grabbing a just cooked plate out of Jim and Tim's hands, leaving the twins to sigh in frustration yet again as they went back to the fridge.

"Hey Ron." Kim nearly jumped out of her seat, leaning forward to give him a light kiss on the lips, which he returned in kind.

"Ronald, I don't mean to pry into your home life, but don't your parents feed you at all?" Dr. Possible asked as he looked the plate of waffles in Ron's hands, a plate whose contents he knew full well that the young man would easily devour with room to spare.

"Sure." Ron replied as he took a seat. "Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack age. But who could possibly turn down a meal with the Possibles?" Ron asked with a wide grin across his face.

"I'm home!" An older, female voice called out from the front door as it opened to admit her.

"Hi mom!" Kim called out as she watched her mother discard her coat in a nearby closet.

"Morning Mrs. Dr. P." Ron greeted, even over a mouthful of food.

"Long shift honey?" Mr. Dr. Possible asked, already knowing the answer, as he gave his wife a quick kiss as she entered the kitchen.

"Oh goodness. You have no idea. We had three triple bypasses, not to mention… hey waffles! Thanks kids. I'm starving." Mrs. Possible leaned over, eagerly accepting the cooked food from her two younger sons, prompting yet further looks of aggravation from their faces. The pair turned back to find more, only to find they were all out of waffles.

"So, Kim. Ronald. First day of school as seniors." The father Possible announced almost proudly. "Excited?"

"Not really." Kim replied rather simply.

"Totally." Ron's response came at almost the exact same instant, though it was much more enthusiastic than Kim's.

"Oh please. What's the big deal?" Kim asked her boyfriend. "High school is still high school."

"Not when you're a senior, KP." Ron countered. "No more upperclassmen stuffing me into lockers, no more of the disgusting, lowerclassmen food. We are at the top of the food chain KP. We rule the school. Let those who would oppose us fear our awesome senior power." Ron's voice had almost become a hushed awe.

"You might want to use some of that 'awesome senior power' of yours to try protecting your breakfast." Kim grinned. When Ron shot her a quizzical look, she indicated to his plate in front of him. Ron looked down to see his waffles had completely vanished. Only spare crumbs and an overly stuffed naked mole rat remained in their place.

"Rufus!" Ron's voice rose.

"Ho. Wasn't me." Rufus insisted weakly even as he rubbed his stomach contently.

"We probably better get going." Kim added even as she finished the last of her breakfast.

"You know, I hear in Texas, they have the death penalty for stealing another man's food." Ron threatened to Rufus as he scooped up the hairless rodent, dropping him into his pocket, while also leaning over to pick up his backpack.

"Jim! Tim! You two better get going too." The father Possible added.

"But…" Jim moved to explain.

"… we haven't even had break…" Tim tried to finish, but was cut off by his father.

"No excuses. Hop to it. And when you boys get home, we're going to have a long talk about rewiring the home appliances." Mr. Dr. Possible added firmly.

The twins groaned in mutual agony as they ran out of the kitchen and upstairs to grab their things.


Kim and Ron had remained outside the Possible front door for ten seconds now, both not having moved a step. When Ron had come in, both he and Kim had been forced to restrain themselves to a simple, light kiss on the lips in front of Kim's father, so as to avoid awkwierdness at the table.

With Kim's father inside, and the young couple outside, they no longer saw further need for restraint.

Kim slowly pulled herself away from Ron's face, her dreamily sealed eyes opening as she stared back at him.

"We do have school you know." Kim reminded.

"True." Ron agreed, his grin not faltering in the slightest.

"Plus, my dad will likely put you into low orbit if he catches us out here." Kim added.

"Also very true." Ron concurred again.

"So, we really should get going." Kim found her voice losing its conviction the longer she looked into Ron's eyes.

"Well, before we go KP, I have something for you." Ron insisted, reaching into his pocket.

"You got me a back-to-school present?" Kim asked with a raised left eyebrow.

"Just a little something I got for you while I spent the summer in Japan. Meant to give it to you when I first got home, but…" Ron tried to offer an explanation, but Kim spared him.

"Wackiness ensued." Kim explained for Ron, rolling her eyes at the thought of the last couple days.

"Doesn't it always?" Ron asked rhetorically even as he continued to feel through his pockets. "Let's see here, yo-yo, Rufus, paper clips… I don't want to know… broken pencil, stale nacho, ah here we go!" Ron finally produced a small blue box which he handed to Kim.

"Ron, you shouldn't have." Kim insisted, even as she, rather anxiously, took the box from Ron's hand. Without bothering to wait for Ron to respond, her fingers removed the light blue ribbon wrapped rather simply around it, opening the box to reveal a silver chain necklace with a Japanese symbol or character of some kind that Kim didn't recognize.

"It's supposed to represent a person's soul. Giving it to someone is supposed to symbolize giving your spirit to that person, becoming their soul mate. It's kind of like getting married, only without all the rice throwing and crying relatives. Do you like it?" Ron's voice became hesitant.

Kim couldn't speak. Her breathing stuttered so as her mind took in Ron's words that all she could do was look at Ron with a wide-eyed look of joy.

Ron smiled as he took the necklace in his hand and moved behind Kim. Right on cue, Kim lifted her hair, affording Ron to bring the two ends of the necklace around her neck, linking them together behind her.

"I love you, Kim." Ron whispered softly into her ear, even as he placed his hands on her shoulder.

"I love you, Ron." Gentle tears moved down the side of Kim's cheek as she whispered her response. Bringing her head up, her lips met his again.


"Shego, I've outdone myself." Drakken proclaimed proudly through the cavernous lair, his voice echoing off its stony walls and the various devices, test tubes, large computers and assorted other equipment that decorated the enormous room.

"Well, there's an accomplishment." Shego rolled her eyes as she sat, her feet propped up against a convenient terminal.

"Ha-ha, my new model of synthodrones is absolutely unbeatable. Unbeatable I say." Drakken had officially adopted the 'mad' part of his title as 'mad scientist.'

"Yeah, so are all your other inventions." Shego added with a sigh. "At least they're unbeatable right up till the princess beats them."

"Oh, not this time Shego." Drakken insisted as he hovered over his experiment with glee, watching as the new chemical compound he had designed flowed into the hallow shell in front of him, giving it form, and shortly afterwards, life. "My best work for sure, and this time I mean it. I even added a little special, personal touch."

"Let me guess, you gave it laser eyes, or something corny like that?" Shego asked.

"How did you…" Drakken's surprise revealed itself all across his face.

"I just thought of the corniest, stupidest thing I could." Shego grinned, proud of herself for the spare shot.

"Grr, well it can do other things!" Drakken insisted loudly, even as he activated the control to bring the test table upon which the blank synthodrone lay upright.

Out of mild curiosity, Shego turned around in her chair to see the synthodrone shell. The shell itself was a completely blank, grey, featureless slate, shaped with the outline of a human but nothing else.

"This is it. This stupid mannequin is your new 'super-syntho'?" Shego asked.

"Hey, super-syntho." Drakken repeated to himself with an impressed smile. "I like it. That's catchy. And as for you Ms. Snooty, I think you'll find that looks are no problem with this new model."

Right on cue, the synthodrone's form began to change, the featureless grey shell morphing before Shego's very eyes, its plain visage distorting to take on a particular outline and shape, its skin transforming into a predetermined collection of colors. Even Shego could not help but let out a look of surprise as she finally recognized the familiar shape of Drakken's new synthodrone.

"I'm back!" The visage of Eric grinned as he stepped off the table.