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Chapter 11: How Many Pokémon are There?

Ash was upset with everyone but Luffy. They just had to mention that he wasn't good at catching Pokémon, that he only earned his badges not by winning but by something else. Of course he ran off vowing to catch more Pokémon.

Of course Luffy went to chase after him.

"Hey! Ash!" called out Luffy.

"Chim! Chim!" he heard a voice call out.

Luffy turned around and saw a strange monkey like Pokémon.

"Oh wow! It's a monkey!" said Luffy.

He took out his Pokedex and scanned.

"No available data." Said the Pokedex.

"Oh wow!" said Luffy.

Luffy too out a Poke ball. The light began to flash but the strange fire monkey was caught.

"All right! I caught a fire monkey!" cheered Luffy.

That was when he remembered he was supposed to be looking for Ash.

Luffy got to the beach and saw Ash looking confused at something.

"What's going on?" asked Luffy.

"I just caught a Krabby and it disappeared." Cried Ash.

"What?" asked Luffy.

That was when the rest of the group got there.

"What's going on?" asked Misty.

Ash once again explained what happened.

"Oh that's because it was sent to the person that gave you your Pokedex." Explained Misty.

"You mean pro. Oak?" asked Ash.

Ash had a daydream about Pro. Oak wanting to eat his new Pokémon.

"I have a bad feeling about that." He said.

"If you want to switch out your Pokémon there's a button in the Pokedex." Said Misty.

"But I don't want to switch anything out." Answered Ash.

"Why don't you call him?" asked Nami.

"I need to call him too." Said Luffy.

"Why?" asked Nami.

"I caught this weird Monkey Pokémon and I don't know what it is…" said Luffy.

"Did you try using your Pokedex?" asked Nami.

"It didn't know anything." Said Luffy.

"Oh really can I see?" asked Brock.

Luffy let it out and everyone stared at the Pokémon.

"Chim?" asked the Pokémon.

"What is it?" asked Misty.

"I have no idea." Said Brock.

"Return." Said Luffy.

"We should go find a phone to call him." Said Misty with a sweat drop.

"What about that lighthouse?" asked Brock.

"I hope there's someone there." Said Nami.

"And we can say that night." Cheered Misty.

They headed to the lighthouse in the distance. Which took them about an hour.

"Why did that take so long!" yelled Misty.

The looked at the lighthouse which was rather creepy looking.

"What's up with this place?" asked Nami.

"I don't know…" said Ash.

However Luffy rang the doorbell.

"Don't ring the doorbell!" yelled Misty.

"Hello." Piped up a voice from the intercom who sounded friendly.

"Um… hi. We were wondering if we could use your phone, spend the night and maybe use your kitchen!" said Ash.

"Don't put it like that!" yelled Nami.

"Can you make something with out tofu in it?" asked the voice.

"Yes, I can make a lot things with out tofu." Said Brock.

"Good, because my cook is on vacation and I've been eating nothing but Tofu." Said the voice.

The doors suddenly opened but found the whole room empty.

"Um… hi!" said Ash.

"If you want to use the phone, it's over there." Said the voice.

They saw the phone with was shaped like a yellow flower Pokémon.

"Cool phone." Said Misty.

Ash decided to call Pro. Oak who was cooking his dinner.

"What are you doing?" asked Ash.

"Oh hello Ash." Said Pro. Oak, "I'm just making Tofu, my cook is out of town and your mom is busy…"

"What are that last part?" asked Ash.

"Nothing…" said Pro. Oak.

"I was wondering about my Krabby." Said ash.

"Don't worry it's safe." Said Pro. Oak.

He moved his camera to show Ash's Krabby, which was well… a crab like Pokémon.

"It's not as big as Gary's." said Pro. Oak moving to Gary's which was bigger.

"Oh man…" sighed Ash.

"Hey! Pro. Oak!" said Luffy, "There's a Pokémon I need to show you."

"What?" asked Pro. Oak.

Luffy once again let out the Pokémon. Pro. Oak blinked.

"I've seen that Pokémon before… but I need a double check." Said Pro Oak, "Why don't' you call back tomorrow and I'll tell you."

"Okay." Said Luffy.

The two Pikachus began to talk with the unknown Pokémon, who seemed very friendly.

"By the way where are you?" asked Pro. Oak.

"We're in an old light house." Said Misty.

"Oh you must be at Bill's place." Said Pro. Oka, "Hey! Bill!"

"Oh hello Professor." Said the voice named Bill.

"He's young but he is an up and coming researcher." Said Pro. Oak.

"Thank you professor." Said Bill.

"Well I got to go, dinner's almost ready." Said Pro. Oak.

Pro. Oak hung up…

"Why did he bring up your mom?" asked Brock.

"I don't know…" said Ash.

That was when the lights were turned on and they saw a strange beetle like Pokémon.

"Hello I am Bill." Said the Pokémon.

"It's a Kabuto!" yelled Brock.


