Author's Note: This story is based on The Suite Life episode called Election, otherwise known as the episode where Zack and Cody are running against each other for class president. I don't know. The scene where they all started chucking things at Cody almost broke my heart. What I wanted to know, though, was why didn't Cody say anything about the picture, or even seem to notice it? It was huge. I thought that episode was rather unrealistic, so I decided to write my own version of what would happen in it. (The idea just popped into my head, and wouldn't stop bothering me until I wrote it down). Maybe I think too hard… I don't know. Anyway, I do not own the song Pieces by Sum 41 or the characters in this story. But I do own the new plotline, so read it and tell me what you think, ok? I've always wanted to do a song fiction with Sum 41's Pieces. Review and let me know what you think.

Chapter 1: Pieces

Ashamed. That's what Cody was feeling now. He wanted more than anything to get out of this place—get out of the room—get away from all the jeering and laughing faces. He wanted to get away from that poster that had a humiliating picture of him. Zack had promised he'd never show it to anybody—the twins had kept it at just a silent joke to themselves. And now look what he'd done.

I tried to be perfect, but nothing was worth it.

I don't believe it makes me real.

I thought it'd be easy, but no one believes me.

I meant all the things that I said.

Across the room, Maddie gave Cody a "thumbs-up" sign, and Cody nodded weakly. He had to say his speech—get people to listen to him, and vote for him. He had to prove that they couldn't just buy popularity—that he had excitement and great ideas for the school. Even if he no longer wanted to do it for himself (which he didn't), he needed to do it for Maddie, for Arwin, for all those people who had helped him, and prove the picture wrong. He wasn't that kid. He wasn't.

"I…" he broke off weakly. "I want to make changes in academics."

Everybody booed, waving their arms and calling him names. Cody flinched involuntarily. He didn't want this. He couldn't deal with this.

If you believe it's in my soul,

I'd say all the words that I know.

Just to see if it would show,

That I'm trying to let you know,

That I'm better off on my own.

He stumbled on blindly, "So if maybe you get a bad grade on your test, you can get another chance to get a better grade."

Max made a biting remark about Blankie, and everybody stopped listening to him, only looking at him to point fingers and laugh. Cody felt himself flush. He hated Max right now, but he knew she was right. What kind of teen went around holding a pathetic piece of blue felt?

Cody felt a lump rise in his throat, but continued. "And we can fix the food in the cafeteria! How about we set up our own food stands?"

Max said something about Cody's footsie pajamas, and once again, everybody pointed and laughed, not bothering to listen to his ideas. Cody flamed, feeling his face redden even more. He did still wear those pajamas—they were comforting and special. Had anybody bothered to mention that those were a present from his grandmother before she died? No, they hadn't.

Cody tried to protest. "I like footsie pajamas because they're nice and warm. Just like…"

This place is so empty,

My thoughts are so tempting,

I don't know how it got so bad.

Sometimes it's so crazy, that nothing can save me,

But it's the only thing that I have.

Max interrupted him, "Don't vote for Cody! You'll have to use those towels to wipe him off the floor! You'll have to use those shampoo bottles to wash him out of your hair! Don't vote for Cody! He's dirty! Vote for Zack!"

People started chucking their towels and shampoo bottles and whatever else London had handed out at Cody, who tried to dodge, feeling tears start in his eyes. Don't cry, he willed himself. Please don't cry. This would only prove their points, and he didn't want everybody to think of him as that. The crybaby, the little kid, the wimp, the blanket boy.

He waited until they had nothing else to throw at him, and tried to continue, but his voice caught in his throat as his eyes burned while his peers laughed. Cody tried as hard as he could to turn the pain and humiliation into anger. It worked quite well.

"What kind of brother are you?" he shot at Zack who was lounging in a chair, looking slightly uncomfortable. "How could you do this?"

"Hey," Zack said, raising his hands in self-defense. "You ruined my posters—I ruined your reputation. Not like you had any reputation, nerd boy."

