Chapter 18

A/N: I never meant for Syrus to die, i just screwed up in words. I meant to say he wasnt frozen because it was soul that there and not his body. This is the last chapter for this story however I am already thinking of making a sequel. More at the end..

"Father?" asked Tyriel shocked. Everyone was in shock, even Magnus. Hadriel took advantage of this shot a lightning-looking blast at Magnus. The blast knocked a couple of yards away and it paralyzed him.

"Argh!" shouted Magnus as he tried to move. Hadriel smiled.

"Tyriel… I am not your father." said Hadriel

"No… you are! Why are you saying this?" he demanded.

"Tyriel, I am not Shadi. My name is Hadriel." said Hadriel as he smiled.

"No! You must have mental blocks or something, I know you are-" Tyriel was interrupted by Hadriel's fist hitting him in the stomach. He doubled over in pain, then Hadriel hit his face, knocking him to the floor.

"I apologize for that, I needed you to wake up Tyriel. I am not your father!" he shouted. Tyriel was on the floor confused, but he knew he would only get smacked if he insisted so he just asked another question.

"So why do you look just like him?" Tyriel asked.

"I see Aqua Spirit is lazy in doing some people tell her." said Hadriel giving her a menacing look.

"Hey! I thought he would figure it out when I told him, his father was "half a person"! Its not my fault he is thick-headed." said Aqua Spirit

"What the hell is going on?" shouted Tyriel.

"Tyriel, have you ever wondered how your father was able to fight the darkness, no matter how many times it tried taking over? How he was always fighting the darkness and it never had any effect on it?"


"It is because when the darkness attempts to control someone, like with you and Jaden, they use the darkness in their heart. They make the darkness come out, and control it and since it controls, they control you indirectly."

"What's your point?" asked Tyriel.

"The reason Shadi never failed is because he has no darkness within him." said Hadriel

"I thought everyone had at least a little darkness in them." said Tyriel

"They do. However Shadi separated himself from his darkness."

"He what?" asked Tyriel.

"You see, he focus his darkness into another being, and thus all his dark energies were transformed into another figure. A being of darkness, the being that I am today." said Hadriel. Everybody was shocked. Tyriel was speechless. "That's what I mean when I said me and Shadi were closed, just friendly. Anyhow, he banished me to the Shadow Realm in fear that I would do anything evil or what not."

"So why are you helping me?" asked Tyriel.

"Because, beyond me being evil, you are my partner. I value our friendship to a point beyond comparison, and I will not break that bond."

"Hadriel…I…thanks… for everything." was all Tyriel could say. Hadriel smiled.

"I will finish the deed." said Hadriel as he walked to the still paralyzed Magnus.

"The game is over Magnus." he said victoriously.

"Hahahah!" Magnus started laughing like a mad man.

"Is your defeat that funny Magnus?" asked Hadriel.
"You fool, I have realized something over our journey. The gods have always been on your side. They have protected you from so many things it's not even funny however, I have also realized another thing!" shouted Magnus. Started walking towards him and Hadriel.

"And what's that Magnus?" asked Tyriel.

"The gods don't care whether you win or lose as long as I lose! Hahaha!" shouted Magnus as he went into another wicked laughter.

"You are losing it Magnus. If you lose we win!" shouted Tyriel. Hadriel starting to think what Magnus was trying to do.

"Wrong Tyriel! Wrong wrong wrong wrong. I truly don't care, you see the gods want me to lose, and if you lose with me it doesn't matter. Which made me realize something else, it doesn't matter to me whether I win or lose as long as you lose. I am going to bring you down with me."

"How you gonna do that? You have nothing left!" shouted Tyriel confidently.

"Look who's talking Mr. No family!" Magnus shouted. Tyriel clenched his fist. "Tell me Tyriel, does your heart grow cold knowing that I killed your family? Does it grow cold knowing that I killed everyone you ever loved, that I killed your father, your family everyone you cared?" Tyriel rage was building up.

"Shut up! Shut up!" he kept shouting but Magnus kept going.

"Does your heart grow cold knowing I used you to go against your friends, almost killing them, and tell me honestly, how does it make it feel that you were to weak, feeble, and pathetic to stop it all?" that was the last straw. At that Tyriel was ready to blow up, and Hadriel realized what Magnus was doing but it was too late.

"Why don't you burn in the shadows!" Tyriel he punched Magnus in the stomach. Just as he punched him. Dark fire surrounded Magnus as it started to burn Magnus then Magnus pulled from his pocket the Millennium Scale and it started to glow as he burned. Magnus started to do his wicked laugh as it would be the last time he would do it. Hadriel picked up the Millennium Scale.

"Strange, nothing happened I could have sworn…" Hadriel trailed off. Tyriel panted at his deed. He had killed Magnus, and he felt happy. All his rage and pain left him with his blast.

