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A private moment

Brian watched through the window as Dom and Letty sat on the porch whispering to each other in Spanish. For the most part, he couldn't hear anything, but every once in awhile phrases would come out louder than others.

He had heard Mi corazón, bebe, amor, amante and por siempre. Though he didn't speak Spanish, he was curious.

"Eavesdropping is pointless when you don't speak the language Brian." He jumped, turning around to see Mia grinning at him.

He chuckled. "It's just so un realistic."

"Why's that?" Mia asked as she moved to stand next to him.

"He's the top street racer and she's the toughest chick in LA and I find them sitting on the porch whispering to each other."

From the moment he had met them, Brian had been fascinated with how they showed affection to one another. Mia once told him that the two of them weren't big on PDA. 'As wrong as it may sound, it's in the bedroom that they prove their love.' She had said. 'They're lovers first and foremost. Being together is kinda like a bonus.'

"¿Usted permanecerá con mí…por siempre?" Letty was speaking now.

"Bebé de la eternidad." Dom whispered back to her and she smiled. She reached up, stroking the back of his neck as he gazed at her.

Mia couldn't hold back the grin that graced her lips as she watched her brother and best friend. "What are they saying Mia?" Brian asked, still curious. Mia smiled again. "Mia, I know you know."

She turned to her boyfriend. "I can't tell you Brian."

"Why?" She simply grinned and kissed his lips. "Why?" he asked again, scanning her eyes.

Because not all things are meant to be heard; and the most precious things should be kept private. She thought.

She then pulled on his hand; leading him away from the window and leaving LA's most well known couple to speak Spanish to one another.


My heart, baby, love, lover, for ever.

Will you stay with me forever?
Eternity baby

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