Ryou Bakura, Film Maker

Last chappie! Will poor Ryou FINALLY get his movie? Can Yami's sanity be salvaged? And what's next? Read on as my extra-along final chappie begins!

Chapter 10

At Long Last

"I can't believe this." Kaiba growled. He, Téa, Joey, Malik, and Mai were all sitting in Bakura's living room. Bakura himself was hiding from them in his locked office. "I turned down a role as a cameo in an Affleck movie. An Affleck movie! I could have shared camera space with Ben! And now I have nothing!"

"I have a sister and a father to provide for!" Joey shouted. "I quit both my jobs to do this? Now what do I do?"

"You could apply to get your jobs back." Mai offered, sitting beside him.

"Heh. Not the way I quit." Joey said.

"I showed my breasts on film." Téa grumbled from the other side of Joey. "And for what? Nothing, I went nude on camera and got nothing for it."

"Yeah, which reminds me." Joey mused. "Malik, what happened to that footage?"


Joey found himself kissing the rug. Téa rubbed her hand and glared.

"I gave up a Cats tour for this film, and Ryou pulls a stunt like this?" Mai muttered.

"I say we sue his ass off." Kaiba snapped. "C'mon, he duped all of us!"

"Well…not all of us…" Malik said to himself. Kaiba's head snapped around.

"You knew?" He asked.

"Well…yeah." Malik admitted. "Look, it sounded good. Anyway, you won't be getting much money out of him, Ryou blew his life savings on this. By the way, Téa." Malik reached into his pocket and flipped Téa her Visa. Téa caught it.

"Where did you find this?" She asked.

"Remember how a while ago, Ryou suddenly got better equipment?" Téa's jaw dropped. "Yeah."

"I'm gonna castrate him." She growled.

"Go ahead, I'm killing him." Kaiba said.

"You'll kill him after I kill him!" Joey corrected. Then, the office door swung open, and five pairs of eyes whirled to glare holes in the man walking across the living room. Bakura walked into the kitchen and pulled a beer from the fridge before walking back to stand in the doorway.

"It could have worked." He grumbled, popping the cap of his beer.

"Open or closed coffin, Bakura?" Joey asked.

"Closed, with what I've got planned." Téa said. Then, the front door opened, Drake and the crew walking in.

"Where do you want this?" Drake asked, holding up a cassette. Bakura frowned.

"What is it?" He asked.

"I had Drake and the crew follow Yami and get some extra shots on their own time." Malik explained. "Ya never know, it could have come in handy."

"The trash is on the curb." Bakura snapped.

"Hold on, let's take a look." Malik said.

"Why bother?" Bakura muttered, taking a sip of his beer. "We need Yami's permission to show any footage of him to the public, and with Dartz controlling him, that ain't gonna happen."

"Well I wanna look." Malik said. "What could it hurt?"

- - - - - - - - - -

"This is moronic." Bakura muttered. He pointed to the shot of Yami slapping a tennis racket at a ball. "That is perfect, a reincarnated Egyptian Pharaoh who plays tennis." He snorted. The screen went to static, then switched to Yami sitting at the sidelines of a basketball game. "I remember this one, Lakers vs. the Celtics, right?" Bakura asked. Drake nodded as the screen went to static again, then revealed Yami in a closed brown trenchcoat under the bleachers. It was empty, so it was probably after the game.

"What's he doing?" Bakura asked. As Bakura watched the next few moments of the film, there was a rustling of paper, a few giggles, and then a lot of laughter. An evil grin slid across Bakura's face.

"I think we just got permission." He snickered.

- - - - - - - - - -

Bakura and the gang were assembled in Dartz's office, with a television and VCR set up on a tray. Dartz sat and glared at the footage.

Yami looked around under the bleachers before pulling a paper bag over his head. Then, the camera panned out to show a gaggle of the Laker Girls walking across the court, gossiping. Yami stepped out from the bleachers.

"Hey Laker Girls!" He called. The cheerleaders turned around, and Yami held open his coat. One by one, the Laker Girls pointed and burst out laughing. Yami tugged the coat closed. "It's not funny!" He snapped, stomping away. The shot ended, and Bakura reached to turn the VCR off. Dartz stared at him.

"You realize, of course, that there isn't a jury in the country that wouldn't consider this blackmail." Dartz growled after a moment of silence.

"Hey, I'm just a guy, I don't know a thing about blackmail." Bakura defended. "I'm just a normal guy with an awesome film in the can, and all I need to wrap it up is a shot of Yami shouting 'Go to hell old friend', and maybe a few close-ups for the advertisements. Or, I can wrap it up with a story of how Atemu defeats Seth by waving his Little Pharaoh at the Laker Girls." Bakura chuckled as Dartz's nostrils flared.