"You promised," pressed Cody, "this just shows that you're a back-stabbing liar and a worthless twin!" He sucked in his breath. He'd never said anything that mean to Zack and actually meant it.

If you believe it's in my soul,

I'd say all the words that I know.

Just to see if it would show,

That I'm trying to let you know,

That I'm better off on my own.

This only seemed to fuel Zack's anger though. He jumped up, fire blazing in his eyes. "You know what, geek boy? Maybe these people are smart, and they'll do the right thing and vote for me. Nobody cares about what you say, Cody. Seriously. Nobody cares. Nobody's ever cared, and they never will! Since when has anybody cared what you say?" His voice level was rising, and he didn't even seem to notice there was anybody else in the room.

"They should care! Why should they believe a back-stabbing liar? Why should they believe a slanderer like you?" Cody paused, spitting out these last words with greedy anticipation. "Why should they believe some kid who still cries at night because he misses DADDY?"

There was a collective gasp from around the room, and the kids started laughing, pointing at Zack this time.

Zack turned red. This was forbidden. Sure, he'd known that he would be hurting Cody to reveal the picture, but he had needed it. It was Hawaii for God's sakes! But now Cody had gone and blown their deepest secret for the longest time.

"Yeah, he cries," Cody said, announcing it to the grade. "He still cries at night because he's always saying, 'God, Cody, when's Daddy coming home? Boohoohoo,'" he mocked, hearing the other kids laughing at his brother. More than anything, Cody wanted to take back those words, but since he had released them, it seemed as if there was no way to stop. He knew it hurt Zack, and now it hurt him to think that he could have done something like that. Exposing his brother and leaving Zack vulnerable and open to the outside world. Cody tried to look anywhere but at his brother, at his friends, at Maddie, whose face was awash with disappointment.

That still didn't explain what Zack did next. Zack still didn't have an excuse for his next act.

I tried to be perfect, it just wasn't worth it,

Nothing could ever be so wrong.

It's hard to believe me,

It never gets easy,
I guess I knew that all along.

As Cody stood there, shamefaced, Zack came closer to his brother. Cody looked up, apology written in his eyes, and his mouth open, about to speak. That's when Zack hit him.

He hit his younger brother harder than he had ever hit anything in his life, releasing all his pent-up feelings, pain, and anger. A blow hard on the side of Cody's face—the force of it so hard that Cody crumpled to the ground with a cry of agony.

Cody lay on the ground in pain and humiliation, feeling the burning slap of his brother's punch on the side of his face, tears beginning to well up in his eyes. He was aware of the silence in the room, but didn't seem to see anybody, as his vision blurred and his hearing turned into a vibrating dull humming sound. Did Zack just do that, or was it all a dream? He felt like pinching himself to see if he was actually awake. His brother had never physically hurt him before—never, never. Zack knew how sensitive Cody was, and was always careful, even when he said some hateful comment, knowing that Cody was rather unstable. Cody shuddered, realizing the true impact of his brother's blow.

Did Zack hate him? How could he have hurt his twin? He'd pushed Zack too far, finally reaching his breaking point. Cody was aware of this as he lay still on the ground, still recovering from the shock. Finally he stood up slowly, aware of Maddie's face awash with pain, and London's gasps of horror. Max and Bob didn't look at him; Tapeworm stood up to try to say something, but Cody just pushed him away.

If you believe it's in my soul.

I'd say all the words that I know,

Just to see if it would show,

That I'm trying to let you know…

Cody glanced quickly at his twin, but Zack's face was so stony and unforgiving, Cody drew away. The lump in his throat disappeared, and he finally could not hold back the torrent of tears anymore. With a small whimper, he burst into tears, his shaking shoulders giving him away. He heard some kids whisper, "Crybaby," and he tried to wipe his tears away with his sleeve and hide his choked sobs.

It didn't work. Cody felt the burning pain and mortified at his outburst of sobs, he didn't have any choice. He turned and ran from the door, ignoring the pitiful looks. He had to get away. Get away from all the humiliation, get away from the pain, get away from the embarrassment.

But mostly, to get away from Zack.

That I'm better off on my own.

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