"Wait! This is a costume!" yelled Bill, "There's a button, right there can you push it?"

Nami went over to it and pushed the button reveling a young man dressed rather nicely.

"Thank you I've been in there for hours." Said Bill.

"Then why did you design the costume to be opened by a button when you knew you couldn't press it?" asked Nami.

"It was just a design flaw." Laughed Bill.

That was when he saw the Pokémon Luffy caught.

"What's this?" asked Bill, "I've never seen a Pokémon like this."

"Chimchar…" muttered the Pokémon who seemed to be tired of everyone saying that.

"I caught it not too far away." Said Luffy.

"I wonder." Said Bill.

"Wonder what?" asked Nami.

"See I've been studying an unknown Pokémon for a while now." Said Bill, "And I wonder if they could be related."

"Really?" asked Ash.

"Can we see?" asked Luffy.

"Of course!" said Bill.

"Not interested." Muttered Zoro.

He went over to a nearby pillar and fell asleep.

"Is that normal?" he asked.

"For him." Answered Misty.

He lead the five who were interested up to the top of the Lighthouse and began to play the sound.

"This is the sound of a Pokémon I heard one day." Said Bill.

"It sounds sad." Said Luffy.

"I believe it's looking for others of it's kind." Said Bill.

That was when several large whale like Pokémon surfaced.

"Are they those things?" asked Luffy.

"No… those are not the one…" said Bill, "Those are… WHAT ARE THOSE!"

Luffy checked it with his Pokedex.

"No available data." Said the Pokedex.

Bill shook off his confusion.

"Anyways I sent a message similar to it…" said Bill.

That was when a very round owl like Pokémon soundly flew up unto the railing. It started to stand on the railing with one leg.

Ash took out his Pokedex.

"No available data." Said the Pokedex.

"Is this the one?" asked Ash.

"Hoot…" said the Pokémon.

"No… no its not." Said Bill he coughed.

He began to play a similar message, "This message says I am here."

That was when what appeared to be a swarm of purple balloon like Pokémon.

Both Ash and Luffy took out their Pokedexes.

"No available data!" said the Pokedexes.

"This is a strange day." Said Nami.

"I know…" said Brock.

That was when a blue duck like Pokémon flew over to the owl and seemed to be getting into a fight with it.

"Oh its' cute." Said Misty.

"No available data." Said Ash's Pokedex.

Bill decided to pinch himself, it wasn't a dream.

All these Pokémon really were appearing.

That was when he heard the sound. They looked out to the water and saw it! It looked like a giant dragon. It gave out a sorrowful noise, that made the two birds stop fighting.

"Oh wow…" said Nami.

"It's so pretty." Said Misty.

"I found it… I finally found it." Cried Bill.

However Luffy's Pokedex was still open.

"Dragonite, the Dragon Pokémon…" beeped the Pokedex.

The giant Pokémon which was indeed a Dragonite gave it's cry.

Bill turned white a sheet.

All these months he's been studying a giant Dragonite… sure it was giant… but it still known…

"Are you okay?" asked Ash.

"I'm fine… I… I just need to sit down." Said Bill.

"Way to go Luffy you broke him!" yelled Nami hitting him.

"Ow!" yelled Luffy.

That was when they heard explosion below the cliff.

Luffy looked down and saw it was Team Rocket shooting at the giant Dragonite.

"Gum Gum Pistol!" shouted Luffy punch the three of the cliff.

"Team Rocket's…" however since they fell into the ocean they couldn't finish it.

The next day, Bill refused to leave the room, even for the two bird like Pokémon who seemed concerned.

"Come on Bill it's going to b e fine." Said Nami.

"Don't you want to study these two!" said Misty.

Elsewhere Luffy was on the phone with Pro. Oak.

"Okay, admit it, those Pokémon were so rare in the area that I didn't put it on the Pokedex." Sighed Pro. Oak.

"Seriously?" asked Ash.

"I'm sorry." Said Pro. Oak, "It's just that the Pokedex has so much memory that I only put in the common 150 Pokémon of the Kanto Region."

"So then the whole 150 Pokémon…" said Ash.

"Just a myth." Sighed Pro. Oak, "I'm going to work on a new Pokedex that can fit in all Pokémon."

"How many known Pokémon are there?" asked Luffy.

"Don't ask…" said Pro. Oak, "By the way the Pokémon you caught is a Chimchar, it's used as the starter in the Sinnoh Region."

"Oh wow." Said Luffy.

They up the phone, while Misty grabbed Luffy's ear.

"Stupid Rubber man." Muttered Misty going back to grab his body.

And so Luffy explained the myth of the 150 Pokémon and that Pro. Oak are going to create a new Pokedex to stop the myth of the Kanto region

And so they headed to Vermillion City… on the right way this time… hopefully they will get there soon… because they were seriously lost…

Next Time: Ash goes to challenge the next Gym Leader who owns a Raichu, what will happen when Pikachu faces off agent it's evolved form. Find out next time!