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Training with Jounin



One Year Later:

Iruka flew through the trees of the Forbidden Area. He only had three hours left to find Kakashi before the sunset began.

As he hopped from branch to branch, the chuunin recalled last year's jounin games, where he and Kakashi had paired up. Much had happened since then. They had surpassed Raido and Genma's record for the Hokage's desk. Kakashi had also found some interesting porn on the black markets of Konoha. Iruka had been mortified, so say the least, when they watched the tape together, but Kakashi had stayed calm. The jounin had marched right into the Hokage's office and demanded a share of the profits, which he thankfully used to buy up all the copies of the tape in circulation (as well as to purchase more chocolate syrup, to replenish Iruka's dwindling supply). (He burned most of the tapes, keeping only a copy or two, 'for memories'). As the couple went on to break the record, they made sure to stay out of the sight of the camera's range.

There had been countless numbers of shared showers and breakfasts, of stolen kisses and alleyway groping. There had been missions for Kakashi, where Iruka and the nin dog that the jounin had not-so-secretly order to protect him waited up all night for his return, to bandage wounds and kiss away any hurts (once Kakashi found that part out, he began getting more and more 'injuries' on his missions, in increasingly interesting places). There had been missions for Iruka too, in which Kakashi trailed along behind him, and Iruka politely pretended not to notice. Iruka got used to the jounin's strange quirks, and Kakashi accustomed himself to Iruka's as well (he would only grade papers with red pen, for one, and never slept peacefully unless he went by and peered into Naruto's apartment, which had been empty for months).

Iruka passed by the lake he had bathed in during the last Jounin Jailbreak, chuckling as he remembered Kakashi's nervous rambling. He passed by the clearing where he'd hidden in a leaf pile and listened to his jounin read porn for over an hour. Over the year, they had acted out a few more scenes from Icha Icha- not as much as Kakashi would've liked, but he was a bad boy more often than a good one, and thus received punishment from his sensei, rather than rewards (not that he minded).

It was a good year, all in all, Iruka decided. Now he just needed to find his lover, and he could start making the next year good as well.


The second time playing Jounin Jailbreak, Iruka discovered why it was that his team had been caught so easily the year before. He was seeking this year, and now knew the strategy the seeking team had used and was still using to catch their prey. It wasn't just the battle of skills that the rules implied; the jounin were using their personal knowledge of the hiding team to lure them out. The game was seduction.

The seeking team, which this year included Raido, Asuma, and Anko, confided to him that it was a common practice to stay away from one's lover a day or so (or a few hours, in the case of one horny jounin whose name will go unsaid), to strengthen their 'techniques'. Iruka himself hadn't done this (Kakashi was very persuasive, and Iruka would have felt underhanded anyways), but he was willing to try his hand at the seduction strategy.

"Hey, Iruka! You ready to get our guys?" Raido asked, pulling him out of his train of thought. Iruka nodded. The two turned toward a stream they had come across earlier.

Iruka knew that if he seriously wanted to catch Kakashi, all he'd have to do is go where he knew Kakashi wasn't, scream, and wait. Kakashi would spend a few tortured minutes reassuring himself that Iruka was okay before breaking and going to where Iruka was, so he could see him and touch him and be absolutely certain that his chuunin was unhurt. The silver-haired man had outlived too many friends not to. But Iruka would never use that compulsion against him; it was sneaky, underhanded, and Iruka, as did most ninja of the village, suffered from it as well. It was an unspoken rule in Konoha that the sudden need to check on a loved one, to simply reassure oneself that that person was alive and in one piece, was never spoken of and never exploited.

Iruka wasn't going to use that method of catching his lover. But that didn't mean that he couldn't use other things he had learned about Kakashi against him. Jealousy, for example, was fair game.

They hadn't even been together a month before Iruka learned that Kakashi was a very possessive lover. The chuunin could be laughing and joking with his friends one minute and look up to find them bound and gagged the next, with Kakashi wrapping around him protectively, just because one of them had casually put their arm around him or jokingly flirted with him. That was probably the main factor in the Great Porn Purchase as well; Kakashi didn't mind watching a replay of his and Iruka's exploits, but he as sure as hell wasn't going to let anyone else catch a glimpse of his sexy sensei!

