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Chapter 13: Fishing is Serious Business

Ash was admiring his badge, it was the first he won all on his own, no feeling sorry, no Team Rocket interrupting… No pity from the gym leaders (though he would have beat Misty). It was all his.

"Well it looks like someone is still happy about their badge." Said Misty.

"Yeah!" said Ash with his eyes sparkling.

"So are you ready?" asked Misty.

"For what?" asked Ash.

"We're going to fishing today." Said Misty

"Wait… why?" asked Ash.

"Because I need a water Pokémon." Said Luffy.

Ash remember that yeah… Luffy couldn't swim. Sure he had three other Pokémon but none of them were water types.

"Wait… what about Brock, Nami and Zoro?" asked Ash.

"Nami dragged to do some shopping." Said Luffy.

"We all figured you wouldn't want to do that." Said Misty.

Meanwhile in a shopping district Nami was looking through clothes.

"Do I really have to tag along?" muttered Zoro.

"You're the one who didn't want to go fishing." Said Nami.

Zoro groaned, "If I knew I would have to come with you I wouldn't have agreed." Muttered Zoro.

" I don't mind. "said Brock with hearts replacing his eyes.

"I figured that…" muttered Zoro.

Back in the Pokémon Center…

"Yeah… I don't want to do that…" sighed Ash with a sweat drop.

"Don't worry, I have fishing rods you can use." Said Misty.

"Thanks." Said both Luffy and Ash.

They went to an empty dock where fishing was allowed.

"All right! I'm ready to catch some Pokémon!" said Luffy.

Sometime later…

"This is boring!" he yelled.

"It's only been five minutes." Said Misty.

"Oh…" said Luffy.

"Hey I got something!" said Ash.

He managed to fish it out. It was a blue lobster like creature.

"What Pokémon is that?" asked Ash.

He took out his Pokedex.

"No Pokémon data." Said the Pokedex.

"Oh… one of those Pokémon." Said Ash.

"I almost forgot about it." Said Misty.

"Pikachu go!" said Ash.

However when Ash's Pikachu went to fight the Pokémon, the Pokémon ran away.

"Oh…" groaned Ash.

"It's okay… this isn't for you, it's for Luffy." Said Misty.

They continued to fish, but nothing bit since the blue lobster.

"All right!" said Misty, "It's time to get serious!"

"What do you mean?" asked Ash.

"It's time to use my Misty special lure!" said Misty.

"The Misty special lure?" asked Luffy, "Sounds so cool."

Misty showed off the lure, which a small version of Misty…

Luffy, Ash and their Pikachus stared at the lure with sweat drops.

"I don't think that's a good lure." Said Luffy.

"Shows what you know…" muttered Misty.

They continued to fish, completely unaware that Team Rocket was watching them.

"So those three twerps are fishing today." Said Jessie.

"I wonder where the other ones are." Said James.

"Who cares Pikachu is ripe for the plucking!" said Meowth.

Back on the dock, they continued to fish. That was when Luffy's fishing rod began to bend.

"Hey! I got a bite!" said Luffy.

"All right pull it up!" said Misty.

Luffy managed to pull up the Pokémon and attached to it was a blue Pokémon that looked like a crocodile.

"Toto…" said the Pokémon.

Luffy used his Pokedex to look.

"No available data." Said the Pokedex.

"All right! Pikachu!" said Luffy.

Luffy's Pikachu ran over to the Pokémon.

"All right Pikachu! Use Thunder Shock!" said Luffy.

Luffy's Pikachu used thunder shock on the strange blue Pokémon. The blue Pokémon was zapped.

"All right! Pokeball go!" said Luffy.

He threw the Pokeball at the Pokémon.

"I caught! A something!" said Luffy.

"Pika… chu…" said Luffy's Pikachu excitedly at first then sounded confused.

That was when suddenly a net showed up and captured the two Pikachus.

"What?" asked Misty.

"Prepare for Trouble!"

"And make it double!"

"To protect the world from Devastation!"

"To untie the world in every nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"



"Team Rocket! Blast off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"Hey! Give us back Pikachu!" yelled Ash.

"Don't worry… I'll get it." Said Luffy stretch to grab the balloon.

However Meowth took out a mechanical hand that grabbed Luffy's arm.

"Hey! Hey go!" yelled Luffy.

"Not a chance!" yelled Meowth.

Meowth began to move the hand quickly and hard enough that Luffy was tossed into the sea.

"That was a low blow!" yelled Misty.

"It's just tossing him into the ocean." Said Jessie.

"He can't swim!" yelled Ash.

They all looked as Luffy sank into the depths, which made them all sweat drop.

"We didn't know…" said Jessie with a sweat drop.

"Honest…" said James.

That was when suddenly Luffy was throw out of the water followed by the Pokémon he caught.

"Toto…" muttered the Pokémon glaring at the balloon.

"Who's that Pokémon?" asked Jessie.

"I have no idea." Said James.

The Pokémon used Water Gun on the net but it didn't do anything.

"Dile…" said the Pokémon hunched over in a depressed state.

"Ha! Did you really think Water would cut down the net!" teased James.

That was when suddenly, Scyther flew by and cut the net. Both Pikachus fell but Scyther managed to catch them.

Ash and Misty turned to see Nami, Zoro and Brock running towards them.

"We saw the balloon." Said Nami.

"Thanks." Said Ash.

"IS Luffy going to be all right?" asked Brock.

"I think so…" said Ash with a sweat drop.

"All right Scyther cut that Balloon!" yelled Zoro.

Scyther nodded and did so.

"Team Rocket's blasting off again!" yelled Team Rocket as they're balloon flew away.

That was when Luffy finally got up.

"Oh I missed." Muttered Luffy.

"Yeah…" said Ash.

"Who saved me." Said Luffy.

"You Pokémon did!" said Misty, "I guess he knew that you need out the water."

The Pokémon got out of it's funk and gave a nod.

"All right! Thanks!" said Luffy giving a thumbs up.

"So how did shipping go?" asked Misty.

"Fine." Said Nami and Brock.

"I don't want to talk about it…" muttered Zoro.

Sometime later, they went to the Pokémon center to call Pro. Oak.

"So I caught this Pokémon today." Said Luffy.

"That's a Totodile." Said Pro. Oak, "It's one of the Starter Pokémon of the Johto region."

"Oh wow! That's cool!" said Luffy.

"How do you keep capturing starts from different regions?" asked Nami.

"I don't' know… luck…" said Luffy.

"That is beyond luck…" said Misty with a sweat drop.

"Well I don't know have to worry about falling in water again if this guy is going to protect me." Said Luffy.

Totodile gave a thumbs up.

Meanwhile Team Rocket was stuck up a tree.

"Next time we'll get Pikachu!" yelled Jessie.

"You wouldn't happen to Jessie and James would you?" asked a voice.

They looked down and saw what was known as a Team Rocket grunt.

"The boss was looking for you, something about spear heading a mission." Said the grunt.

"Spear heading a mission?" asked all of them.

That was when the branch broke causing the grunt to sweat drop.

"He wanted you three… really?" asked the grunt with a sweat drop.

Little did they their mission would result in one of the most dangerous things they would ever go through…

Next Time: While exploring the docks, the group gets tickets to a special cruise. Will Ash trade his Butterfree? Will one of them win a special raffle? Will someone stupidly buy the weakest Pokémon ever? Find out next time!