Of Angels, Goddesses, and… Digimon?

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Chapter 1

He groans as he hears someone yelling out a string of curses and turns to his left side and falls off the couch. He opens his eyes and finds Urd cursing the oven and the teapot. He sighs and gets up off the floor, it's too early for the both of them. He moves into the kitchen and turns on the hot plate to medium heat. Urd looks sheepish and says, "Thanks bro." He nods as he yawns. "Welcome." He replies as he heads to the bathroom to shower.

He's fourteen years old and he's living with a goddess named Urd. He's been with her since a month after he went to the Digital World with his older brother and his friends. He's not too sure how he ended up at Jyusenkyo with Urd, only that he was found unconscious and that Urd splashed him with water from the Spring of Drowned Fire Angel to wake him up. So now every time that he's splashed with cold water, he transforms into a very handsome, though some would say gorgeous looking with an athletic build, twenty year old looking version of himself with the ability to hide his white wings and can control fire.

He kind of flinches as he remembers how embarrassed he had been once he woke up to find that his cloths were ruined and he found out that he now transforms into an Angel when splashed with cold water and transforms back into his normal self with warm water. He freaked at finding out and he summoned a whirl of fire around his body. Urd in retaliation summoned water and between the two, he was splashed with warm water and returned to being his eight year old self.

He finishes in the bathroom and blinks as he's splashed with water. The cloths he has in reserve in his subspace pocket are switched as he now stands in his cursed form. He sends a glare in Urd's direction and just shakes his head as he walks towards the table. Urd just sighs and says, "You're still have some of the water magnet ability you know. You need to remember to transform every week, TK or the you'll be bombarded by water like before I cast the spell."

He nods, it's not that he hates his cursed form, it's that some times he can't help but think about his partner, Patamon, and his evolution forms of Angemon and MagnaAngemon when he's in this body. It makes him homesick also. He shakes his head in hopes of clearing it.

Soon Urd sets a pair of bowls on the table along with a pair of spoons, the milk and boxes of cereal was already on the table before he sat down. The tea is ready and they help themselves to the cereal. They both were fine cooks, but sometimes they just don't feel up to making a fancy breakfast, so they settle for a bowl of cereal and some tea at times.

He focuses in on some of Urd's history since they met up and she cursed him. Urd is the goddess of the past and self-proclaimed goddess of love. Urd has these markings on her cheeks and one on her forehead. Platinum hair with purple eyes and bronze skin and a body that a more then a few women would kill for, though he never really saw Urd like that until he became thirteen years old. But that only lasted a month before he came to the collusion that he was better off finding someone that's as beautiful in the inside as they are on the outside.

They soon finish their breakfast and he ignores the sake bottle that appears in Urd's left hand. He knows why Urd needs the stuff, but he does wonder if Urd just likes getting drunk. He remembers the bars that Urd took him to once they reached civilization. He can't remember how many times guys got jealous of him being with Urd and how more then a few picked fights with him over his sister. He also remembers how many times waitresses and a few guys had flirt with him during those times, for he had been in his curse form during those outings to the bars. He hadn't known why they were hitting on him, he had been eight at the time, and it wasn't until he asked Urd about it.

It was about then did Urd realized that she had been taking an eight year old boy into bars. She kind of wised up by then and had answered that she'll tell him when he's older. It was also the first time she called him her little brother. Once left alone, he practices his ability to send things into his subspace pocket and how to retrieve it too. Soon he didn't need to worry about his cloths getting ruined when he's splashed with cold water.

They traveled around, hoping for find a way for Urd to reconnect to her world, for Urd's connection had been cut and his sister can only do smaller spells but it drains her person reserves of mana to cast the spells. He tended to spend a great deal of time in the libraries to supplement his lack of schooling. It helps that some of his curse forms abilities remain with him went he's human. He can read and write in any language now without much effort as well as heal quickly. Sadly he can't heal others like when his in his cursed form, but he didn't let it get to him though.

He finishes putting the dishes into the dishwasher and says, "I'm heading to the library, sis. I'll bring home take out for supper." Urd nods and says, "See you later, baby brother." He sighs at the word baby, but he can't deny that he is younger then Urd by like a thousand years or more.

