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Chapter 2: No Need for Introductions

The 5 Girls stared at the 2 young girls, 4 Women and one poor sap that stood before them. Ryou was nursing a massive headache while watching this, he really didn't want to get into the conversation until he needed.

"So how do you know what's going on?" asked Ichigo.

"Normally it's illegal to tell people about this, but considering the circumstances, we're going to explain the truth about the Galaxy and it inhabitants." explained Washu.

"Can we get the long story short?" asked Mint.

"Fine." said Washu, "You see Earth is the territory of Jurai. But the inhabitants of earth are currently unaware because it's an underdeveloped planet when compared to others. Should it get invaded, it would start a full blown War."

"Wait, wait, wait you're saying that our planet is already ruled by another planet and we didn't even know about it." said Ichigo in shock.

"Well not so much ruled as opposed to protected from serious harm." explained Washu.

"So then your all from this Jurai place?" asked Ichigo .

"Just Sasami and my self." explained Ayeka, "I don't really know where the others come from."

Ryoko glared at Ayeka who just laughed it off.

"Maybe we should introduce ourselves to break the ice." said Tenchi nervously, "I'm Tenchi Misaki."

"Ryoko." muttered Ryoko.

"Hello, my name is Ayeka." said Ayeka with a bow.

"And my name is Sasami." said Sasami with a bow.

"I'm Mihoshi!" said Mihoshi.

"Kiyone." answered Kiyone.

"And I'm Washu! The greatest scientific generous in the universe!" exclaimed Washu as her puppet things came up.

"She sure has a big ego." said Mint with a sweat drop.

"You have no idea." muttered Ryoko.

"What's this thing?" asked Pudding picking up Ryo-oh-ki.

"That's Ryo-oh-ki. She's also a space ship." said Sasami.

"That's so cool!" yelled Pudding.

"Well I'm Ichigo." said Ichigo.

"Mint." said Mint.

"Hello, my name is Lettuce." said Lettuce.

"I'm Pudding." said Pudding.

"Zakuro." answered Zakuro.

"Wait a second… I know you." said Mihoshi, "You're the famous model!"

"Famous model? Please, that's an understatement." said Mint, "Zakuro is the most amazing person in the world!"

This made Tenchi and the girls to sweat drop.

"That's interesting." said Washu.

"How do we even know your telling the truth, this sounds very farfetched." said Mint.

"They've proven to me that they're telling the truth." said Ryou.

"How?" asked Ichigo.

"I'd rather not say." muttered Ryou.

"But if you need more proof, I'll give it you." said Washu.

She created some sort of computer out of thin air and began to type on it, a door appeared on a wall.

"You may go in there, I created a permanent conation to my lab." said Washu.

Ichigo opened it and everyone went into it, everyone from café Mew Mew couldn't believe the size of the lab.

"How were you able to do that?" asked Lettuce.

"It was simple, I simply created another gateway into the lab which exists in sub space." explained Washu as if it was child's play.

"Okay… that sounds simple." said Mint with a big sweat drop.

"Hey what's this door?" asked Lettuce noticing a very similar door.

"Oh that's one to the house." said Washu.

Ichigo opened the door and saw it was a very nice lake side house.

"So are we on another planet right now?" asked Ichigo.

"No… we're not, we're just in Okayama." answered Washu.

"Oh… I see…" said Ichigo with a sweat drop.

""So do you believe us now?" muttered Ryoko.

"Well if you did create weird portals into houses then you are telling the truth." said Mint.

"Oh wow… can we come here any time we want?" asked Pudding.

"If you want to." said Washu with a smirk, "Sure. Why not."

Tenchi sighed, with these girls around, of course he'd get weird house guests more often.

Meanwhile the three aliens stood before Deep Blue who was talking to them.

"I sense that an unusual force had joined them…" said Deep Blue.

"Do you think it has to do with the Galaxy Police?" asked Kish.

"Perhaps… wait… Galaxy Police?" asked Deep Blue.

"Yeah. They take down Space Pirates and other criminals. I'm surprised they haven't gotten involved before." said Kish.

"It's very unlikely they will go after us, this is considered back water to them." said Pai.

"I also heard a rumor that one of the ones stationed here is a complete and utter moron." explained Tart.

"I heard an interesting rumor that the two Jurian Princesses has taken up in Okayama." said Pai.

"That's where a legendary space pirate is too." said Kish.

"Okay, back up, back up… What's going on." said Deep Blue.

"Oh come on, what are the chances that they will get involved. Other than the fact that we might have to up our plans or even change the plans." said Kish.

"Deep Blue is getting confused. We should never bring this up until we have to." said Pai.

"Yes, that will be the best idea." said Deep Blue.

The Next Day at the Café, Keiichiro (who was for some bizarre reason missed out the meeting the day before) noticed something was off… Mint was missing.

"Where's Mint?" asked Keiichiro.

"Oh she's in the back. Taking her break." said Ichigo.

"I see…" said Keiichiro.

He went into the lab, then into Washu's lab, then into the Misaki house to see that Mint was drinking tea and watching some sort of alien Soap Opera.

"Excuse me." said Keiichiro.

"Quiet, Raul just interrupted Antonio's marriage proposal to Maria." said Ayeka.

Okay… that may sound like a Spanish Opera cast, but it was an alien Soap Opera… really!

"We might need to talk about this whole situation later." said Keiichiro with a big sweat drop.

"Shhh!" said all of the girls including Mint.

Keiichiro sighed and went back to work, he would have to talk to Ryou about it, but they definitely needed work something out, after all, the café may have been a front for the Mew Mews but that didn't mean they could just not work and just hang out in their allies house watching Spanish… err… Alien Soap Opera when they didn't want to work… Then again…

"So what's going on?" asked Keiichiro.

Um… it would be addressed later…

Next Time: The Aliens decided to attack... only to find out who's gotten involved, meanwhile Ryou and Keiichiro try to figure out a way for the Mew Mews to not hang out the Misaki house whenever they want.