Iruka, knowing how jealous his lover could get, and Raido, knowing how horny his lover perpetually was, had gotten together to plan the ultimate strategy for their semes' downfall.


The area surrounding the stream was quiet and undisturbed. Kakashi flipped the page of Icha Icha vol 12 with his special stealth-porn-reading no jutsu, so that not a sound was made. He was very glad to have the newest novel; once he'd concealed himself with a high-powered genjutsu two hours ago, he hadn't moved more than he needed to to turn pages. He imagined it would've been very boring without Jiraiya and his characters (which he mentally replaced with himself and Iruka; the question of the day was whether or not he'd ever be able to convince Iruka to wear a nurse's uniform, like the big-bosomed heroine did in that particular volume). Just look at Genma there, on the other side of the stream- he didn't have any book to read, and he looked miserable. Ha, Iruka was always preaching against his favorite pastime (actually, his second favorite now, beaten only by the telling of embarrassing stories and off-color jokes and making his little sensei blush so adorably), but look how beneficial it was! Was Genma actually drooling at the stream?

Kakashi decided he needed to get a closer look at whatever was going on downstream that Genma was so entranced by. He carefully released his jutsu, making sure not to let the escaping chakra flair, and tucked his book into a water-proof pocket in his vest. The babbling sound the water made over the rocks in the stream-bed covered any noise his creeping downstream might have made.

When Kakashi drew near enough, he saw what Genma had been watching so adamantly. Iruka and Raido were slowly undressing themselves, chattering to each other all the while.


"Maybe we should take a break, Raido." Iruka proclaimed to his partner-in-crime, once they reached their target stream. He spoke much louder than was necessary for his friend to hear him; hopefully, Kakashi, Genma, or both would be near enough to overhear.

"Yes, I think so. I'm so hot and sweaty right now." Raido replied in the same volume. "Are you sure you can spare the time, though? You've still got your boyfriend to catch."

"Don't worry; I've got a plan to catch him. I'll get him just as soon as I've rested up a bit." Iruka had decided that Kakashi might be suspicious if his lover just stopped in the middle of the game. Let him think that he was safe for now, that Iruka was replenishing his energy for some elaborate scheme.

They both stripped off their clothing, Iruka modestly shedding his clothes, Raido turning the endeavor into a provocative strip-tease. Had he detected Genma's presence nearby, or did he always undress like that?

He slipped into the stream, not comfortable just standing around naked in the woods. The chill water made his skin tingle as it rushed by him. Raido followed a moment later. Phase 1 of the plan had been executed flawlessly.


Kakashi watched, entranced, as the two naked men washed themselves in the stream. They started off innocently enough, just scrubbing away the sweat and dirt and letting the water cool off their tired muscles. Raido started to get playful, and splashed Iruka. Soon water was being flung everywhere; a war ensued. It brought to Kakashi's mind Icha Icha Paradise, vol 1, except that this was two hot guys, rather than half a dozen young women having a water fight, and he didn't think this version was going to end with twenty-nine pages of sexual exploration.

But wait…why was Raido wrapping an arm around Iruka's waist, then? Kakashi inched closer, desperate to hear what it was they were saying.


Once the splashing stopped and the water settled down, Iruka saw a shock of silver hair peeking up from behind a bush. Raido pointed looked on the other side of the stream, to a man-shaped shadow standing in a tree. Phase 2: perfect!

Raido edged closer to him, and wrapped an arm around his waist. 'Let's see how they like Phase 3' Iruka cackled to himself.

"Oh, Iruka, I'm soooo lonely. I haven't been with Genma for days!" Raido wailed. He was exaggerating, of course, sounding so cheesy and pathetic he could have been in an Icha Icha.

"And I've been so alone without my Kakashi. What if I never find him?" Iruka responded, concentrating hard not to laugh out loud. He shook, but thankfully no sound escaped.