He exits the apartment and touches the pocket where his Digivice is. He then moves down the hall, he ignores the looks he is receiving from the few people he encounters. He stands just a few inches over six feet when his in his cursed form as well as has long hair that goes pass his shoulder, but stops mid back. His build is slender but muscular, much like a runner's or a basketball player's. His skin isn't pale but it also isn't very brown. His cloths were a bit loose and he favours white long sleeve shirt with a pair of blue jeans. His navy blue jacket isn't zipped up, thus showing the image of a white tiger battling a black dragon. His runners are tan with white souls and logo.

They were in Tokyo because Urd scented a chaos generator and believes that by being in this area that they'll find what they're looking for. It seems that the impossible happens within this area and his older sis is desperate to get back home. Not that he doesn't want to go home, its just that he can't help but wonder what his family and friends will make of his disappearance and then reappearance. 'Then there my curse…' He thinks as he stops at a street corner for the sign to glow green.


She smirks as she hears the cry of "Ranma No Baka!" from the tomboy. She's been studying the solution of one Ranma Saotome and finds it quite entertaining. She's glad that she hadn't chosen a different spring to grab water from, for TK could have been cursed to transform into a deer or even a some kind of freaky monster with different parts of animals. In a way, TK got off easy compared with Ranma and some of the other people cursed by Jyusenkyo.

Ranma transforms into a girl, Genmaru into a panda, Ryoga into a piglet, Shampoo into a cat, and Mousse into a duck. She had a long laugh once she found out about Ranma transforming into a girl. She can see what most teenage girls see in the guy, but compared to TK in either form, Ranma doesn't stand a chance with the teenage girls. Not only does TK look better, but he also has a better personality to boot. Its one of the most enduring traits that her little brother has is that TK isn't one for big ego. Ranma is prideful as well as bit slow in the head when it comes to anything outside of martial arts.

As Ranma flies through the air, an idea strikes her. She drinks the last bit of sake out of the bottle that rests in her left hand. Her eyes light up as she watches Akane walks pass her. She had spent a good month studying Ranma's life and his friends and now feels ready to make a move. Though she would rather stay away from Ranma and his chaotic aura, but sadly TK and her need be stick within the aura of chaos for them to find a way home.

Also, she was disappointed at the girls chasing after Ranma, for they are being very childish about their of Ranma, it kind of reminds her of a pair of kids trying to claim a stuff animal. Now all she has to do is register TK and herself at the same high school as Ranma, Akane, and Ukyou. It would be easy to alter her age and she doubts that TK will have any problems about getting in either. She also bets that TK might even be happy about attending school. For her bro tends to spend most of his days at any libraries they come across. But then she's come to accept that TK's not the average kid, for any kid would be happy not to go to school.

She turns and leaps off the roof into the broken TV screen that she arranged to point up. She soon finds herself at the apartment she shares with TK. She turns and notices the computer resting of the desk. She heads for the cupboard and takes out a bottle of sake. She downs it in a single gulp and she then holds up her right hand towards the computer. She chants in the old tongue, she was really careful with how she words the spell, for she couldn't afford to waste her mana to correct this spell. She doesn't have the connection to Yddrasil she use to have, so she's relying on her own personal power for all of her spells.

She had been desperate for a good five months of waking up on this world and accidentally cursing an eight-year-old TK. She never had to baby sit kids before, so she never thought about the impact of taking TK to a bar until he finally asked why people were doing nice things for him. She sobered up at that and it hit her that even if TK has a mature curse body, it doesn't seem to make him that age. After that, she tried her best not to spend too much time at the bar.

She finishes the spell and watches as the energy goes from her hand into the computer. She waits nervously for the glow to disappear around the computer and soon it does. The screen suddenly shows information about TK's and her's forged records and she lets out a sigh of relief. She feels drained, but once she downs two bottles of sake she feels energized once more.

She glances at the clock and nods absencely at the time. She heads to her room to make the altercations to her wardrobe. She remembers to take three bottles of sake with her. She can't wait to inform her little brother about them going to school.


He arrives at the apartment with a large meat lover's pizza, an order of twenty Buffalo wings, garlic bread, and a six-pack of cola. He balances everything as he turns the doorknob. He moves as quickly as he can to hold the door open. He bites his lip as he gets hits his leg on the doorframe.

Soon he lets the door close as he moves more into the apartment. He sighs as he places the food and drinks onto the counter. He just shakes his head as he moves his aching muscles. He then shouts, "Urd! Supper!" "Coming!" His elder sister sings out. He turns and just stares at the teen that looks like Urd enter into the main room. "Urd?" He asks after about a minute. "Yip, it's me. I just registered us for high school! We start tomorrow." Urd answers. He pales for a minute as what Urd says sinks in, then he promptly faints at the idea of crowd of girls chasing after him.


