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No Need for a Mew Mew

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: No Need for Waitresses

It was a normal day at the Masaki household…

"You demon woman get your hands off of Tenchi!" yelled Ayeka

"Not on your life Princess!" yelled Ryoko.

Washu managed to get away from this insanity though her research, right now the thing that interested her the most was the Mew Mews, a group of heroes in Tokyo, it was strange… she had been getting strange signals for the past few months, now about a month earlier these Mew Mews show up. She had a feeling that what ever were causing the signals and the Mew Mews were somehow connected. She was currently hacking into an interesting computer that was in Tokyo.

"Bingo." She said.

The information appeared on screen, she turned white, she had heard that millions of years ago a race of beings lived on earth but were driven off when the climate shifted dramatically. She always thought it was a legend or a rumor… she also read more about the Mew Mews, she knew one thing… she had to intervene!

She went into the living room where everyone in the household currently was, Ayeka and Ryoko were in a tug of war with Tenchi, the others in the house did their best to ignore it, Sasami played with Ryo-oh-ki, Mihoshi watched TV and Kiyone read a book. Washu cleared her throat.

"Okay everyone, we're going to Tokyo!" she said.

Everyone stopped what they were doing.

"Really?" asked Sasami.

"Yep." said Washu.

"I want to see Tokyo Tower!" said Sasami.

"I want to visit a screen door factory." said Mihoshi.

Everyone turned to the ditzy detective.

"Mihoshi… why did you say that?" asked Kiyone.

"I… don't know I just felt like saying it." said Mihoshi.

There was an awkward silence and Tenchi broke by saying "Why are we going?" asked Tenchi.

"Well it's like this…" said Washu.

Meanwhile in a restaurant in Tokyo known as Café Mew Mew, the 5 girls were working as servers… if you call it that. Lettuce tripped while holding a plate of cheese cake braking a plate.

"Ichigo, clean this up." said Mint.

"Yeah, yeah." said Ichigo.

Zakuro slammed a plate down on the table then walked away while Pudding was waiting tables… while ridding on a ball.

Outside the castle shaped restaurant a bright light appears and Tenchi and his harem appeared as the bright light disappeared.

"I can't believe this would be the HQ of the Mew Mews." said Ryoko.

"Of course what would you except a place with a large sign that said "This is the head quarter's of the Mew Mews, come in?" asked Washu.

"Well I think it's a nice place…" said Ayeka as she thought "I should bring Tenchi here another time to be alone…"

All 7 plus Ryo-oh-ki came in was greeted by Lettuce.

"Table for 7?" she asked.

"Maybe me and Tenchi should get our own table…" said Ayeka grabbing on to Tenchi.

"Yeah right, over my dead body." said Ryoko also grabbing on to Tenchi.

The two began one of their glaring contests.

"Come one you two…" said Sasami.

"I'll lead you to a table for 7…" said Lettuce with a sweat drop.

All 7 seated, Washu said "Miss… um…"

"Lettuce…" said Lettuce.

"Lettuce, can I speak to the owner or manger in private…" she asked.

"Um… okay." Said Lettuce wondering why a girl around her age would want to talk ot them.

Went to the back and where both Keiichiro and Ryou were working on something.

"Excuse, me a costumer wants to talk to one of you." said Lettuce.

Keiichiro was about to get up when Ryou said "I'll do it."

Lettuce led him to the table where Mihoshi was trying to figure what to eat while Zakuro was angrily trying to figure out what she wanted while the others sweatdroped.

"I could have the cake… but the apple pie looks good too…" said Mihoshi.

"Just pick something…" mumbled Kiyone.

"Excuse one of you wanted to talk to me?" asked Ryou.

"That would be me…" said Washu standing up, "And I think we should talk in private."

"Whatever." said Ryou thinking the Washu wanted a job as a waitress.

They went to an area in the back.

"If you want a job then I can't help you sorry but there are no positions available." said Ryou.

"That's not what I wanted." said Washu.

Ryou was honestly surprised, there was at least once a week where a girl wanted to get a job but this was odd, so was the girl she seemed different.

"You see I know about Project Mew…" said Washu.

Ryou was shocked, "How did you find out?" asked Ryou.

"Well you see, it's hard to explain, but I'm the greatest scientific genus in the universe!" said Washu.

Ryou stared at her, "Riiiight…" he said rolling his eyes, "And what do you want?"

"Well you see, I'm an alien myself… but I come from a different place then the ones you're fighting." said Washu, "You see if a major scale invasion eventually happens a war could break out… I'm offering me and my friend's help."

"Do you have and proof?" asked Ryou who was still skeptic.

Washu had a sly grin on her face it was time to use on her more inserting though slightly pointless working inventions she had. She took a picture of Ryou with a Polaroid camera she had she took the picture and showed the picture that developed. It showed Ryou in a pink poofy dress.

"What the hell?" yelled Ryou.

"It one of my inventions, it shows who ever is in the picture wearing something they'd be embarrassed to wear, perfect for blackmailing, I show this your staff or you let me help." said Washu.

Ryou's face was bright red he knew Ichigo would never stop laughing neither would the others. "Fine you can help out." he said angrily.

"Also food on the house as well…" said Washu.

Ryou didn't like this girl. "Fine, fine…" he growled.

He led Washu back to the table where Mihoshi was still trying to figure out what to have, the waitress looked steamed, "Zakuro…" said Ryou.

"What?" said Zakuro in a bad mood.

"I was going to tell that this group have everything on the house…" said Ryou.

She sighed, "If that's the case I'll have the…" said Mihoshi.

Tenchi whispered to Washu, "How were you able to mange that?"

"I have my ways…" said Washu.

The rest of the day at the Café was interesting, mostly because of the "Table for 7" as they were called. One thing is that two girls kept fighting over the lone boy at the table, while Pudding saw Ryo-oh-ki and began asking Sasami who she was sitting on about her. At the end of the day Ichigo who was annoyed with them said "Alright it's closing time… you have to leave."

"Ichigo…" said Ryou, "They're going to be part of the meeting…"

"What?" Said Ichigo surprised.

"What so special about these people?" asked Mint.

"They know…" said Ryou.

""Know about what?" said Pudding.

All the other waitresses sweatdroped at her, they knew what he meant.

"How did they find out?" asked Ichigo.

"That what I want to find out." said Ryou.

"We're right here, there's no need for you to talk like we're not here." said Ryoko.

Everyone present sweatdroped at this.

Next Time: It's introduction time, how will the Mew Mews react to the aliens? See for you self.