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Chapter Thirty-Two


Bulma drifted into the dimly lit room ahead of the two men, inhaling deeply as the comforting jewel tones washed over her. The room was draped in rich green satins and blue silks, perfectly suiting the man who inhabited it while bring to mind bottomless pools of tranquil water.

Vegeta's penetrating gaze never left Bulma's slender back as he watched her gracefully float across the floor to a heavily laden table that was overflowing with ripe fruit and decadent treats. He pretended to listen as Zarbon informed him of their departure and that the coordinates Bulma had given him while Vegeta was in the tank had been programmed into the navigational computer.

Bulma's delicate fingers reached out to pluck a sweet berry from the vine, moaning with delight as she took her first bite. It seemed like it had been years since she had anything to eat and the last thing she remembered consuming had been thin prison gruel. The fruit burst in her mouth, electrifying her taste buds and sending little shivers through her entire body. From across the room, Vegeta could smell her pleasure and he felt rooted to the spot as lust rampaged through his already heated body. After a few minutes he realized with disgust that Zarbon had stopped speaking sometime ago and was now waiting patiently to be excused. Vegeta nodded curtly to him, before stepping inside the room and allowing the door to close behind him.

Bulma heard the hiss of the door closing and she could not stop the mixture of apprehension and longing that swept through her. It had been so long since she had been alone with Vegeta, just the two of them, without having to worry about who was watching. Their last night together had been passionate and breathtaking but it did not assuage the nervousness that fluttered in her stomach. In the last few hours since her awaking, as she had come to think of it, Vegeta had displayed an uncharacteristic amount of emotion towards her. To anyone else watching he still seemed to be the distant and untouchable prince that demanded obedience to his will, but Bulma could see the change inside of him and it unsettled her. She didn't necessarily feel that it was a bad thing, but she didn't know how to respond to him. She wasn't sure if she knew who he was anymore.

These fears did nothing to lesson the intense attraction that she felt for him. A clawing need tore at her soul whenever she looked at him or sensed his presence near her. She would have gladly lain down on the cold steel floor in the regeneration room and allowed him access to her willing body if Zarbon hadn't appeared when he had. The gnawing ache in her belly argued that it would have been her doing the ravaging and she smirked at the thought of the strong warrior pinned beneath her. Though so much time had passed and many things were different, he was still the man she had fallen in love with. No matter how many doubts she felt at this moment she could never forget one blaring fact. Vegeta had wished her back. No matter what he said or what he didn't say for that matter, Vegeta wanted her and that knowledge made her heart melt.

Vegeta saw the slight tensing of her body when the door closed and he cursed himself for scaring her. He had moved too quickly in the regeneration room and now she was frightened that he would leap on her like a wild animal and rightly so. He could feel the need to claim his mate straining at the fragile chains that held it in check. He took a deep breath, calming himself and reining in his rampant desires. He had to take it slow. Although she was his mate, it had been many months since he had seen her and their last meeting had not been the most pleasant.

He paced slowly across the room, silently gliding up behind her, being sure not to make any sudden movements that may startle her. Her head was lowered as if to examine the contents of the table, but her eyes had stopped roaming several minute ago and she was staring steadfastly at one spot. She gripped the table's edge like it was a life boat, the only anchor that she had in a sea of lust. She had swept her hair up into a messy bun and her damp tresses straggled down, unruly just like her. The pale nape of her neck called to him and he licked his lips in anticipation of tasting her sweet skin.

Bulma could feel him move across the room, stalking her like she was his prey. He stopped only centimeters behind her, his hot breath feathering over the sensitive skin of her neck, but he made no move to touch her. She couldn't tell if she was relieved or disappointed. Her mind was a jangle of thoughts and emotions, still blurry from her awakening, but her body knew exactly what it wanted. It needed the affirmation of her lover's hands on her flesh, caressing her, reassuring her that she was indeed alive and not laying in some shallow grave somewhere.

Her chin dipped towards her chest and her neck arched alluringly, seeking the source of the warm breath that flowed over her. Vegeta's heart skipped a beat when he saw her beckoning gesture and he had to close his eyes to control the beast that roared with exhilaration. He leaned down, lightly brushing his lips over the back of her neck, swiping his moist tongue over her pounding pulse. The need to mark her staggered him with its sheer intensity. He realized belatedly that they no longer shared a mind bond and the need to renew it nearly drove him crazy. He contained himself, reassuring the pacing beast that he would have more than enough time to satisfy his desires.