Raido placed a hand gently onto his cheek and guided his face until Iruka was staring straight into the other man's eyes. "Maybe we can comfort each other." He stage-whispered dramatically. His hand slipped from Iruka's face down beneath the water.


Kakashi watched, horrified and transfixed, as thatbastardRaido wrapped his dirty-rotten-body around his sweet, trembling Iruka (he was shaking- was he crying? Scared?). The scarred son-of-a-bitch finally settled with his chest pressed against the chuunin's back, rubbing his hands up and down Iruka's firm chest, going much lower than he needed to! Oh shit! They weren't coming back up! Kakashi blindly grabbed for a kunai (Raido would remove his hands from Kakashi's lover or Kakashi would remove his hands for him!), but was shocked still when he heard a gasp.

"Oh, Raido! More! Please, more!" Iruka panted. Iruka wasn't pushing him away? ThatbastardRaido must have used some sort of genjutsu against the academy sensei, or drugged him! He couldn't just stand by as the scarred jounin took advantage of his innocent, naïve chuunin!

Iruka tilted his head to give Raido access to his neck, which the jounin gladly latched onto. Kakashi held his kunai in his gloved hand, watching his lover gasp and moan. He would just wait until he got a good opening before he killed Raido. He wouldn't want to accidentally hurt Iruka, who had to be a victim here. Kakashi waited and watched, all thoughts of reading Icha Icha vol 12 twelve forgotten.


Genma watched the full-fledged uke-fest playing out before him, using every curse he knew that he hadn't thought to bring a camera with him. This had to be the most arousing thing he'd ever seen. His lover was groping the ever-innocent academy sensei, out in the open, solely for his benefit. Only an idiot or an avid fan of Jiraiya's trashy porn would think that this was anything other than what it was- a plan to lure him out of hiding. Who would possibly sound that cheesy during sex? It was obviously a ploy; Iruka was moaning every time Raido so much as looked at him. Granted, Raido was a talented lover (Genma prided himself on having taught him everything he knew), but he wasn't that good.

Damn it, though. Genma wasn't made to resist temptation like this! He needed sex! He knew he sucked at this game, and he was ready to give in. It wasn't that he was a bad ninja- there was none better with a senbon, he knew some kick-ass ninjutsu, and he told the best innuendo-filled war stories in the village. He just had absolutely no resistance to Raido's master seduction techniques, and the younger man knew it. It wasn't even like he was susceptible to anyone else's charms. Since he had been with Raido, the older shinobi had been immune to any enemy ninja's lure. He didn't let Raido know that, or course. That bastard was cocky enough as he was, without knowing that he was, for all intents, Genma's Kryptonite, and that he wanted no one else. The point was, he was not made to withstand this sort of battle with his lover. He slipped out of his tree and ran toward the stream, tossing off his clothes as he went.


Iruka had been worried that Phase 3 hadn't worked, until a stark-naked Genma jumped into the water with them and had latched onto his lover. He'd been worried that his acting wouldn't be up to par, or that Kakashi would see that Raido's mouth only rested on his neck and that the hands beneath the water were staying a few chaste centimeters away from Iruka's skin. He and Raido had both been moaning wantonly-maybe they'd made it too fake. But apparently that hadn't bothered Genma, who wrapped himself around Raido the same way Raido was around the chuunin, creating a nice little Raido sandwich.

"Mind if I join you?" The senbon-wielding man whispered.

"Oh God yes!" Raido moaned. 'Yes he minds, or yes join?' Iruka wondered, but decided he would attribute Raido's response to the skillful hands that the other jounin had slid under the water (Iruka, still pressed up close to Raido, could feel them ghosting against his ass).

Phase 4 was going to be a little bit harder. They would have to continue the seduction game, except there would be less acting and more doing, in order to continue to lure Kakashi out and to keep Genma entertained in the mean time.

Iruka blushed as the movement behind him became less faked and more…rhythmic. Raido's moans were less frequent when they had been during the acting of Phase 3, but sounded more genuine.

