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Chapter 12: Battle for the Thunder Badge

After proving that the whole 150 Pokémon thing was a myth, Nami decided to c the map. Nami finally snapped. Why? Because Brock while he was in charge of the map had somehow gotten them north of Cerulean City.

After days of FINALLY GOING SOUTH! They arrived at Vermillion City.

"Yay!" cheered Ash, Brock and Luffy.

Zoro said nothing.

"You know…" said Misty, "You're going to have to let her take over map duties from now on…"

All three of them sweat dropped.

"I know…" sighed Nami, "We're going to rest for a day before Ash goes challenge the gym leader!"

"What! Why?" asked Ash.

"Because you wouldn't listen to me when I told you give me the map!" yelled Nami.

"You're not even from this world!" yelled Ash.

"I'm still older than you." Said Nami.

"So…" said Ash.

Nami punched him in the head.

"Ow…" said Ash.

"I'm so sorry Nami…" said Brock.

Nami glared at him.

"So what are we going to do?" muttered Ash.

"Well Luffy needs to catch a water type." Said Misty, "And Vermillion City is a really good place to do it."

Ash was going to argue, but Luffy had fell into a source of water three time along the way.

"He needs a water type Pokémon." said Nami.

"He can have his gym battle before I get my Pokémon." Said Luffy.

Nami whacked him in the head.

"I refuse to catch a Pokémon until Ash gets to have his gym battle…" muttered Luffy.

"Let's just go to the Pokémon Center…" muttered Zoro… walking away from the city.

"Zoro you're going the wrong way…" muttered Nami.

They got to the Pokémon Center. The first thing they did was giving Ash's Pokémon to Nurse Joy for a check up.

"Please, please, please Nami! Let me go to the gym!" begged Ash

Nami sighed haven't g calmed down somewhat.

"Fine…" she sighed.

That was when the doors opened with a crying trainer with a Rattata.

'Nurse Joy! Please! My Rattata!" cried the kid.

"Oh dear…" said Nurse Joy, "Not again…"

"What happened?" asked Ash.

"He battled the gym leader." Sighed Nurse Joy.

Nurse Joy showed them a room filled with Pokémon defeated by the Gym Leader, of course Misty and Ash started arguing abut whether or not Ash should battle him.

"Isn't it supposed to be the point of a gym leader to defeat the Pokémon?" asked Zoro.

"This is beyond Ash's level." Muttered Misty.

Misty thankfully didn't force Zoro to join in on the argument, it took Nurse Joy to point out they were in a postal and all of the trainers to glare at them.

There was a chime that said that Ash's Pokémon were ready.

They accompanied Ash to pick them up.

Ash's Pikachu was calmly eating an apple.

"Hey buddy! Do you want to go battle the gym leader?" asked Ash.

Before his Pikachu could respond Pidgey was being carted into the ER.

"Looks like the gym Leader beat another one." Said Zoro.

Pikachu heard this and realized what was going on and refused to leave.

"Come on!" said Ash pulling Pikachu by the tail.

Pikachu zapped Ash causing him to smolder.

Luffy's Pikachu sighed, it walked over to Ash's Pikachu and they had a conversation, which none of could understand. It ended with Ash's Pikachu sighing and looking to Ash and nodding.

"You want to do it?" asked Ash.

Ash's Pikachu once again nodded.

"I wonder what Luffy's Pikachu said." Said Misty.

"I don't know…" said Luffy.

Thanks to the evolution of writing, translations are no longer used… so don't complain…

They got to the gym and opened the doors. They found a large man with blonde hair with two other people, a man and woman (who aren't really important).

"Welcome to the Vermillion Gym." Said the large man with blonde hair, "I'm the gym leader Lieutenant Surge."

That was when Lieutenant Surge's eyes drifted over to Nami and Misty.

"And my what cute Challengers." He said.

Misty shivered.

"Two things." Muttered Nami, "First thing, she's 12."

"Gross…" muttered Zoro while Luffy laughed.

"Next he's the challenger." Muttered Nami pointing to Ash.

Lieutenant surge looked at Ash.

"So you're a baby." Saud Lieutenant Surge.

"What!" yelled Ash.

That was when Lieutenant Surge let out a Raichu.

Luffy took out his Pokedex.

"Raichu, a Mouse Pokémon of the Electric element. Raichu is the evolved form of Pikachu. It can shock with more than 100,000 volts, enough to render a Dragonite unconscious." Said Luffy's Pokedex.

"You should evolved your Pikachu the moment you got it." Said Lieutenant Surge.

"What!" yelled Ash.

"What good is a useless baby Pokémon?" mocked Lieutenant Surge.

"Let's do this!" yelled Ash.

"PIKA!" yelled Ash's Pikachu agreeing with him.

"This isn't going to end well." Said Nami.

"I know…" mumbled Misty.

And so a One on One Pokémon battle began…

Pikachu tried to use ThunderShock but it didn't' work then Raichu came back with one of his own. Which did hit Ash's Pikachu knocking it out for a loop.

However that was only the begging, Raichu used both Mega Punch and Mega Kick. But then one final ThunderShock and Pikachu was knocked out.