Bulma's breath hitched as she felt Vegeta's hot tongue swath over her cool neck. Her fingers tightened on the table, her knuckles whitening under the strain. His mouth became more insistent, lathering her with kisses and sucking at her flesh. His arms encircled her and without hesitation she leaned back into his chest, basking in the feeling of security that resurfaced at being locked in his embrace once again. His deft fingers found the strays to her shirt and he began unlacing them while tugging impatiently at the neckline, widening the gap so he could taste her creamy shoulders.

Bulma tried to shove down all the loneliness that she had felt while imprisoned in Frieza's court, but being here with Vegeta made it well up inside of her. It spilled out, along with the dread that had nearly suffocated her during those long months of their separation. Her fear for Vegeta had been unbearable and her sorrow at her actions stabbed at her daily. She had been certain that he hated her for poisoning him back on Primus and she had thought that the terrible secret she had kept from him of their child would have only compounded his loathing. Her last minutes in this dimension had been filled with so much regret that her heart had broken in two.

She had spent days staring dejectedly at her prison walls, waiting for the day she would be dragged to her death. For comfort she had recited every story her mother had told her as a child, pretending that Trunks was laying in her arms, listening to her. Her favorite was the tale of a mighty prince who slew a dragon and saved the princess. She had lain in her lonely, dark cell, hoping and dreaming that Vegeta would come, but knowing that her fate had already been sealed. She had prayed to Kami that Vegeta would forgive their child for the sins of his mother and that once he had defeated Frieza he would retrieve their son and live as a family. So convinced was she of his disgust for her, that she had never considered that he would use his wish to resurrect her or that he would alter his life in any way in order to reunite their family. Silent tears flowed down her cheeks and she flushed with embarrassment when she couldn't stop them.

Vegeta stiffened at the sound of her soft sobs, berating himself for becoming too impatient with her. He should have known that it was too soon. She had been dead only a few short hours ago and he was already trying to ravish her like some lust-crazed ogre. Which wasn't too far off the mark, he thought scornfully to himself, as he tried to control his raging body. Gently, he turned her to face him, reaching up to wipe her tears. He tipped her chin up, forcing her to look at him.

"What?" He questioned gruffly and his cheeks reddened at his inability to be more sensitive. What did she want from him anyways? He was a warrior, not a poet.

Bulma stared up at Vegeta's impassive features, looking past his mask and into the place that only she could see. She could tell that she upset him with her tears, but she couldn't staunch the flow now matter how hard she tried.

"I-I'm just so happy that we are finally…together." She dropped the last word down to a whisper. Even after all that he had done, destroying Frieza, wishing her back, retrieving their son, she couldn't bury the irrational feeling of uncertainty. What if he really didn't want her? What if he had just resurrected her out of some sort of twisted honor code?

He captured her upturned face in his palms, looking deeply into her sapphire eyes. He could see fear darkening their pure color, but it had nothing to do with her death or his daunting visage. She was afraid that he would turn her away again, afraid that he didn't want her. His body ached to claim her, to run his hands along her solid body and reassure himself that she was indeed real and not some figment of his imagination, but his mind clamored insistently to put her fears to rest. The depth of emotion that he felt when he looked at her startled him. He didn't even know where to begin. How do you name emotions, when you have never had them before? How do you teach a heart to love when it has never even felt? Unable to voice his passion, he settled for stating the facts as he saw them.

"I will never let anyone take you from me again, Bulma. You are my mate. I will give my life for yours. You are mine, forever." His vow of blood sent shivers down Bulma's spine and she felt a moment of uncertainty at the conviction of his possession of her. He left no doubt in her mind that he claimed her as his and that no one would ever take her from him, but did that mean that he loved her or that he was territorial?

