Of Angels, Goddesses, and… Digimon?

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Chapter 24

He smiles as he notices the changes that Zor under when. He also had to admit that BushiAngemon was a welcome relief to their ranks as well. He turns to watch as the new angel Digimon charges in to help MagnaAngemon battle ChaosPiedmon. He moves to be close to Zor and says, "Nice look." Zor blinks and then nods. "But I still don't know how." Zor admits. "Does it matter?" He asks. Zor looks thoughtful and then nods. "Guess not." Zor replies and they move higher up and away from the fighting.

They just watch the battle between their partners and ChaosPiedmon. BushiAngemon didn't have the injuries that he had received as KuroAngemon. He sighs as he notices how much damage MagnaAngemon has received so far. 'Too bad that he can't heal himself.' He thinks as ChaosPiedmon sends his partner flying.

As his partner hits the beach, some missiles are launched at ChaosPiedmon. He turns and finds MetalGarurumon with Matt on his back by the gate. "Sorry we're late, but we had a bit of trouble with Myotismon and Deamon." Matt says as he climbs off of MetalGarurumon's back. Then Matt and his partner study ChaosPiedmon and Matt asks, "What's he doing here?" He exchanges looks with his partner and answers, "It seems that Deamon decided to free him from his prison. He's currently known as ChaosPiedmon." "Great, Mr-Psycho-key-chain-guy." Matt says and Zor says, "Huh?" "I'll explain later." He tells Zor, Zor just nods and they head to where Matt is and they land.

They turn and watch as ChaosPiedmon is evading the attacks from Metal Garurumon, BushiAngemon, and MagnaAngemon. "Ice Wolf Bite!" MetalGarurumon shouts out and the two angel Digimon pull out of the way as the frozen breath moves towards the black and white clown Digimon. The attack hits the clown mega Digimon squarely in the chest and this sends the clown flying into the water. He watches as ChaosPiedmon fazes twice before landing in the water. It was about a minute before the clown Digimon rises out of the water. "Toy Wand Dance!" ChaosPiedmon shouts out, but MetalGarurumon just slashes the attack. Then BushiAngemon shouts out, "Hundred Slashes!" Though ChaosPiedmon tries to defend himself from the attack, he is pushed back as BushiAngemon pushes forward.

As ChaosPiedmon tries to use his swords to slash at BushiAngemon, MagnaAngemon blocks the attack and cuts the clown's chest. ChaosPiedmon screams in pain and begins to faze even worst then before. "One more attack should finish this." Matt says. He just nods and watches as MetalGarurumon takes a stance. "Metal Wolf Claw!" Shouts the cyber canine, soon a lot of missiles are launched out of MetalGarurumon's body and ChaosPiedmon disappears, leaving them alone in this dark world.

As BushiAngemon and MagnaAngemon come towards their respective partners, they DeDigivolved back into rookies. He holds Patamon to his chest and says, "You did great, pal. Just get some rest, ok?" His partner just nods and yawns as the orange Digimon closes his eyes. He notices that Gabumon also looks tired and they soon walk into the gate, back to the real world. He shifts back to his birth form as he takes about two steps out of the gate. He looks around and notices how tired everyone is and also notices that some of the girls were blushing. He turns and realises that Zor doesn't have a shirt one. Kari comes up and hands Zor his shirt and jacket saying, "You left these on the roof top." Zor blinks and then nods as he sheepishly takes the items from Kari's out stretched arm. "Thanks, I guess I forgot." The green eyed teen says as he puts the jacket on so he's back is covered up.

He sighs as he notices that almost everyone seems ready to fall asleep where they stood and sat. "Must have been some battle." He says. Kari nods and says, "We had a rough go of it between Deamon and Myotismon. It seems that Myotismon kind of did what Zor did when he was a cloud of data. So, who did you guys face off with?" He looks down at Patamon and then back at Kari. "Piedmon or as he called himself, ChaosPiedmon." He tells her. Kari's eyes widen and gasps a bit. He adds, "It seems that Deamon found the prison where the clown was being kept and tried to free him. His data went through the ringer and he came out as ChaosPiedmon. I think the last attack either killed him or sent him back to his prison." Kari just seems to sigh and just nods.

He smiles slightly as he notices how Kari yawns and he asks, "Just what time is it?" "About nine." Kari answers. He looks around and notices how many cars have appeared and about how the police are setting up a barricade around the battle field. He smiles slightly as he hears his dad shout as he pushes his way through the barricade. "Those are my sons over there!" He can hear his father shout. He sighs as his dad walks up to Matt and begins to ask if everyone is alright. He sits down and soon is out like a light.


