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Why had he agreed to do this?

He could be doing things that were much more constructive than this. He could be practicing his techniques, or researching future opponents, or taking English lessons. Anything but this!

Shooting a commercial for a new brand of duel disk was not even his idea! It was the idea of his stupid agent.

"Everyone has endorsements in the Pro League!" The above agent had said. "This is the way they do it in America!"

Kaiser Ryo could not care less about what they did in America. He said as much. But the agent had done the seemingly impossible: bullied Ryo into doing something against his will.

Well, at least this would pay well. The payment for just this one ad would be close to 10 million yen. Not that he cared, of course.

"Okay, we're ready to do the first take!" said the person directing the commercial.

The cameras started rolling. Just seconds later, the director halted filming.

"Where is your emotion? You want people to BUY this product!" the director practically screamed.

Ryo replied, "First, I am Marafuji Ryo. I am not a particularly emotional person. Second, I don't care who buys this product. You do, not me. Third, why am I being made to wear a shirt that says, 'Flying Carrots' on it in English?"

The director was at a loss for words. Finally, he sputtered out, "But...it's a shirt with ENGLISH words on it! It doesn't matter what the words MEAN; it just matters that they're there!"

"Do you even SPEAK English?" Ryo inquired.

"Well, not really, but that's beside the point! We have a commercial to shoot! Look, if this is about money, I'll add another million yen onto the paycheck. Will you behave NOW?"

"This is not at all about money," Ryo stated coolly. "This is about me tolerating a person with an inferior intellect. If me doing the commercial will make it so I never have to see you again, that is fine."

The director looked like he was about to launch into the sky out of sheer rage. Ryo decided that maybe he shouldn't torment this person any farther. He didn't want to have a dead body on his hands!

The rest of the filming went relatively smoothly. Ryo even made a passing attempt at emotion! However, he vowed to never EVER use this particular brand of duel disk!


A couple of weeks later, Ryo's agent called. He was so excited he could hardly talk!

"The people loved the commercial! The disks are selling like crazy! I'll sign you up for another filming session right away!"

"Thanks, but no thanks." answered Ryo. He hung up the phone amidst the protests of his agent.

A/N, I'm trying to make this consistent with how Japanese people would act. I do know for a fact that Japanese people are quite enamored with nonsensical English phrases. They put them just about everywhere!

More importantly, I hope Ryo is in-character!