Her thoughts quickly shattered into oblivion when he leaned forward, capturing her lips in a passionate kiss. All of her loneliness and despair that she had felt for so long melted away under the blaze of desire. As his tongue swept inside her mouth, tasting her, devouring her, the last few hours sped through her mind. She could see now with perfect clarity that all of her fears were unfounded. Vegeta loved her, even if he couldn't say it. He would have never brought her back unless it was otherwise. He hadn't wished for his planet, his people or even immortality. He had wished for her. Bulma Briefs, a blue-haired, loud mouthed scientist, who harassed him constantly and he adored every minute of it. She wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning into him, inhaling the musky aroma that was only his.

Vegeta felt her small body relax into his and the beast roared with victory while the man cautioned patience. He took a moment to absorb the sensation of her body pressed against his. He could feel every inch of her in his arms and taste the berry juice on her lips. She was real. There could be no doubt in his mind. His fingers found the strays to her shirt and he began to slowly unlace them while he drank from her lips. He had dreamed of doing this so many times while he had hunted down his enemies on Namek. Every time she had appeared his eyes had been drawn to her lips and the memory of their taste haunted him. Now that he finally had what he desired, he was torn between kissing her until he was light-headed or skimming his mouth down over her satin flesh, savoring ever inch of her.

He pushed her overlarge shirt off her shoulders and it fell to a heap at her feet. He felt her shudder as the cool air chilled her and instinctively he splayed his hands over her slender back, protecting as much of her bare skin as he could while pulling her deeper into his embrace. She arched her back, thrusting her pert breasts into his chest, her nipples hardening as they brushed against the material of his uniform. He growled as he slid one hand up her back, furrowing his fingers into her teal hair, working it free from her bun so he could gather the silken tresses into his palm.

Reluctantly, he broke away from her mouth, swathing a hot path of fire down her neck, stopping briefly to nibble at her pulse before continuing down to her collar bone. His fist tightened in her hair and she arched her back over his other arm, baring her neck to him in submission while offering her luscious breasts to his watering mouth. Vegeta fought desperately for control, but the animal inside raged for him claim what was rightfully his. Bulma's light pants and soft moans did nothing to bank his need; instead it inflamed his desire until he thought he would burst.

Bulma whimpered and her sharp nails dug into his biceps as his lips hovered over her sensitive flesh, teasing her with his hot breath. She raised one leg, looping her heel behind his knee to give herself more support as she bent over his arm, straining to bring herself closer to the delicious heat that she knew was waiting for her.

Finally, Vegeta succumbed to the beast inside of him and he lowered his lips to her taut nipple, laving it with the attention it had so prettily begged for. He released his hold on her hair, sliding his hand over her ribs so he could palm her other breast. As his mouth ravished one pert pearl his thumb tortured the other, wringing wanton cries of need from Bulma's kiss swollen lips. She straddled the hard column of his thigh, rubbing her wetness against him, teasing herself with the course brush of fabric of her slacks. His hand drifted lower, ripping at her cloth belt, desperate to feast on her bare beauty once again. With a frustrated tug, her pants fell to the ground and he sighed with pleasure when he grasped her firm cheek in his palm. He dipped down, sweeping her up into his arms, striding over to the waiting bed. He placed her on the cool silk sheets with much more care than he had displayed the first time he had laid her down on a bed and this time he did not join her immediately.

His obsidian eyes roved over her beautiful body, still trying to convince himself that she really was there and not an illusion that she was going to disappear any minute. It would take a long time, he thought, before the feeling went away. Until then he would just have to touch her as often as he could and he smirked when he concluded that his mate wouldn't be leaving his sight for quiet awhile. The way he thirsted for her, craved her, needed her, he wouldn't be able to let her go, much less leave her.

Bulma stared up at her handsome prince, waiting as his unreadable eyes scanned every inch of her body. She couldn't believe how good it felt to be back in his arms again, to have him near, knowing that he was watching over her. She never wanted to be parted from him again. She knew that the life ahead of them would be a hard one. Living with Vegeta was never easy and now that he was the strongest man in the universe it would be nigh impossible. She barely resisted the urge to roll her eyes at the thought of the already arrogant prince, becoming lord. However, she didn't want to imagine life without him again. She briefly thought of the planet she had planned on retiring too and her weak excuses of being tired of court life sounded so insipid to her ears now. She knew that she could never sit idly by on a quiet world while life passed her by. She had to be in the thick of things, the center of the hub and besides she would go anywhere Vegeta was going. It didn't matter if it was the darkest pit or the sunniest peak. All that matter was that they were finally together.

