Hey guys! I am gonna try to write a humorous story... just try it, and chances are it's probably going to suck. Really, I think humor is probably the hardest to write, but I'm gonna try and do it anyways, people don't think it's possible for me to do… but hey, people laugh at me all the time, so I guess it's possible. Anyways, tell me the honest truth on what you think of it, and if I can't seem to make it happy and funny… well… I'll just turn it dark…:-P after all, that's my specialty!

Chapter One: Emma

One thing that I never knew was going to be so hard was dealing with love. After all, I never thought I could love anybody; I never planned on it either. I always thought my life was going to be just me, and dealing with it until I finally came to my end. Then of course there was running into Danny when I was little, of course I didn't have a crush on him then, but I made a friend. And up until now, I thought that having a friend was amazing, I never planned on falling head over heels in love with him.

I guess that was what to expect, I got to know him so well that there was really no other choice, he was everything I could ever possibly want, and more. The only person that was willing to be there for me when no one else would, and the only person I could talk to and trust my life with.

Then again, there were always faults; you had to know that, especially at my age you learn that all guys have their faults. One thing, he liked every popular girl in school, every single one… well, it seemed that way, and that could just my mind making me think that, but he always seemed to be drooling over someone all the time. Once again, that was probably just me thinking that, letting myself get to worked up about it, but even though he was a 'looser' just like me, I felt like as though I could never get through to him. It felt hopeless to even try for him, like as though he was a prep as well, I guess that if you like them, you need to be like them too even if you aren't one. There was no way he was ever going to like me, he must have known that one day he was going to turn into the hotshot he turned into…

(3 years later) (Age: 17)

Walking through the halls everyday sucked, the same halls I was dreaded to walk through for four years, and it felt like it was never going to end, but it was the last year, luckily. I could escape the dread that had overcome me over the past three years. Yes, Danny, he seemed to cause it all, he turned into one of them. Sure, he talked to me, but only over the phone, or some place where no one would ever be able to see that he was still trying to keep in touch with me.

What did Danny look like to gain all his popularity? Perfect, if you want it simple, but in more detail… His hair was now long and went down to his shoulders in layers, rather than sticking up it was in a more 'surfer style' type cut, much more expensive looking, to put it clearly. He was a little more muscular, and had the required muscles, a 6-pac. What every girl seemed to want in a guy, and hey I was up to it as long as it came with a good attitude. His eyes were crystal blue and brighter than ever, and he now spent all his money on expensive clothes after he fell out of liking video games and such. He had nothing to waste his money on, although clothes would have been the last of my choice.

Was I ugly? No, I was probably way more pretty than any of the other girls, I just didn't put as much care into myself to make myself so perfect, and the gothic look probably didn't help with making me more attractive. I usually wore a gothic looking skirt, like before, but maybe a little more fancy and showy, and a tight shirt to make sure everyone knew I was the skinniest person in school. My hair was down to my shoulder in loose curls now, I know, me and curls, seems a little weird, huh? But they weren't really curly, just enough to make it look nicer than it had in the past. I guess trying to catch Danny's attention had changed my looks a little bit. But I still wasn't going to be popular, and wasn't going to change my gothic look, which wasn't helping much. After all, it wasn't exactly the top look, and probably never was going to be, and badly enough for me, there weren't hardly any other Goths in our school for me to hang out with, so I was pretty much a loner. Then again, there was still always Tucker, but he found his way into another geek crowd after Danny fell out of his place late last year.

"So Danny, can I come over tonight?" I heard Paulina say as her and Danny walked by and I pushed myself up against the inside of my locker trying to act as though I wasn't paying attention and was only trying to look for something lost in the bottom of my locker.

"Yeah, sounds good," he said, and I could feel them stopping right near me, and I kept frantically looking through the mess in my locker for absolutely nothing, but I felt like it was good enough of an act to pass by where he wouldn't have the feeling that I actually cared.

"You're parents going to be out?" She asked in a sweeter tone of 'hint hint' type of talking. I coughed trying to 'hint hint' that it was disgusting what she was thinking of, and I heard them start walking away. Oops, just ruined my 'not listening' act, but oh well, maybe I had gotten my point across, although I doubted it.