He stares as this guy wearing a red shirt and navy blue pants transforms into a short red haired girl. He just turns away from the sight as Urd begins to laugh at the scene, he just keeps walking towards the building. They were almost late as it is and he figures it's too early to deal with what just happened.

He enters into the doors and tries to ignore the girls that were watching him go through the halls. He can already see the puppy love blooming. He makes it to the vice principal's office. Once he tells the woman at the desk why he's here, he takes a seat.

Soon Urd can be heard arguing with a teacher as they enter into the office. Urd glares at the teacher who is now holding Urd's pack, he sighs as the teacher explains to the woman behind the desk about how his sister's pack is filled with sake.

He sighs and says, "My sister's is trained in the drunken fist style. That's why she needs the sake." Everyone turns and blinks at what he says. "Thank you my dear brother! Now if you're so kind as to give me my pack back, I'll forgive you for taking it away in the first place." Urd says and the teacher returns the pack without saying a word. From the looks of things, the words 'fist' and 'style' seems to be common words used to explain trouble.

Urd takes a sit by him and whispers, "I should have thought that up! Thanks for covering for me, bro." He smiles a bit and replies, "Why don't you just keep bottles in your subspace pocket?" Urd slowly smiles and nods thoughtfully. Soon the pack is empty of the sake bottles. After sitting around for about five minutes, the vice principal appears.

Urd would be in a higher grade then him, for she's supposed to be sixteen years old. The vice principal gives Urd a long look and says, "Try and keep the fights outside, will you? Repairing the walls isn't as cheap as it use to be." He doesn't get it, but it seems that Urd understands what the man is talking about.

Once he takes his timetable, he exits the office. He'll quiz Urd during lunch about it. As he moves through the halls he hears, "Damn it Akane! Don't do that!" He just ignores it as he checks the classroom doors. It takes him about ten minutes to find the correct classroom.

He knocks and the teacher enters the hall. He hands over the note to the teacher. Once the teacher reads it, he motions for him to enter into the classroom. "Students, it would seem that you have a new classmate. This is TK Avalon." The teacher says before the class. He bows to the class and says, "My full name is Takeru, but everyone calls me TK. I have a sister named Urd, who's sixteen and is studying Drunken Fist. Any questions?"

A few hands go up and he says, "The one with the bun." The girl blushes and asks, "Do you have a girlfriend? Or any fiancés?" He's taken back by the fiancés part, but expected the girlfriend part though. "I have no girlfriend or any fiancés. Anything else?" He asks politely. All the girls in class squeal and he just smiles politely at these actions. Soon he's directed to his seat and the lessons begin. He has to wonder what's going on and why didn't Urd tell him more about why they were going to this particular high school.


He moves as silently as he can, hugging the wall as he goes. He's trying to get away from a large group of girls unseen. Some how word had gotten around about him being unattached and he now feels the need to strangle Urd for a good three hours before listening to what she has to say in her defence.

He knows that strangling Urd wouldn't kill her and it would help him feel better. He loves Urd a lot, but he could do without some of the incidences that occur around his beloved sister. He hasn't given up on getting home and his crest, Hope, still plays an important part of his life and it helps keep him from really going insane. If he wasn't currently being chased around or hit on, he might let down his guard and make a few close friends, but it seems that it's not going to happen anytime soon. He just doesn't like being chased or seen as a prize.

He nods and he moves towards the tree he spotted Urd heading towards. As he walks with his lunch, he turns and stares as something comes flying at him. He ducks down by throwing himself onto the ground. He turns his head slightly and just stares at the teen that had been flying towards him. He picks himself off the ground and pales as he notices some kind of fight heading in his direction. He truly wonders what's happen as he finds himself being carried through the air.

"Watch it! You could have hurt this guy, you two!" The raven-haired teen says. As the guy puts him down, a container of water sails through the air. It was aimed at the teen wearing the red shirt. The water hits him and he just sighs as he's body transforms. He switches his cloths automatically and finds everyone staring at him. "Let me guess, Jyusenkyo?" The teen asks. He nods as he answers, "Spring of Drowned Fire Angel."

After a pause, the guy asks, "Don't angels have wings?" He switches his top for one tailored for his wings. He then stretches his pure white wings before pulling them back within his body. He can see that the guy before him is impressed. "O ya, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Ranma Saotome." Ranma replies. "TK Avalon." He answers.

To be continued …