A sly smile curved on her red lips and she beckoned him closer with a sensual curl of her finger. His black brow winged at her invitation a moment before a wolfish grin claimed his features. He tugged off his uniform, dropping into a discarded heap on the floor. Her eyes widened in awe and her heart pounded with excitement. He was so perfect that it put the gods to shame.

He stretched his solid length out next to her, running his battle scarred hand from her knee, up her smooth thigh, over her hip to finally rest on her ribs just below her breast. His fingers tightened possessively drawing her closer to his broad chest. She raised her parted lips up to his and he claimed them in a heated kiss that caused tiny flames to dance all the way down her body to the tips of her toes. He slipped one hand under her head to support her neck while the other roved impatiently, exploring the creamy expanse of her belly and skimming his calloused thumb over her dusky nipples. She moaned into his mouth, arching her body, aching for something more.

Her long fingers traced the ridges of his abs, dipping into the indentations of his flesh before trailing up over his carved chest. His muscles were unyielding under the velvet layer of hot flesh and she was amazed at the amount of work it must have taken to sculpt his body into such an incredible work of art. Her hand slid over his ribs, gently caressing his numerous scars before laying flat against his firm back, holding him close to her.

He shifted his weight, positioning himself between her thighs and she bucked against him, straining for fulfillment. Her ministrations were feeble against his unmovable body so she wrapped her silky legs around his hips in a silent request, a feminine demand for satisfaction.

"You are always so impatient." He trailed hot kisses down her between her breasts, his taunting comment feathering over her flushed skin. Before she could find the breath to reply he captured one of her pert nipples in his mouth and she cried out, sliding her fingers into his thickly spiked hair. He rested his weight on one arm, while his hand slid down to palm her hip, pulling her wetness closer to his throbbing erection. She took full advantage of her new position and tightened her thighs around him, arching her body impossibly close. He bit back his groan as he slicked against her wetted core. He wanted so badly to slip inside of her, to feel her surrounding him, welcoming him, needing him, but he had to make sure that she was untouched by the horror of death, that no wounds remained. He shifted closer to her, his tail wrapping around her thigh, taking the place of his hand so he could rest it on her chest.

His entire body clenched with regret when his eyes were drawn to his hand that rested right above her heart. The same hand that had shot the blast the rendered her beating organ in two, tearing them apart and setting him alone on his rocky path of vengeance. Slowly, almost fearing what he would see, he moved his hand away from her heart, peering carefully at her skin as it was revealed. There, at the precise spot where his beam had struck her was a small red mark. It was about the size of a dime, a weaving of crimson lines that resembled something that he couldn't place. A rune of some sort, perhaps. More than likely it was created out of the anomaly of her death and subsequent resurrection and held no real meaning above being a reminder of his betrayal to her.

Bulma felt Vegeta's entire body shudder and she surfaced out of the haze of passion that engulfed her, looking down at his taut face. He stared blankly at a small mark above her heart, fingering as though it was ink that he could just rub away. He felt the weight of her stare on him and his black eyes glanced up to meet her blue ones. They held each other's gaze, neither wanting to break it, while both struggled to say the words that bubbled just below the surface.

Vegeta was overwhelmed with the desire to apologize for killing her, while at the same time he wanted to scream at her from putting him in that position. Deep down inside where the serpent slept, another emotion prodded gently at his soul, begging him to voice it, needing to be heard and desiring recognition.

"Bulma, I-I…" The words caught in his throat. He wanted to say them, but he just couldn't force himself to give into the weakness. He had only just admitted to himself that he loved her. He didn't think he was ready to voice it out loud, even to Bulma herself.

Bulma could see the struggle that took place deep inside of Vegeta. He wanted to tell her something, something important, but she already knew the words. He wasn't ready yet to say the thing that would make her heart sing, but that was fine, because she already seen the proof of his commitment to her with her own eyes. He had nothing more to prove to her. She reached up, pressing her fingers against his lips, silencing him before he injured himself from the strain. She smiled up at him, watching the emotional conflict inside of her cold warrior and loving every minute of it. Perhaps, when they were old and gray she would tease him about this, but not now. Right now she had to let him know that everything was going to be okay for them.