It's been four months, it's now November, since they finally defeated Deamon, ChaosPiedmon, and Myotismon. Things have quieted down as the media found new things to report about. They have also learnt that they weren't the only ones that are partnered with Digimon, though he did wonder why it seemed that the fate of the world always seems to rest on their shoulders.

Also Ken's and his parents didn't know just what to think about Zor, considering that in a way, Ken and him were Zor's parents. Both parents accepted Zor as part of their family, though they didn't know just what Zor's last name should be, considering that both Ken and him were guys. He kind of suggested that Zor chooses his own last name and Zor was still thinking about it.

Also Zor also has bugged Urd and him enough so that they'd teach him how to access his subspace pocket, oddly enough, most of the Digidestine also wanted to learn too. The only one that could care less is Cody, who was visiting Oikawa in the hospital. Oddly enough, Joe had been the quickest to figure it out, though Zor, Kari, and Izzy were in close second. They now just need practice in using it to get better at it. The funny thing was, now that they were on their way of perfecting it, they didn't dog pile like they usually do as they travel to the Digital world, which had been kind of a sore point with some of them that he never had been affected as he traveled between worlds.

He grins as he notices Kari waiting for him at the gates of the school. Zor didn't go to school; he spent his time reading every book he could get his hands on. Oddly enough, Zor had a change in attitude after his wings transformed into golden feathered angel wings. It wasn't major, only that Zor wasn't as guarded as he had been and that he was considering a life outside of the Digital world. Zor still was trying to find himself, but he wasn't comparing himself to either Ken or him, which was a kind of relief for unlike Ken and him, Zor's only been around for less then a year and it's unfair for Zor to compare himself to them considering that they have been around for over twelve years.

"Hey Kari." He says as he stops before the Digidestine of Light. "Hey TK. So did you finish your half of the project?" Kari asks. He nods and they chat as they waited for Davis, Cody, and Yolei. He smiles brightly as he hears Davis come running towards them as he shouts out his greetings. For them, things were beginning to even out and he just hopes that it remains like this until everything gets settled.


She groans in frustration as she goes through the files she asked Belldandy to pick up for her. They were the ones about the phenomenon that occurred that dislocated people from their home worlds and disconnected Gods and Demons from their respective networks. Sadly, they haven't been able to find the source of the warp as they were calling it.

It's lunch, so she has plenty of time to skim through the files at school. "Nothing worth while?" Izzy asks. She nods and closes the latest file. "It's like there isn't even a trail to follow. But there has to be something or someone that's responsible for what happened and for all we know it's just resting some where, waiting to do it again." She tells Izzy. "So there's nothing you can do but hope that they'll find something." Matt says. She nods and sips the bottle of sake she has by her left hand. She glares at the files, she could almost imagine that they were mocking her. She shakes her head and chalks it up to the stress from the last few months. 'Just have to hope that whatever it is doesn't activate anytime soon.' She thinks to herself.

(-Mystery Guy-)

He snorts softly as he pulls away from the goddess's thread. He glances at the one that represents TK and Zor's lives. He hadn't know just what kind of an impact he created when he arrived here, but he has been checking the other threads that had some of his energies on it and it was only recently had he found these three threads. Though Zor wasn't as effected by what happened, he did know that if TK and Urd hadn't been removed from their respective worlds, then Zor would have never been created.

He sits back as he thinks about just what he's going to do next. Funny thing was, he wouldn't mind meeting Zor, for he does feel some pride about how he helped to create the young man. New threads replace the pervious ones as the computer network scans new worlds and lives. He looks thoughtful as he watches about eight changes occur before he found one where Ranma resides. He smirks as he notices how hard it was for the network to lock onto this world and especially the people that are touched by Ranma every so often.

A rough out land of a plan begins to form and he pauses the transferring of data and summons Urd, TK, Zor, and the Digidestine's threads. He slowly begins to weave their threads with Ranma and others. He dismisses them and heads off to find the two base threads. He plans to have thing get real interesting for their lives within the next year or two. 'I wonder who they'll try to replace those two. Maybe I should stack the deck?' He thinks as he continues to search for those two threads. He also wouldn't mind seeing just how much control he has over these threads. Though they don't really dictate people's lives, they more or less shows history of the certain threads, but that doesn't really explain just how those threads that he accentually moved and/or broke effected their lives in the way they had. He smirks as he thinks up ways to test his theories as he moves under the weave of threads.

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