I picked up one of the pieces of paper trying to act like as though I was actually looking for something just in case they had been standing behind me and looked at it a second time and shoved it back in my locker after I realized what it was. It had Danny+Sam all over it, how stupid was I, the whole world could have just seen that. I closed my locker and hit my head on it then turned around and sighed, too bad I didn't pay attention as much as I used to. Too bad I wasn't so afraid to talk to him, now I knew what it felt like when he was trying to get popular people to like him, I actually felt like a looser, hopeless, like as though no one was ever going to like me, even though he had friends, he had people that cared about him, probably much better than they ever would. All they liked was his body, and they just wanted to be able to be all over him, then turn around and find the next hot guy to hover over. He had been with Paulina for a week, and I could all ready tell that she wanted to make out with him, and as soon as she was through with that, she would head back to Dash, or someone else. They got bored with each other too easily, Danny wasn't like that, and I knew he would stick with someone if they were willing to do the same. I was… but he never took the time to notice me, and I never took the time to tell him how I felt, maybe things could have been different. I could just imagine it, Danny and I, walking hand in hand down the hall together, all the preps jealous of me… it would be like a dream come true. Then Danny and I could get through school, go out and blow my parents money on a house and live off of their money together happily… forever. We would be the perfect couple, no one could ever possibly top us, in fact…

I heard the bell ring and snapped out of my day dreaming, shit, no wonder why the halls had seemed to quiet down a little. The only people left in them were me and the few people that were going to either not show up to class, or show up 20 minutes late. I ran down the halls to get to my class, and when I entered the room breathing heavily I could feel all eyes looking at me.

"Look, perfect Sam is skipping class," Dash said as I walked by his desk, and I kicked his leg hard, hey the boots help out a lot too. I gave him one of those 'haha that's what you get' type of looks as he reached down to grab for his leg that was probably in a lot of pain and he glared at me, of course he would never touch me though, it wasn't like them to ever hurt a girl, even if it was the world's biggest looser.

"You have a slip?" Mrs. Barton asked me, and I shook my head, not willing to try and explain that I forgot one, or just got stuck talking after class to one of my teachers or one of those other dumb excuses that only made you look dumber than you looked in the first place. I would rather just say I had been planning on skipping, but decided not to, it would be a much cooler way to get in trouble, and who knows, maybe it could catch Danny's attention.

"All right," she said looking at me wondering what was up with me, I was an all A student, with perfect attendance all the time, I know, what a nerd. But I guess I had nothing better to do than to study, that and think about what I could have had.

I sat down as close as I could to Danny's desk, which was diagonal from his, in the back corner with all the preps, one of them, Star, was absent, so that left a free seat for me to sit in. All the sudden my 'must get Danny back' feelings started kicking in, I all the sudden had the spirit to try and get him back, I guess after picking up a paper with our names written all over it seemed to make me realize how good they looked together.

"What's she doing back here?" Valerie asked raising her eyebrows and they all turned to look at me like I was nuts, even Danny. Sure, it should have broken my heart, but there was no way I was going to let something that simple break my heart, after all, I wasn't going to be hurt unless I knew I hadn't even tried to make him feel bad at least. Even if he couldn't be mine, I was going to make sure he realized that was what I wanted. I stretched my feet out not willing to answer them, and just let them keep pondering about it, unless of course they decided they would come up with something stupid for themselves.

"She must just want friends, which she isn't getting here," Paulina said laughing, and they all followed in suit, what a bunch of copies. Danny was the only one looking around wondering what he should do.

"All right, settle down everyone. You're supposed to be writing, this isn't social hour, Valerie, you mind explaining to Miss Manson what she missed?"

"Sure thing," she said, and I knew she was probably going to give me the wrong assignment.

"I can read the board," I told her shoving her out of my face from trying to 'help' me.

"What ever," she said and turned back towards the front of the room. All it took was for a few people to whisper to each other, and then everyone in the room started talking.

"So, you guys all coming to the rink tomorrow?" Emma asked them all; she was new to the school last year, and had been a prep before and naturally fell into the group. Although, she was a little shy, and a lot more nicer than any of them, she had even talked to me a few times, and still talked to me online every now and then if I was on, but that didn't make us best friends or anything. She was short, compared to a lot of people at the school, and looked like the perfect example of a prep, shoulder length perfectly straight shiny blonde hair, perfect body that made all the guys stare and pretty eyes. But at least she had a heart, I guess all preps have to loose part of theirs, but she managed to hold onto hers a little. If Danny wasn't going to be with me, I would have had him be with her.

"Maybe, depends on what Danny and I decide to do," Paulina said thinking she was cool, although I knew she was saying that partially to get on my nerves, although I was pretending to do my writing, although writing about 'Your favorite place' wasn't all that exciting, and turning it into a story wasn't exactly easy, I tried at least.

"Oh, well… it's open, the rest of us are going, I think," she said a little down that Paulina was refusing to make her feel part of the group that she was slowly falling out of.

"We'll be there," Danny said disagreeing with Paulina, good for him. Although, he needed to break the bitches heart before she ever got to even kiss him that would really hurt her if she didn't ever get a chance to even make out with him before she was done. Although, I was sure they had made out before, this wasn't the first time they had been together.