"I know Vegeta. You don't have to say it, you already did." She whispered up at him, while still holding his gaze. He cocked his head to the side, more than certain he had never said any such thing to her.

"You said it when you wished me back to life. You could have had the entire universe at your feet. Anything you desired could have been yours, but you chose me. I love you, Vegeta and I know that you love me, but I can wait until you are ready to say it, because you have already shown me how you feel."

Vegeta's hand flattened against her chest, hiding the mark from his sight. He couldn't believe the words that flowed out of her mouth. How could she possibly feel that way about him? She was so accepting of his nature, so willing to compromise with him. How could he not love her?

He broke away from her gaze, dropping down to ravage her mouth with his. The dragon inside of him could not be contained any longer. It demanded that he examine his mate, to reacquaint himself with her taste and scent. His mouth slid insistently down her body, touching her and loving her the only way he knew how. She began to mewl and squirm as his mouth skimmed over her stomach while his hands spread her legs wide.

His hot mouth showered sparks of fire over her midriff and she could not stop her body from bucking when she realized where he was going. His thumb brushed over her swollen nub, sending bolts of sizzling white-hot lightning shooting through her. His fingers slipped into her already dripping depths, pumping into her while the wet heat of his tongue drove her too heights of ecstasy. He allowed her to teeter on the edge of release, before pulling away, leaving her unfulfilled before beginning again. She moaned with need, arching under him, begging for his body to join with hers.

She cried out with despair as he drew away from her, kissing her thighs, trailing down until he nibbled on her knees. She raised up on her elbows, glaring at him, her displeasure at his teasing radiating out of her in waves. She met Vegeta's glittering onyx eyes and her breath caught in her throat.

He crouched over her possessively in the center of the bed, his cruel lips drawn back into a hungry snarl as his bronze skin glistening in the dim light. Behind his black eyes she could see a flash of gold, deep inside where the beast dwelled within him. As a woman she wanted to shrink away from the wild animal that had suddenly invaded her bower, but her wanton femaleness hissed with superiority. She was the one who drove him to unparalleled heights of yearning. She was the embodiment of his need, of his desire. She wound her lithe body away from his, pulling her knees under her before she launched herself against his firm chest.

He caught her easily, groaning as she pressed against him, sliding her slick flesh against his. Her eager lips found his throbbing pulse and instinct made her draw it into her mouth so she could feel the thrumming against her tongue. His head dropped back as his neck as his hands slid down her body to cup her bottom, pulling her closer to his thrusting shaft. Her hands roved over his corded shoulders and down the hard contours of his chest, reveling in the feel of the hills and valleys of his flesh. Her lips slipped down his body, tasting the salty flavor of his lust. His hands tangled in her teal hair as he dropped back onto his heels, allowing her to explore his body.

Her petal soft lips found the source of his blatant desire and her kiss was like throwing gasoline on an already raging fire. Her tongue traced the ridge of his shaft, his moans of delight feeding the heady feeling of power that washed over her. His hands tightened in her hair, trying to drag her away from her newly found feast before he dishonored himself, but she mewled in protest and dug her sharp nails into his bare thighs.

He growled in the back of his throat, a sound of male authority, demanding her obedience to his will. She hissed with scorn as he pulled her writhing body back up into his arms trapping her against his chest. He looked down into her flushed face, his eyes drawn to her ruby lips that were moist with the pleasure she had wrought. Her sapphire gaze narrowed as she watched his obsidian eyes dropped to her swollen mouth. A satisfied smile curled on her lips and she rubbed her body over his in a slow seductive dance of want and desire.

"Did you miss me Vegeta?" Her breath whispered over his hot skin, doing nothing to cool the inferno that was consuming him. His black eyes locked with hers, the golden gaze of the dragon and the searing look of the man absorbing every detail of her beautiful countenance. Mine.

"What do you think, woman?" His husky voice sent shivers down her spine and she arched her breast closer to his chest as the words vibrated through him. He claimed her lips in a dominate kiss that clearly told her that he was a man and she was a woman. It fed the craving in her soul and she knew that she would never find pleasure in another's arms. She was forever branded by Vegeta's touch, claimed by him for eternity.

