Disclaimer: The Maze characters do not belong to me. This is my first story. I wrote this when I was bored…I don't even except this to be good, but oh well. It just popped into my head once.


Chapter one

(While traveling along the hills on a dirt road, the gang takes a picnic day…possibly on the worst day. With Gorgeous still lose in the country, in search of destroying Maze for good. The team didn't see any problems with taking a break today)

Mill: what. Ukyuu??

Fe-Maze: what is it Mill?

(Mill pointed at the sky)

Mill: It's the sun, big sister-brother.. Its turning all dark!?

Everyone: (looks up) what!?

Randi: Whats happening Maze?

Fe-Maze: oh that's just an eclipse.

Rapier: What does it mean? Is it a secret attack from someone!?

Aster: Who would be attacking us at lunchtime? Haven't they heard of a coffee break?

Fe-Maze: No, No, And No. This is just when the sun, moon, and earth align for a short period of time. And the town becomes night. It's nothing to be worried about.

Solude: so it will be dark and a perfect time for a jump attack! We should get ready…

Fe-Maze: I don't think it is that necessary, the light will come back in 30 seconds or so.

Mill: I'm scared big sister- brother! Don't leave me in the dark! Alone!
(Mill holds onto Maze, as the others get set for a battle. Randi flies to maze and hides in her blouse)

Randi: its True Miss. Maze the night is the best time to attack…and isn't it when you change back into Mr. Maze then?

Fe-Maze: oh yeah, then I believe he should come out for a minute or so.. I guess.

Randi: but isn't it still day?

Mill: so big sister-brother will become big brother! Or big sister brother will become big sister-brother? (Mill becomes confused and falls to the ground with dizzy spirals in her eyes) Ukyuuuuu…

Fe-Maze: I really don't know?

Randi: well the shadow is getting closer!

Ranchiki: Look Out!

(Everyone turns as the shadow covers the group…)

Author's note: I know that was short! I'm working on the next I swear… the next chapter should be about what maze turns into, or rather which she turns into…you'll never know until you read the next chapter.

Lil D: This next chapter is turning out better then I expected…

Fe-Maze: I'm not (whispers) him… am I?

Man-Maze: When do I come in the picture huh!?

Lil D: well um I'm working on it! Calm down! You have to wait and see in the next chapter…or so…

Man-Maze: what your writing more of this crap! This is all wossy crap! Where's the adventure and action! It needs action!! And more Women! I want a gorgeous woman in both arms by the next chapter!

Fe-Maze: why can't you stop shouting and just let the woman work! Your trouble enough! If she doesn't want you in the story yet.!… (Those two go ranting on about who is right and what should happen in the story)

Lil D: (sweat drop) Well lets see if either one should be in the next if their gonna be like this!

Randi: but isn't the point of the story about them?

Lil D: oh yea, duh…

Ranchiki: hey yea! I want you to make Man-Maze look all, cool and destroy a bunch a bad guys!

Mill: Yea and save me from my, for sure, ultimate doom

Rapier: Princess Mill, are you alright! Your turning all red! Are you choking!?

Ranchiki: She's day dreaming again…

Lil D: I wonder how anyone could've guessed that…(sigh)

Lil D: please just R+R…(sighs again)