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"O divine art of subtlety and secrecy! Through you we learn to be invisible, through you inaudible and hence we can hold the enemy's fate in our hands." – Sun Tzu


"Tell me to report to an empty library. It figures, play with the senior's minds. Well I am going to write a strong letter to the school board. It's just not fair." Ron was muttering under his breath with disgust when he turned the corner to see Kim knelt crying on the floor.

"KP what's wrong? " Why are you crying?" "Are you hurt?" He asked walking towards her with a concerned expression on his face.

Kim only sniveled and whimpered. "How could you?" She asked with a shaky voice as she stood up to face him. Looking into her eyes Ron could see such sorrow that it brought stabbing pain to his chest.

"How could I what?" Wondering what she was talking about, he could only stare as she looked at him in disgust.

Kim reached to her neck, clenched the necklace Ron had given her that morning, violently tugged it free, threw it at him, slapped him in the face and screamed, "How could you!" Then she turned and run away leaving Ron alone in the empty hall dazed and confused.


Tara was halfway down the east hall in pursuit of Ron. "It's all my fault, this is all my fault," she said to herself. " How could I have let my feeling's get in the way of my friendship with Kim?" Tara had known Kim since her freshmen year they had been good friends. Tara would never do anything to hurt Kim nor would she ever want to. But this, this of all things was the worst she could have ever done. " I need to fix this…I have to make thing's right between Kim and Ron, they belong together." She was determined to solve the problem.

Desperate to make things right pursuing Ron she saw him enter an abandoned classroom. Curious and confused Tara followed. With great hesitation she opened the door and quietly looked inside. Ron was standing in the middle of the classroom, talking to himself. "Phase one of the mission is complete father". She has broken off ties with her boyfriend and is emotionally vulnerable. Shall I move to phase two?" Tara heard another voice; a strange chuckle, but no one else was in the room.

"Well done Eric… ah Kim Possible in agony, music to my ears…Proceed with phase two."

What Tara saw next shocked her, Ron's features transformed into Josh Mankey instantly. Tara unable to control herself let out a loud gasp. Josh or Ron, who ever it was immediately turned towards Tara leaving her no place to run. At first Tara didn't know what to do, she was staring at a face that looked like Josh Mankey but it wasn't Josh. The Josh she knew always wore a smile; his eye's always glistened. This face had a frown and a look of darkness in his eyes. She was paralyzed for only a few second then she slowly backed away. As Josh moved towards here she knew she had to get away. She began running down the hallway. She was about to get away when she felt a powerful hand grab her arm and pull her back. She tried to struggle but his grip was too powerful.

Suddenly without warning Tara felt paralyzed, not with fear but with electricity, she was being shocked. The sensation was both alarming and painful, she felt herself getting weaker and weaker. The harder she tried to break his grip the weaker she became finally so weak she collapsed into Josh's arms.

Looking around to make sure no one had seen them Eric carried the half conscious Tara to a cluster of old lockers. Stuffing her in and then getting in himself he closed the locker door. This was strange to Tara, flashes of light began emanating, and the locker started shaking as if they were in an earthquake. Tara could only think this was the end, I am going to die, and in a school locker, gross!


When Eric opened the locker door they were no longer in Middleton high school. They were in a large room unlike anything Tara had seen before. Two figures approached; one was a women, but she was green, too green in Tara's mind and she wore green.

"Someone need's to give that girl some fashion sense" Tara thought.

The other was a blue man; he was actually a man who had blue skin. "Where am I, who are these people and who dressed them?" Tara wondered.

"Eric!" The blue man screamed. "What is the meaning of this? Why have you brought this girl here?" With some hesitation Eric replied.

"She saw me transform I had to bring her here. It's just a minor set back father."

"Better be the last set back Eric. We're too close to have such screw up's" Drakken said angrily. With a snap of his fingers two men appeared grabbing Tara out of Eric's hands then exited the room. "Shego!" Drakken yelled with a stern look on his face. He didn't even have to say another word, she knew what he wanted. She left the room in the direction the guards had left with the girl.

"Now then…" Drakken said looking at Eric with a crude smile. "Where is the heartbroken Kim Possible now?"