'Please come soon, Kakashi!' He begged mentally.


If before Kakashi had been torn between the desire to watch and the desire to kill, his mind was made up now. Genma was taking Raido right on the spot, with Iruka not even two feet away. Iruka looked very uncomfortable with what was taking place behind him, and jumped in surprise when Genma's hand snaked around from Raido's waist to his and the muscles tensed as if he were squeezing. Iruka's strangled gasp made his vision turn red. How dare they touch his chuunin!

Raido looked straight as his hiding place and, gaze never faltering, dragged his tongue up Iruka's neck. Fuck this game, and fuck staying concealed! Kakashi broke his cover and charged at the trio.


The game had definitely gotten out of hand. 'Phase 4 is a failure' Iruka admitted to himself. He was dripping wet, naked, and flung over Kakashi's shoulder. He still shook thinking back to what had happened a few minutes earlier. Kakashi had charged from the brush, armed and ready to kill. In moves too fast to see or count, the silver-haired shinobi left both of Iruka's 'assaulters' unconscious. Raido had been left tied to the highest branch of a tree with special chakra thread, so he wouldn't be able to search for any more hiders or molest any more chuunin. Genma was also bound and gagged and left hidden in a small cave concealed with genjutsu. Iruka, who had been frozen with shock, was plucked out of the cold stream and tossed onto his jounin's shoulders. He didn't know where Kakashi was taking him. It didn't matter, though. He had really screwed things up. Phase 4 was a complete failure, and instead of snaring the last two hiders, he had ended up with two seekers taken out of the game! Not even the game really mattered though, not anymore. Iruka's only concern was how angry Kakashi was going to be with him.

They must have reached Kakashi's desired destination, because they suddenly stopped moving and Iruka was lifted off Kakashi's shoulder. The jounin didn't speak; he tied Iruka to a tree silently, before placing seal tags around a perimeter and summoning up a shield to conceal them.

Finished with the shield, Kakashi came back and stood silently in front of the dripping chuunin. Iruka looked away, not really wanting to meet his eye. He hadn't meant for things to go that way! He'd only wanted to play-act with Raido until Kakashi became overcome with jealousy and came out, only to be overpowered by the jounin and chuunin team. He hadn't planned on that unscripted threesome.

"You've been a bad boy, Iruka-kun." Kakashi said, stooping down to be eye level with the chuunin. "I think I'm going to have to punish you." He pressed himself up to Iruka's cold body. Iruka welcomed the warmth, and even more than that, the hardness that was burying into his wet thigh. Maybe Kakashi wasn't mad at him after all…

Iruka's arms were tied to a branch over his head, but his legs were still free, and he used them to wrap around Kakashi and pull him up into a kiss through his mask.

"What are you going to do with me?" Iruka asked as the kiss ended.

"There's only two and a half hours until sunset. All I have to do is keep you here and I'll win." His voice was filled with mischief.

"Two and a half hours is a long time for me to escape. Can you keep me busy for that long? You wouldn't want to wear yourself out and not be able to claim your prize tonight." Kakashi nodded, and began to relieve himself of the clothes that Iruka had dripped on.

"I think I'll think of something to pass the time. I still have to punish you. You need to learn your lesson."

"What lesson would that be, exactly?" Kakashi's eye was sparkling.

"That no one else is allowed to touch you. That you're mine."

"Positive reinforcement might work better than punishment."

"What if I do both?" Kakashi asked.

Iruka nodded. "Even better."

Kakashi pressed his bare body against Iruka's again and got ready to start his punishment. A gust of breeze blew past, making the still-dripping Iruka shiver. Kakashi's stern countenance dropped quickly and he wrapped his arms around Iruka and began rubbing up and down him.

"I'll punish you later." He promised, cutting the ropes that bound Iruka's hands and lowering his chuunin to the ground. "Right now, we need to warm you up."

And Kakashi proceeded to do just that. With his tongue, and his hands, and the shared heat from their tingling bodies, he drove away the shivers and the chills. Iruka warmed up quickly, but Kakashi didn't stop (you could never be too safe, especially when it comes to things like hypothermia). He continued warming his sensei for the two and a half hours, until the sun disappeared and the ninja in the forest cleared away to claim the prizes they'd won.