"And don't get me wrong, I like that ending, I'm willing to bet there's a lot of people who would pay good money to see that." Bakura continued. "But career wise, it isn't a good ending for Yami, because it may just jeopardize that pediatrician role he's filming now, and overall just make his career just kinda go…ft." Bakura shrugged and sat back.

"I'll…have to think about it." Dartz said slowly. "I mean…I'll have to think about it…for Yami." Bakura nodded.

"Okay…I respect that." He said. He waited for a moment, then perked up with a grin. "So, now that you and your friends here at Para-dick, er, Paradias, have thought about it…whadda ya think?" Bakura asked. Dartz crossed his arms and tapped a finger against his shoulder, staring at Bakura angrily.

- - - - - - - - - - -

"Your hand madam." Joey said with a sweeping bow. Mai rolled her eyes and pushed Joey's hand away to climb out of the limo herself.

"It's Mahad and Kisara!" A reported called. The cameras along the red carpet flashed as the two stars walked into the cinema showing the premiere of Yami Muto's latest film 'Yugioh, King of Games'. Next, Malik and Drake stepped out, and the cameras stopped.

"We're in charge of film and editing." Malik explained. A few cameras flashed, and the two half-hearted walked down the isle. Then came the next person from the limo emerged.

"It's Seth!" A reporter screamed. Kaiba shielded his eyes from the blinding flashes and smiled slightly as an eager fan asked him for an autograph. Finally, the final two people emerged from the limo.

"Happy?" Téa asked as she escorted Bakura down the red carpet. Bakura smiled.

"No." He admitted, waving to a camera. "I'm ecstatic. This is what I've been waiting my whole life for." Then a second limo pulled to the curb, and Bakura and Téa turned to see Yami and Yugi step out. Yugi grinned and ran up to shake Bakura's hand. Bakura did so, but his kept his eyes on Yami as the star walked up to him and crossed his arms.

"You really know how to pull one." Yami muttered. Bakura shrugged.

"What can I say, I'm good." He said. Yami smiled.

"Yeah, I can't argue that." He admitted, shaking Bakura's hand. "C'mon, we've got a movie to watch!" He said, walking past him into the theatre. Bakura nodded and led Téa and Yugi inside.

Yami led them down the isle, past the waiting cast members, and choose a row of seat in the middle. Bakura went to follow him, and an usher put a hand out.

"Sorry sir, these seats are reserved." He said.

"Screw the reservations." Yami called. The usher turned. "That guy is my man. Let 'em threw." He scolded. The usher nodded, confused, and Bakura and company moved down the row to sit beside Yami.

"I'm your man now?" Bakura asked. Yami shrugged.

"Yeah, provided you don't pull any shit like this again." He muttered. Bakura smiled.

"Well, Joey mentioned something about a 'Yugioh GX'…"

"Not happening."

"Right, not happening." Bakura agreed. The lights went down, and Bakura watched as a spinning pyramid came out screen as the title flashed out of a purple cloud. After that…he spent the next two hours in a haze.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Pharaoh…" a voice whispered. Atemu spun around as Kisara hid behind a column, a look of terror in her eyes. Mai smiled proudly, even when Seth grabbed Kisara.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Lord of Dragons, destroy the Pharaoh!" Seth roared, commanding the creature. Kaiba and Yugi, who were sitting next to each other, turn and slapped a high five.

- - - - - - - - - -

"NO! Seth, don't!" Anzu pleaded. Téa smiled as Anzu pulled Atemu to the ground in a flash of light.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Pharaoh…I shall die before I let you fall…" Mahad gasped. Joey chuckled as the Dark Magician struggled against the Blue Eyes.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Blue Eyes, destroy Mahad with White Lightning!" As the dragon charged up the attack, Drake crossed his arms and grinned.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Victory is mine Atemu!" Seth laughed. Atemu growled and flung out a hand to point at the dragon, a look of fury on his face.

"Go to hell, old friend!" Atemu shouted. Mahad's staff glowed, and with a cry, he snapped the dragon's head back and slammed the glowing staff into its chest. The dragon began to glow, and Seth stared at it in horror.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" He cried. The dragon exploded, and Seth was sent flying backwards, the Millennium Rod flying away into the night. Bakura watched as the final scene played out, the credits began to roll, and the lights went up.

And that was when the audience burst into applause. Joey jumped up in his seat and put his fingers in his mouth to whistles.