He broke away from her mouth and with feral intensity he flipped her onto her stomach as he leaned over her from behind. Primal longing rippled through her, injecting fear of his animalism into her already heightened euphoria of lust. His large hands encircled her delicate ankles while he nipped at her calves. Slowly he worked his way up her body, his soft growls tickling her sensitive skin. Fire raced through her veins, burning her from the inside out, while desire lashed her unmercifully. With every touch of his lips against her flesh and caress of his hands on her skin, her body clenched tighter with need. She wanted him inside of her, filling her, stretching her. She needed to feel him, to renew their connection, to share her love with him.

His teeth nipped at her curved ass, his tongue darting out to lap at the indent of her spine, following the straight line up between her shoulders. His weight spread her legs wider and she could feel him prodding at her molten center, seeking entrance. She whimpered with need and she scrunched the silk sheets in her fists, muffling her cries in the pillow.

Vegeta's strong hands covered her dainty fists, lacing their fingers together as he slowly entered her, inch by inch, hissing with pleasure as he did so. Wet heat enveloped him, tugging at him, begging him for more. Coils of desire, curled in the pit of her stomach and she dug her knees into the mattress, trying to lever herself up higher so she could feel more of his thick length inside of her.

Molten rivers of lava coursed under his skin as she writhed in desire beneath him. The intensity of his lust threatened to burn him away into ash. Vegeta's fingers entwined tightly with her hers, while his other hand reached up to pull her mass of teal hair away from her neck. The dragon roared with the need to claim her and he could no longer deny his instincts. With a gentle tug, he pulled her up onto her knees, so they knelt in the center of the bed. He wrapped one arm around her midriff for support as he brought her flush against his chiseled chest. Their sweat slicked skin slid against each other, fanning the slow burn inside of them into a raging inferno. Bulma gasped as his thrusts became more forceful and she reached out a shaking hand to brace herself against the headboard.

He drew her head to the side, arching her slender neck up towards him and his lips peeled away from his ivory incisors. He skimmed over her pulse, scenting her blood that raced just below her delicate skin. His hand cupped her breast as he thrust into her yielding body, holding her so closely that it seemed as though she was poured onto him, seeping in through his pores. His luxurious tail wound around her thigh, sliding sensually against her throbbing core. Her other hand had come around to grip his wrist that held her to him and her nails dug into him deeply as his tail worked its salacious magic on her. He drew her salty flesh into his hot mouth and without warning he bit deeply into her, sucking at the hot spicy blood that spurted onto his tongue. Bulma cried out, arching her back, spreading her thighs even wider to receive him.

Her eyes rolled back into her head and flashes of light pierced her lids. Blinding waves of pleasure crashed over her, drowning her under the intensity. Vegeta plundered her body, drinking her blood and devouring her passion. With her orgasm he felt the reckless pull of her muscles, coaxing him to lose himself to the pleasure. With a roar he released her neck, thrusting once more into her as his seed shot deeply into her womb. The lava beneath his skin boiled and starbursts of pleasure flared through his entire body.

He collapsed onto the bed carrying her with him while wrapping his strong arms around her. She melted against him, surrendering into his embrace. She looked up at him, her shimmering blue eyes locking with his obsidian ones. Only she could look at him like that. As though she could see into his very soul and banish the demons that lived there with three perfect words.

Bulma reached up to smooth her fingers over his winged brow, soothing the lines that were always there. She couldn't believe how far they had come. She had wished so long and hard for her prince, but she had never dreamed that she would find him under the same shadow of the monster that enslaved them both. A small smile curved on her lips as she watched Vegeta. He may not be some knight that rode a white steed and wielding a shinning sword, but he was definitely her savior who slew the dragon. Her hero just happened to wear cracked, battered armor as he tread on a red carpet of blood. So what if he was a little bad? He was still her demon knight.

"I love you, my prince." She whispered.

Vegeta glanced down at her, awed by the love he saw glowing deep inside of her. Her eyes drifted closed as she raised her crimson lips to his. He lowered his mouth to hers, kissing her with a mind drugging slowness that conveyed all of the love that dwelled in his heart for her. He held her tightly, vowing to his people on his forgotten honor, that he would never let her go again. She was his and only his. His light. His desire. His whisper of mercy in his dark soul.


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