The next day, everyone in the village was in high spirits. Well, not everyone. Genma and Raido were both pretty cranky, since they were sneezing every few moments and were wracked with chills. The staff at the Konoha hospital was also a little less than ecstatic to discover another nurse's uniform missing from her locker (theft had risen fifteen percent after Jiraiya's latest book, the 'Night at the Hospital' Edition had come out).

Most everyone else was happy, however. Iruka was warm. His guilt had been salved by Kakashi's 'punishment' last night, and although he still had marks on his wrists from being tied up and a stolen nurse costume on his bedroom floor, he couldn't bring himself to care.

Kakashi was also exceptionally happy on this fine day. And why not? Lying in the bed of the apartment they now shared was a sexy chuunin who had just finished assuring him that he would never want anyone else.

The rest of the village was happy for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was because the Hokage was feeling strangely generous.

And what was the reason for the Hokage's good mood? She sat in her office with Shizune, Tonton, and oddly enough, Jiraiya. A secret meeting was commencing.

"I got some excellent footage." The white-haired prevent told her. Tsunade's eyes glowed.

"Give it to me! I've had to get by on the tapes from that one measly hidden camera for months now!" She whined. It was a good thing that Kakashi and Iruka had never realized a second hidden camera had been installed, for 'safety purposes', or else she would have spent the time completely denied of KakaIru porn.

"Not just yet. I want my research materials first." Jiraiya also smirked. His price for the tape he held in his hands was the surveillance tape from a nearby lake, a popular skinny-dipping spot for the young women on Konoha.

The two sannin traded tapes, and Tsunade and Shizune popped theirs into a VCR, drooling before it even began.

The screen showed a stream with a shaky forest background, which was overshadowed by the two men in the foreground.

"Wait, that's Raido, not Kakashi! What's the meaning of this?" Shizune protested, as the camera came in to focus.

"Just wait." Jiraiya promised. "The uke-fest is just an appetizer." The two women and the pig watched. Soon enough, Iruka was being carried away by Kakashi (which earned the heroes on the screen a cheer and an oink, which was Tonton's expression of approval). The screen went blank for a moment, then started up again from a higher up vantage point with a different backdrop.

"I also got caught outside of the shield." Jiraiya pointed out. The Hokage, her apprentice, and her pig shushed him. Fine. 'But I learned from the master.' He continued to himself, thinking back to his days as a student of Sarutobi. Good times.

The two women paid no attention to the perverted old man. There were much important things in the room-mainly, two perverted young men, doing yummy perverted things to each other. It was a pity they wouldn't be able to make copies of this one to sell (they'd make a fortune; almost enough to pay Tsunade's latest gambling debt), but they weren't going to risk having this jewel of a tape confiscated by a jealous Kakashi.

And finally, all the fans of the black-market porn ring that Kakashi had shut down were happy on this day because they knew what the reason for Tsunade's good mood must be. Although they had learned that no copies of tapes were available, that didn't mean the original tape couldn't be viewed. Tsunade's secretary found herself overwhelmed with requests for an appointment with the Hokage, who eventually invited the lot of them back to the Hokage Mansion for a special mass viewing.

Kakashi and Iruka might find out about the tape later and remove it from them, but for know, they were blissfully unaware, curled up next to each other, whispering affirmations of love, kinky suggestions for ways to pass the time, and plans to cause chaos in the village. Whoever said a jounin isn't allowed to rub off on a chuunin?


And that, my dear friends, is that! Sorry if I wasn't very graphic. I'll try to be more descriptive in other fics. I've got an idea for my next KakaIru story, but I'm going to take a little break before I start on it. I just bought Suikoden V, and while I was very devoted to my story and swore not to even open it until I finished this epilogue, I can't delay finding out what beautiful bishonen I'll be controlling much longer! (I also have a ton of calculus homework, but calculus is for quitters! Playstation rules!)