"Tyriel…" Hadriel said then from the shadows it looked like a ripped in the Shadow-space continuum (A/N joking with the word "Space Time Continuum"). It showed Duel Academy. "You must go, because of Magnus's death there is nothing keeping the shadows stable in this area. You must go now, I have to go put the Millennium Scale in the center of Shadow Realm to restore it. Leave now for when the Shadow Realm is restored you will be standing in the out-of-bound zone of the Shadow Realm where the souls are killed… I will see you soon enough" said Hadriel as he banished.

"Guys… lets go" Tyriel said as the group started walking.

"Tyriel you okay?" asked Alexis.

"I… will be. Thanks Alexis… also thanks for what you did to Mobius back there." said Tyriel as they reached the Dimension rip.

"Too bad she didn't do a good job!" a voice from behind. The entire group turned around and notice an Egyptian eye on Mobius forehead. He slowly lifted his arm aimed at Tyriel. "You may have burnt me, but because of the Millennium Scale, it's time I get even." shouted Mobius obviously being controlled by Magnus. An ice blast came directly at Tyriel leg's.

"Ah!" shouted Tyriel in pain as his noticed he couldn't move.

"Tyriel!" shouted Alexis. The crew tried to break the ice but couldn't.

"We have to go now! This rip won't be here for much, as soon as Hadriel puts the scale to use then…its beginning!" shouted Aqua Spirit as the dimensional rip was becoming.

"We can't leave him behind" argued the group then Mobius raised another blast Tyriel in his back. How the hell could this happen! thought Tyriel.

"Argh! Listen to me, its too late you guys have to go NOW!" shouted Tyriel.

"No!" shouted Alexis.

"Listen Alexis, you have to go now!" then Tyriel noticed Mobius was lifting his arm again to shot another blast. "I will never forget you!"

"Tyriel! Promise me you will be back" shouted Alexis as he hugged him, putting her hands just a tad above the ice that was around his thigh.

"I… I will try. But you have to go now! Just know that I will always love-" Tyriel suddenly. The group was confused then realized what happened. A ice blast hit Tyriel's head in the back. Then the ice expanded freezing the rest of the body that was yet unfrozen.

"Tyriel! No!" shouted Alexis with tears on her eyes as Jaden and Christy pulled her back while the group left through the dimensional rip. As the dimensional rip closed the dark energies had been become stable and thus they grew in power.

"Like I said before Tyriel, if I lose. You lose." were the last words the uttered Mobius as his body was disintegrating. The power of the shadows was so powerful that it broke Mobius' ice. As the ice broke Tyriel fell to his knees. He felt his soul being turned into shred.

"Hadriel!" he shouted as he was beginning to lose conscious ness then he heard answer.

"Tyriel! No you remained in the shadows" said Hadriel in his head. "There might be something I can do…"


Meanwhile back at Duel Academy everybody couldn't believe what had happened. They noticed Syrus was no longer frozen. They also noticed both Magnus and Tyriel's corpse were fading away. The only thing left was Magnus' Millennium Eye, and Tyriel's Millennium Key.

"Tyriel…"Alexis whispered lowly.

"Alexis…its okay." said Christy. Jaden walked towards where Tyriel's body was before it faded and grabbed the Millennium Key.

"I think he might have wanted you to have it." said Jaden as he handed Alexis, the Millennium Key. She grabbed the key.

"He will be back." she said as she held the Key harder.

"Alexis…he said he would try I don't think-" said Jaden however he was interrupted.

"He will be back." she repeated. Jaden was about to say something else, when Christy made a hand motion signaling "stop".

"Alexis, no one has ever gone to the shadow realms and escaped without help. However, if anyone can do it, I am sure it's Tyriel." said Christy.

"Thanks Christy."

"What about Syrus?" asked Jaden randomly and noticed Syrus was alive!

"Huh?" he said as he was waking up.

"Syrus you are alive!" shouted Jaden.

"I am? I am! But how?" he asked.

"Mobius ice never killed you, it could have if you had stayed like that long enough but it didn't, and you are no longer frozen you are okay." answered Christy.

"So what do we do with this?" asked Jaden as he held the Millennium Eye in his hand.

"Give it to me. I know what to do with it." said Christy as she took the Millennium Eye from Jaden's hand.

"So what now?" Jaden asked as everybody wonder the same question.

"I will be back." said Christy as she walked towards the bay, which was actually rather close. As she arrived she noticed Aqua Spirit rising from the water.

" "it doesn't matter to me whether I win or lose as long as you lose" how could we have been so blind" asked Aqua Spirit.

"I don't know, but we will get him back" said Christy. However she didn't hear a respond from Aqua Spirit. "Right Aqua Spirit?"

"If the shadows don't get to him first." Christy quickly changed the subject.

"What should we do with this?" asked Christy showing Aqua Spirit the Millennium Eye." I was thinking of tossing into the water."

"Let me do it. " as the Aqua Spirit as se grabbed the eye and threw it for miles away . The two stared at the eye as it traveled the eye. The Millennium Eye slowly sank through the water, ending Magnus' legacy.

The End.

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