The rain was pouring down on the alley behind the Hyperion as Spike and Angel helped the wounded Gunn sit down. Spike looked at him with concern as he both smelled and saw the blood pouring out of his wounds. "You're supposed to wear the red stuff on the inside, Charlie boy."

The former lawyer winced in pain, refusing to give up. "Any word on Wes and Fred?"

"We're here", Wes panted as he and Fred climbed over the tall fence at one end of the alley. "We probably should have brought a fence-cutter, though."

"Yeah", Fred grumbled. "Almost makes me wish I hadn't brought these rocket launchers, they're pretty heavy."

"Why couldn't you have come around the other way?"

"Well..." Fred cringed and pointed. A horde of demons just rounded the corner barely 100 yards away, led by a giant dragon who swooped down from the black clouds overhead. The entire gang was suddenly very grateful that their pants were already wet from the rain.

"OK", Gunn muttered as he grabbed his axe and staggered to his feet. "You take the 30,000 on the left..."

Suddenly there was a bright flash and Willow and Buffy appeared before them. And Buffy did not look happy as she headed straight for Angel. "THERE you are! How DARE you-"

"Uh, Buffy, could this wait? We're sort of in the middle of something..." Angel pointed to the rapidly advancing demon army.

Willow waved her hand. "Ause-pay ECR-Vay." The demon army froze in mid-movement, as did the drops of rain, and, well, everything except the gang. Everything suddenly looked very The Matrix as Willow smiled at Angel. "That should hold'em for a minute or two, Puppy."

"Don't call me that!" Angel awkwardly gestured at himself as to point out that there was nothing wolfy about him anymore.

Willow looked confused. "Sorry. Dunno why I said that, just felt natural..."

Buffy interrupted them. "Come on, Angel, fork him over."


"You know what I'm talking about. Gimme."

"Uh... no", Angel fidgeted, his eyes darting about to avoid looking at Buffy. "I... I need him. I can't go into battle without - "

Buffy made a frustrated noise and flung Angel's billowy leather coat back, exposing Mr Gordo who sat snugly in one of the inside pockets. "Aw, there you are! Come to Buffy..." She grabbed the pig, hugged him and then looked back at Angel, furious. "He's all lumpy!"

"Well, there was a fight -"

"And WHAT is this stain?"

"Buffy, I realize we should have taken better care of Mr Gordo", Wes intervened. "But right now there's a more pressing matter at hand." He gestured at the demons, who were looking more and more frustrated by the second as they strained to break Willow's spell. "You don't suppose you could see your way to helping us out...?"

Buffy looked at him as if he had just asked her to climb the Mount Everest dressed in a neon green leotard while juggling geese. "You were going to put Mr Gordo in mortal danger, and then you ask me to help you? Uh-uh. Will! Get us out of here."

"Sorry, guys. Good luck?..." Willow shrugged sheepishly and teleported them both out of there.

The gang stood around, very puzzled, waiting for Willow's pause spell to wear off. Spike finally spoke up as the demons slowly started moving again and Fred shouldered her rocket launcher. "So... in terms of a plan?"

Angel automatically felt for the comforting pig in his pocket, and sighed when he remembered that it wasn't there anymore. "We fight."

"Bit more specific?"

"Well, personally, I kind of want to slay the dr-" Fred's first rocket wiped the dragon from the sky in a cloud of fire and little bits'o'dragon rained down all over the alley, making quite a few demons look a little more anxious. Angel rolled his eyes. "Oh, what the hell. Let's go to work." He raised his sword, pointed his nose at a star and howled long and wolflike before he charged.



Author's note: Well, that's it. Sorry, there's just so many things you can do with a stuffed wolf. Huge thanks to everyone who read and reviewed - I was going to keep this as a oneshot until the reviews started pouring in - and if you liked this and haven't already, you might want to read my story "Dawn Of The Dead", and gopie's "Vampire Days" which are somewhat in the same vein. Can I say "vein" in a story about vampires, or is that too hokey? Oh well, too late now since I can't find the delete key. WHERE IS MY DELETE KEY? WHO MESSED UP MY KEYBOARD? Oh wait, there it i