"Maybe," Paulina added in again, and I almost started laughing at her attempts to change his mind, too bad she didn't actually like HIM, or she would know how damn stubborn he is.

"I think they're coming," Valerie told Emma and the both smiled at each other, not wanting to laugh to let Paulina know how much of a controlling bitch she was, it was pretty bad that even her friends realized that she was mean.

"You guys actually going to do this?" Danny asked them all, and they all looked at him like he was nuts.

"No, why would we? Doing it at the last minute is much better," Paulina said in a stuck up kind of way, like as though actually doing the work was too low. It wasn't meant for the preppy people to be smart as well, they either were one or the other, or at least it seemed like it most of the time.

"I say we do it guys, Danny has a point," Emma said agreeing with him.

"You go ahead, you can hang out with miss nerd over there too," Paulina said pointing at me and I turned back down to my paper not realizing that I had actually been watching them this whole time, stupid.

"There's nothing wrong with doing our work," Emma said glancing at me, but then turned back at them, she only looked back at me to let me know there was nothing wrong with me. She was really nice, just like Danny, and didn't fit in with the preps, it bugged me that they got drug into it and didn't try to dig their way back out.

"You would rather do that than talk?" Paulina challenged, and she shrugged, "Maybe. Better to get it out of the way so I have no homework over the weekend."

"You go ahead," she said and grabbed Danny's hand and drug him across to the other side of the room, and Valerie got up and followed them, along with Dash and Kwan who weren't even being a part of the conversation, they were just sitting there looking as though they were interested in the conversation. Emma remained where she was sitting and looked over at me.

"Hi Sam," she said now that she had been abandoned, I hated that she was talking to me as a last resort, but at least she was going to talk to me.

"Hi," I said shyly, I had all ready lost any friends I had, I didn't want to loose one before I even really made it. Although, we had talked for hours over the internet, but it was odd to actually talk to her, half the time online I forgot it was even someone from school and just blabbered on about everything and anything.

"You gonna be online tonight?"

"Yea, probably."

"Well, guess I'll hear you talk about the prep at school that you tried to get along with, huh?"

"Umm… no. I know that's you," I told her and could feel myself blushing, I had talked to her about so many personal things, I was afraid to talk to her face-to-face.

"You talk about Danny enough," she said smiling.

"Yea, I guess I do…"

"That's ok, you guys used to be best friends, right?"

"Yup," I said trying to keep myself from looking at her. Even though I never should be scared to talk to the prep crowd, I was. I might have acted like I was this tough shit that never cared what people thought, but after I lost my friend to popularity, I lost that part of me, I was now worried about what everyone thought of me.

"I think I could get you back together," she said, and I looked at her jerking myself up to look at her waiting for a plan.

"Wow, you really want him, don't you?"


"Seems more like you need him," she laughed, and I laughed in a nervous sort of way, and I could tell all her friends kept glancing over here.

"Look, you might not wanna talk to me…" I told her, and she looked behind her.

"Oh, them? Screw them. They don't do anything for me."


"Why do I hang out with them? Cuz all the hot guys do, but I guess that doesn't really matter… since I never seem to be able to get a boyfriend. But that's beside the point. I think you're cool; you have a personality to die for. Well, at least online you do.:

"Inside I do," I told her honestly, I wanted her to realize it took a while for me to warm up to someone; after all I was a lot touchier after I had lost all I had before.

"Well, you think you could come over tonight?" She asked me, and I shook my head, "Probably not…"

"Oh… It's me, isn't it?"

"No, not so much you, as it is me."

"Well, just think about it, you know where to get a hold of me," she said, and I noticed she kept glancing over to her 'friends' and was figuring she was going to get up to sit next to them, but then she changed her mind and turned back to talking to me.

"So what do you see in Danny, other than his looks?"

"You would have to get to know him, like I did."

"Oh… he change a lot?"

"I don't really know, I only talk to him on the phone, and that's maybe once a month," I sighed; I didn't really like talking about Danny, especially not to one of his friends that could have been telling him everything. Although, I guess it would have been fine if he actually realized how much I was hurt by what he had did, although I never had shown it, I was feeling it. He was the only thing on my mind all day, and I wished he knew that, and wished that he thought about me too, although I guess I never really will know if he ever really liked me.

"Sam, I wanna get together with you. Change your look a little; see what we can do to catch his eye?"

"I dunno…" I said, I didn't want to break my whole thing with individuality, although now I was feeling pretty darn desperate and was willing to try for it.

"All right, I'll come over to your house tonight…" I gave in, she knew Danny a little bit, maybe enough to help, well at least she probably knew what Danny was looking for, and could help change who I was on the outside just a little bit…

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