"YES, YES!" Yugi cheered, jumping in his seat. Téa stuck her arm up and pumped it as she stood up. Bakura just sat there.

"That.." He whispered. "That was my movie." He blinked. "That…was my movie…" Then it sunk in, and Bakura grinned. "THAT WAS MY MOVIE!" He shouted, jumping up and throwing his hands up in the air.

"YES!" He cheered, laughing happily. A lot of people gave him odd looks, but he didn't care. That night in the theatre, no one cheered louder or longer, than Ryou Bakura.

- - - - - - - - - -

"My steel-shop teacher saw that film. He figured out what happened to all the steel I've been sneaking from class." Drake said to Joey. Everyone was celebrating at Bakura's house the next day.

"And?" Joey asked. Drake grinned.

"I got an A." He said happily. He slapped Joey a high-five.

"Hey guys!" Malik shouted, waving Téa's cell phone in the air. "Guess who's up for Playboy's next centerfold!" Téa elbowed him in the gut and snatched the phone away, blushing madly.

"The Canadian 'Spacy' awards are nominating me for Best Villain." Kaiba said to Mai.

"I know, I'm up for Best Damsel in Distress." She replied. A whistle tore through the festivities, and everyone turned to see Bakura in the doorway of his office, grinning.

"Party on!" He encouraged. The crew did so, and Bakura sat down at the window. He turned to set his drink on the sill, and froze. Bakura stared for a moment, the slowly got up. Driving down the street towards his house was a tri-colored truck. It slowed to a stop at the curb, and a man got out holding a package, walking towards the door of Bakura's home.

"FexEx." He whispered. The door swung open, and the FexEx deliveryman entered. Bakura pushed past Téa and Drake, and reached for it. Everyone watched as Bakura signed the charge slip and took the package. He ripped it open and pulled out a single strip of lined paper. He read it over and lowered it, his expression blank.

"What is it?" Malik asked finally. Bakura swallowed.

"It's an offer to go to Japan to shoot a film starring Yugi Muto, and any other actors I see fit to bring." He said. Everyone's eyes widened, and Bakura raised a hand in the air.

"We're going to Japan!" He shouted.

- - - - - (the following scene is to the tune of 'Secret Agent Man') - - - - -

Ryou Bakura Productions Presents……


Inside a secret workshop in the Japanese wilderness, twelve dozen Japanese child laborers worked, producing fake trading cards to sell on the black market. One a raised platform overlooking the production, Joseph Augustus Wheeler III was counting stacks of yen.

"I love dirty money." Joey laughed. Mai Kujaku nodded and watched over the workers below, ordering a half-dozen armed enforcers to make sure they kept working.

"You won't get away with this!" Téa Gardner yelled from her place, tied to a beam nearby. "My Yugi will come for me." She declared. Joey looked at her and sneered.

"Will he? And what will he do?" He laughed. As he spoke, the large doors to the warehouse exploded as a large Jeep drove right through them. Joey and Mai jumped to their feet as Yugi stepped from the Jeep, two samurai swords in his hands. The children ran for cover as the six armed enforcers charged Yugi. Yugi threw down the swords and ran forward.

He spun and kicked one across the jaw, knocking him to the ground. Another dove for him, and Yugi caught his head to knee him in the nose. Another sliced a sword at Yugi, and he raised a printing-press from the card table to block it before punching out the man. He looked to the left and grinned.

"Yugi, no!" Malik hissed behind the camera. Yugi looked away and spin-kicked the fourth enforcer. The other two ran away as Yugi ran to the platform where Joey and Mai sat. Joey picked up a switchblade, and Yugi twisted to elbow Joey in the jaw before flipping him overhead onto the table, smashing it. Mai gasped and turned and ran through a hole in the wall. Yugi reached to pick up a coin, and an enforcer jumped behind him. Yugi turned and screamed, when a fist came out of nowhere, knocking out the guard. Yugi and Bakura glared at each other, then pulled their hands back…

And slapped a high-five.

"Long time no see, brother." Bakura smiled. Yugi winked. Then, Téa screamed, and the two brothers whirled. Dozens of armed, black ninjas began to descend from the ceiling, flip through the walls, and burst through the shattered warehouse doors. As the ninjas assembled at the end of the warehouse, Julius Kaiba, dress in a white kimono, stepped to the front of the ninjas and pointed a katana at Yugi and Bakura.

"Destroy them!" Kaiba roared. The ninjas cheered and ran forward. Yugi and Bakura looked at each other, nodded, and jumped into the fray.


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