Title: Knowing
Author: Cheysuli Night
Fandom: CLAMP Campus Detectives
Rated: PG
Summary: Sometimes, Akira seemed to understand things more than he let on.

It was the way he looked at things, with that naive expression and strangely knowing eyes, that made Nokoru believe that maybe their Akira wasn't as simpleminded and oblivious as he seemed.

It wasn't obvious, far from it, and Nokoru may never have noticed if it hadn't been for one thing. One small event that could have easily been overlooked if you hadn't been familiar with those involved.

Just one small conversation.

"What's wrong, Kaichou?"

"Some thing's bothering Suoh, and I can't figure out what it is."

Akira hadn't really said anything at first. He had just turned and watched as Suoh looked through a stack of papers. Akira seemed just as confused as Nokoru had... been then he had cocked his head and smiled slightly. He seemed... almost amused. But Nokoru couldn't quite figure out why.

"He looks happy."


"Yes. But he looks like he's trying to hide it."

"Why would he hide something like that?"

Akira had looked at him and it had seemed as if something had flashed in his eyes, wisdom that seemed so out of place in one so young.

"Maybe the one who makes him happy is not ready to know yet."

Nokoru still didn't understand what Akira had meant by that and he had a feeling he was being unusually dense... but no matter how many times he asked, he couldn't get Akira to explain further. In fact, Akira seemed to have forgotten the conversation altogether.

"What did you mean when you said that?"

"When I said what, Kaichou?"

"That the one who makes Suoh happy is not ready to know yet."

"I said that?"

Nokoru knew that Akira was only pretending to have forgotten, he could see it in his eyes and the way he smiled. But whenever Nokoru had tried to push, Akira would always shake his head and offer him some tea or cake or cookies or whatever it was that he had made that day. And the conversation would be forgotten again until the next time Nokoru saw Suoh stare blankly off into the distance.

And the cycle would begin again.

Nokoru knew full well that their Akira wasn't nearly as oblivious as he often pretended to be. He was actually quite observant and saw things that others always seemed to overlook or simply not understand.

Nokoru just wished he told people what he saw. Maybe then he could learn why Suoh was so happy and why he was trying to hide it. Maybe he could learn exactly what Akira found so amusing about the whole situation.

And maybe he would learn why Suoh always blushed when Akira insisted on leaving them alone for 'quality time'.