Oh god Willow! How I wish you were here. I didn't mean those things, well maybe I did but not really. Yeah sometimes I worry about whether or not you're gonna leave me for a guy. Sometimes I worry that Oz will come back and you'll realize you should have been with him the whole time. But mostly I think that I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have found you.

Willow! You came. Oh god you came. You're hand is so soft, it's the most amazing hand in the world. I never thought a wrist could be so beautiful. Your arm, your shoulder. Your fa… Gl..Gl..Glory. What does she want from me? Why me?

Those guys. No, she's right. She could take them instantly, and the policemen would be no help. It's true, what she says is true, no one can help me. It hurts so much, my hand it hurts so much. I can't say anything. I have to keep quite. Not just to protect Dawn, to protect Willow. If I talk, everyone will be in danger. And if I scream, all these people here will be in danger. My hand! There's blood, blood everywhere.

Key? What? I'm not the key. I never said I was the key. No! No I can't say anything. She wants me to tell her about Dawn. I can't! I have to be strong. Willow would be strong. She would want me to be strong. I have to look Glory in the face, to let her know. NO!

She's gonna do it isn't she. She's gonna suck my brain. She's a brain sucker, it's what she does. And there is no one to help me. Willow? Is that Willow?

Ow, owowowowowow. My head, it hurts, her hands, her hands are in my head. It hurts.

So pretty. Pretty Willow. Dirty Tara. I'm so dirty. I have to get it off. Willow help me get it off. I'm so dirty. So dirty so dirty.