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The commercial director has decided to take a new approach to selling those duel disks. He recently announced that he was starting a new, edgier campaign to appeal to the teenage demographic. Before, he was mostly trying to sell the disks to children in the preteen age group.

Said campaign will contain edgier themes, a darker color scheme, and feature more "grown up" activities such as extreme sports in the background.

Coincidentally (or maybe not), this plan was announced about forty-eight hours after Hell Kaiser made his debut.

The "Flying Carrots" shirts emblematic of the advertisement campaign have also undergone a makeover. They used to be white with "Flying Carrots" printed on them in blue letters. Now, they're black with the words "Flying Hell Carrots" on them in red.

This has not changed the popularity of the shirts one bit.


Now as for what's going on in America:

The Lakers actually made it to the playoffs! They most likely dunked the ball as much as ever.

The girls' magazine wasted no time in bringing Edo Phoenix to Los Angeles for HIS turn at being featured in the magazine. The magazine staff was always on the lookout for new "eye candy" that would help the magazine sell more copies, after all.

When the makeup lady heard about this plan, she let out a high-pitched squeal and fainted. In the process of fainting, she hit her head on a table and had to be taken to the hospital and treated for a concussion.

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on one's point of view) she made a full recovery in time for the interview.


Things are still as odd as ever at the Marafuji residence.

Tetsusaiga finally managed to chew the head off the lawn gnome. Mrs. Marafuji was not happy about this in the least.

She enrolled Tetsusaiga in dog obedience school, in the hopes that it would stop Tetsusaiga from ruining any more lawn ornaments. It didn't.

So, Mrs. Marafuji was forced to put all her lawn gnomes in the backyard shed. She just barely squashed her urge to hold a funeral for them.

Sho is still actively searching for someone who can take up the role of Sesshomaru. If you are interested, please call Sho at Duel Academia. It would be a good idea to get in shape, because the role requires quite a bit of exercise. And be prepared to make a resume and participate in a job interview. Sho takes this all very seriously indeed.

Because he's not going to pick just ANYONE to be Sesshomaru. Yuki Judai and Tenjoin Fubuki have already volunteered, but were politely turned down. The ideal Sesshomaru must have an almost perfect sense of the actual character.

Otherwise, as Sho says, "It just isn't the same!"


The Cartoon Bowl of Noodles restaurant is still very much in business.

If you're lucky, you may catch a glimpse of Hell Kaiser in there. But these days, he doesn't even use the restaurant as a restaurant. He just sits in a corner and sulks.

The paparazzi have no interest in someone who just sits around all day, so they have mostly vacated the vicinity of the restaurant.


Aiko thinks Hell Kaiser is scary. She used to like him, but not anymore.

Her father is still interested in giving Kaiser-sama an endorsement. Aiko doesn't really know why. Kaiser-sama hasn't replied to her dad's e-mails, which is kind of rude in Aiko's opinion. Who wouldn't want financial support from her dad?


The old agent isn't dead after all!

As soon as he was fired, he tried to become Edo Phoenix's agent. This plan fell through when he belatedly realized that this guy already HAD an agent, who was not happy about someone trying to steal his job.

Today, the old agent is usually sitting in the streets of Tokyo, accompanied by a sign that says, "Will be an agent for food."

Monkey...er, Mr. Shroud... initially had more success than the old agent. However, Hell Kaiser soon decided that he didn't need any agents whatsoever to do his work for him.

So, more often than not, Monkey can be seen fighting with the old agent over prime begging space on the sidewalk.


Ryo's instincts were correct. Sakura was indeed following Edo around

She served in the Kessha for a while in order to get closer to Edo, but eventually was kicked out because she was getting in the way of the Kessha's goals.

Because she didn't care about enlightenment or any of that stuff. No, Sakura just wanted to flirt with all the cute male Kessha followers.

The last time Sakura was spotted in Tokyo, she was in a salon getting her hair dyed lavender with neon green streaks.


And that is basically how everything ended up.

Oh yes, one more thing Sho forgot to mention: it would make his day if he could find a person who was willing to dress up in full Sesshomaru costume, including face paint and that fluffy thing that no one really knows what it is.

There. Now THAT is everything!

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