No one in the Possible house had ever seen Kimberly so sad. When she came home she walked straight up into her room without even a "hello". It wasn't until they heard her cries that they realized something was terribly wrong. Looking over his newspaper that he didn't get to finish that morning, Mr. Possible looked across the room at his wife, a look he meant to mean 'please you take this one, I am not equipped.'

Smiling Mrs. Possible gave her husband a kiss on the cheek as she made her way to Kim's room. "Kim… Honey what's wrong" she asked concern as she stood outside her daughter's bedroom door.

"Go away nothing's wrong." Kim replied, unconvincingly.

"Kim I'm your mother. Believe me I know when something is wrong". I can stand out here all afternoon or you can let me in and we can talk about it. Unless of course you want to continue denying that you're upset and refuse to talk about it?"

At first, silence, then slowly the door opened revealing a sad heartbroken teenage girl. Kim collapsed into her mother's arms sobbing away. "Oh, honey, it can't be that bad, tell me everything," she said trying to comfort her daughter.


Ron Stoppable was lying on his bed staring at the ceiling trying to understand what had happened to him in the last few hours. Questions kept popping in his head, like popcorn in a microwave. What had happened, why was Kim crying? What had he done to make her so angry? Why did she scream and slap me in my face? Ron clenched his fists in aggravation. There was no logical explanation and he was angry and sad all at the same time. He had seen Kim upset before but something about this was different. Something he couldn't figure out.

"Something must've happened to KP to make her act like this but what?" Ron wondered. The more he thought about it the more upset he got. "What should I do?" he asked himself. Then he slapped himself in the head "Duh go talk to Kim and try to fix this." As he was getting up to leave his phone rang.

Excited, Ron quickly rationalized "It must be Kim". She was the only one who knew the number to the phone in his room. As he reached for the receiver his hands were trembling pushing the talk button he said " Hello?"

"Ron?" Said a familiar voice.

"KP?" Ron said confirming if it was Kim.

"Ron I want to talk to you about what happened today could you come over?" she asked.

Confused and relieved he replied "Yeah sure I'll be right there," With that said he hung up the phone, slipped on his shoes and ran outside in the direction of Kim's house.


Ms. Possible was almost as shocked as Kim when she heard what had transpired that morning. "Oh honey there's probably a good explanation for all this." She said trying to stay positive. Kim gave an expression that showed disbelief in her mothers' statement.

"A good explanation are you serious?". Kim looked surprised. Mrs. Possible could see that her daughter was about to cry again.

"I think I know what you need right now…" Mrs. Possible said with a look of happiness in her face. "Hot chocolate with marshmallows I'll be right back" her mother said with a smile as she left the room. Kim sat bewildered. A logical explanation, yea, easy for her to say. She didn't just see Dad sucking face with her best friend. Mothers, hot coco it's not even cold out. I need to get a grip, this is not as bad as it seems, But then what could be worse, my best friend and boyfriend kissing. Kim began to sob again.

Downstairs in the kitchen Mrs. Possible began rummaging though the cupboards to find the hot chocolate. "Hot chocolate, what was I thinking? She said out loud to no one in particular. When the doorbell rang she jumped in surprised. As she made her way to the door she hoped Ron was waiting on the other side. "It's about time this gets cleared up."

But instead of Ron it was Josh Mankey. "Hey Mrs. Possible, is Kim Home?"

Surprised and a little confused she let him in. "She's upstairs in her room."

"Okay, cool, thanks" he said with a smirk as he went upstairs.

Having a friend over might help Kim get through this dilemma. Mrs. Possible said to herself, but I don't know if he would be the friend I would have picked. " Maybe I should give Ron and see what's up."

Before she could contemplate that idea another knock came from the door. This time it did revealed Ron.

"Hey Mrs. Dr. P is Kim around".

"Ye…Yes…" She said surprised at the fact that he was there right when she was about to call. "She's upstairs in her room."

"Thanks Dr. P" Ron said heading upstairs. With a cheerful look on his face he headed down the hallway towards Kims room. Confident that whatever happened today he and Kim would get through it together like they always did.

At Kims door he gave a light knock "Kim" he said entering her room. As he pushed the door open what he saw nearly made him choke. Kim was kissing Josh Mankey, no just a kiss, a lips locked go at it kiss. Joshs arms were wrapped around her holding her tightly. What he didn't notice was Kim's arms pushing Josh's shoulders away, not holding them as Ron thought .

"No" He said with tearful eyes.


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