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I fight for myself and love only myself the thoughts rang true in the familiar red haired warriors' head. I shall never change and thus my purpose shall never change, I was created to kill and so I shall to prove my existence. The sad sand warrior proclaims inwardly to himself as he dresses himself. There was no grogginess to cloud his vision or judgment as he never slept; there was only pain, the pain that had eaten away at the innocent child that had once been known as Sabaku no Gaara. Now only known as Gaara, because anyone who knew his full name never lived long enough to tell anyone. He slipped on a tight black plain t-shirt that, even as baggy as it was, still outlined his toned chest muscles. He used the sand to bring his pants from across the room to him, with a satisfying slithering sound the sand slid out from around the room as it brought him his black jeans. Gaara slipped them on with relative ease as the jeans were baggy. His white sash slipped itself around him automatically, first around his chest then around his waist. The sand formed itself into a gourd on his back. Gaara shook his head and mentally made an image of a backpack, the sand obeyed its master and transformed into a backpack. Gaara grunted slightly from the weight of the backpack, he could have made it lighter but the semi-masochistic side of him liked the punishment he inflicted upon himself. He looked at himself in the mirror and ruffled his red hair. His light green eyes swept over the mirror image of himself and noticed that his eyes were showing his lack of sleep but he didn't care what others thought of him so he left it alone. Gaara walked down the stairs of his two story house to the kitchen where an already made breakfast was made for him. He ate not caring to the taste, just that it was sustenance enough to keep him alive. With that done he grabbed his lunch and shoved it in his backpack, and then he was out the door. He climbed in his black jaguar and sped off down the desert Texas road. While traveling at such speeds an officer of the law with dark dusty hair and white skin spotted Gaara through his dark sunglasses got one he thought as the officer sped after Gaara. Gaara rolled his eyes and pulled over reluctantly. The officer pulled in behind Gaara and got out of his car. I gots me a teenager…the officer thought as he pulled his gun I'm gonna mess with his head…. The officer thought as he put his gun through Gaara's open window "get outta the car!" the officer screamed. Instead of the fear the officer expected, Gaara's eyes were full of delight as sand crept from Gaara's backpack to the officer's gun hand. "Sabaku Sousou" Gaara says as the sand constricts around the officers gun hand merging flesh and gun together. The officer kneels in pain clutching what two seconds ago was his hand. Gaara's face shows no emotion as he opens the door, slamming it into the officer's head sending him to the ground. Gaara's sand creeps around the officer's body till it is completely engulfed. Gaara looks into the officer's eyes and says "Sabaku Sousou" as the sand crushes the life force from the officer. Gaara's sand does not stop there but then surrounds the poor law man's vehicle and hurls it into the horizon along with the corpse. Gaara looks down and kicks the ground "Not enough fight……" he says softly as he gets into his jaguar and speeds off on his way to school once more on the dusty deserted desert road.