They took Pikachu to the Pokémon Center to get it treated.

Ash looked at his Pikachu as it laid in a bed.

"What am I going to do?" asked Ash.

No one knew the answer to that.

That was when Ash's Pikachu began to wake up.

"Pika!" said Luffy's Pikachu going to Ash's.

However Ash's Pikachu was upset.

"I'm so sorry…" mumbled Ash.

"I know that look." Muttered Zoro, "It the look of someone who's hurt their pride."

"How do I make it up to it?" asked Ash.

"Don't ask me…" muttered Zoro.

That was when Nurse Joy came into the room.

"Excuse me Ash." She said, "There's something you need to see."

She took out a box that had a Thunderstone in it.

"A thunderstone." Said Misty.

"Someone left it at the front desk… I don't know who…" said Nurse Joy.

"What's that?" asked Luffy.

"It's a Thunderstone." Said Nami, "It allows Pikachu to evolve into Raichu."

"How did you learn that so soon?" asked Zoro.

"No reason." Said Nami.

"How valuable is it?" asked Luffy.

"I don't want to know…" said Zoro.

Ash grabbed it and began to look at it.

"Are you going to use it?" asked Misty.

"I don't know." Answered Ash, "If I use it then I can win, but then I'll be no better than Surge."

Ash looked at his Pikachu, "What should I do?"

Pikachu looked up at Ash realizing what he meant.

So Ash's Pikachu used its tail to knock it out of his hand.

"You don't want to evolve?" asked Ash.

His Pikachu shook it head.

This gave Ash hope.

"All right!" yelled Ash, "Let's go for a rematch!"

Ash's Pikachu then collapsed.

"It still needs rest." Said Nurse Joy.

"Oh… right…" said Ash with a nervous laugh.

Sometime later they were talking in the hall.

"I'm worry…" said Misty.

"Yeah…" said Nami not really paying attention but looking at the Thunderstone as if it was a gem.

"Who said you could keep it." Muttered Ash.

"I was thinking…" said Brock, "He said that he evolved his Pikachu the second he got it…"

"Yeah… and…" said Ash.

"Raichu can't learn any moves after it evolves." Said Brock, "Meaning…"

"We have to strategize…" said Ash with a smirk.

It doesn't seem to worth much…" said Nami.

"I said you can't have it…" muttered Ash.

And so Ash began to strategize trying to figure out what moves Raichu probably didn't have… and he figured out two that would help…

The next day, Ash's Pikachu was fully healed.

"All right! Our lucky star is in the sky right now!" cheered Ash.

"I can't see any stars…" said Luffy.

"I was speaking metaphorically…" said Ash with a sweat drop.

And they headed the gm again when they came across Team Rocket dressed like Japanese male cheerleaders and began to cheer for Pikachu before his rematch.

Team Rocket was cheering Ash as they were watching his gym match from outside the Gym… it was one time they weren't being malicious.

And so they began their cheer… at least that what they gist they were doing.

It was weird… really, really weird…

When they left, Misty said "Bye Team Rocket." Which caused them to trip.

"What was that?" asked Luffy.

"I don't know…" said Zoro.

And they got to the gym for a rematch.

When they got back to the gym.

"So you're back, and you didn't evolve your Pikachu." Said Lieutenant Surge.

"Were you the one to leave the Thunderstone." Said Luffy.

"That's right… keep if you want." Said Lieutenant Surge.

"I let Pikachu choose whether or not it wanted to evolve… and it didn't want." Said Ash, "And it doesn't need to."

"We'll see." Said Lieutenant Surge.

And so the rematch began. However Ash's strategy was working.

The strategy was using speed based attacks, which Brock theorized Raichu never learned. Pikachu dodged so fast that Raichu couldn't hit.

"What's going on!" yelled Lieutenant Surge.

"You evolved your Raichu so fast that it never learned any of speed moves." Explained Brock.

"Way to go… you just revealed Ash's strategy…" muttered Zoro.

Brock sweat dropped.

Lieutenant Surge ordered his Raichu to give off a giant Thunder Bolt, which destroyed the gym lights.

However Ash's Pikachu stood on it's tail avoiding the attack.

"He used his tail as a ground." Explained Brock.

Lieutenant Surge ordered another electric attack, but it didn't' have any more power. So Lieutenant Surge ordered a Body Slam at the same tine Ash ordered a Quick Attack.

Pikachu hit first and this defeated Raichu.

"All right!" cheered Ash.

Lieutenant Surge sighed then looked at Ash, "You proved me wrong kid, you're no baby."

The two shook hands.

"I present you with the Thunder Badge!" said Lieutenant Surge handing over the badge.

"All right! I got the Thunder Badge!" cheered Ash.

Ash hugged Pikachu and Pikachu gave him a shock.

And so Ash finally won a badge all by himself… well he did some help strategizing, but it wasn't interpreted or given for some other reason…

Finally Ash had a badge all on his own… And that felt good…

Next Time: Since they're still in Vermillion City, Misty decides to take Luffy to catch a Water Pokémon... will Luffy be able to catch and if he does which one? Find out next time!