Title: Aftermath

Author: da baddest chic
Life after High School Musical

Genre: Romance/ General

"Soaring… flying…" Gabriella Montez softly sang as the beginning of Biology started. Taylor gave her a warning glance as the bell started to ring. Gabriella giggled, knowing it was for her own good; if she didn't stop singing, she'd break on to a full solo.

Buzz… buzz

Gabriella's face looked puzzled; she looked at Taylor who shrugged. Realizing it was her own phone, she stared at the teacher hoping to not get caught.

Basket ball star: So bored w/o u

She smiled and quickly hurried to reply. Her little boyfriend, with his talents and ways; pressing send, she tucked her phone back into her bag. The class was going to be as boring as ever.

Somewhere, a few halls and steps down, a Motorola phone buzzed in his pocket. Troy Bolton smiled, realizing it was a reply from his new girlfriend: Gabriella.

Freaky genius girl: me 2… c u l8tr, g2g, class! xoxo

Chad glanced over and shoved Troy for being such a ladies man. Troy gave a mandatory shove back only to have a death stare from their Geometry teacher, Mr. Robins.

After class, just as planned, the two met each other in the hallway. Troy gave Gabi a tight hug as she planted a kiss on his cheek. Surrounding people awed, knowing that the newest "it" couple of the high school were having their one-on-one time. The basketball star and the talented new girl; or, as people referred to them after their tryouts: The Twosome.

"How've you been?" he asked, arm in arm with her. Gabi glanced around, biting back her smile. Troy randomly shoved Gabriella, an impatient stare and smile on his face.

"You know… the usual," she said in her soft voice. He loved her voice… hearing it speak was almost as great as hearing it sings. But by the look in her eyes, he knew that it wasn't all that was on her mind.

"Oh whatever… my mom is going out of town," she said to the look of determination on Troy's face. He raised his eyebrows, clearly surprised. This wasn't something "Gabriella" would do or bring up.

"Do you want to come over then… like a date?" Gabriella asked, looking away.

"Sure… I'll be there at seven then?" Troy stated coolly, tilting his head up to say hi to a friend in the passing. Thoughts raced through his head… by the look of Gabi, she wasn't doing so well either.

"Yeah, cool… later Bolton," she said distractingly, giving him a goodbye kiss. Troy smiled and accepted it.

He watched as she bounced off to her next class, her legs swinging in perfect motion. Troy adored Gabriella; there was no telling him that twice. She was so perfect; he loved how gorgeous and beautiful her face and body was. Anyone could have the same body but wouldn't capture his attention compared to how he felt about her.

--At the girl's locker room—

Gabriella walked in, a big grin on her face. Sharpe stared as she ran to Taylor, and talked in a giddy way. Soon, a huge crowd of girls were around her, speaking in high, anticipated voices.

"So Troy Bolton's going to your house… tonight?" Tara Young said, a blonde cheerleader, who was one of the best. Gabriella nodded excitingly. Sharpe looked away in disgust, pulling on her Juicy Couture sweat pants. Sure, she finally respected the girl, but taking the guy she was after, had crossed the line; not to mention all the attention she had since she declared one of the smartest, prettiest girls in school who had a popular jock of a boyfriend; something Sharpe didn't have.

"This night will be perfect," Gabriella heard herself say. But she wasn't so sure; as calm and collected she tried to be, she couldn't help the thoughts inside her head.

What if he thinks I'm not good enough and breaks up? What if he finds someone else after he sees how bad I am with guys? What if I-

"So I hear tonight's going to be the night," a perky voice said, emphasizing "the". Gabriella rolled her eyes and turned around. She'd know that annoying voice anywhere.

"I didn't say it was going to be 'the' night… Sharpe. Troy and I are together now. Is it not usual for boyfriends and girlfriends to hang out?" Gabriella snapped back. It was unlike of her to back talk the popular Sharpe Evans, but she had known she was jealous of her having Troy.

"At least I have profession in that subject compared to you, Montez," Sharpe coolly replied, staring at her French manicured nails. Gabriella curtly laughed.

"More than anyone needs to know, I assume…" she yelled.

"Again, at least I have experience." And with that, Sharpe turned on her Baby Phat tennis shoes and walked into the gym. Taylor coughed "bitch" loud enough for everyone to hear. They all snickered with laughter as Sharpe pursed her lips; she could do better then them anyways.

As everyone laughed away and as Gabriella pretended to be interested in the tennis match they were playing, she couldn't help but thinking: Maybe she's right. Maybe I don't know what I'm doing. Oh well… she doesn't bother me.

But as hard as Gabriella tried to tell her self that, the more it showed. The rest of the day, she ignored everyone and was in total quiet mode, trying to find out what to do if Troy did this or if Troy did that. Worst of all, by the time Troy was there, Gabriella didn't know what to do.

She lay on the couch, snuggled up beside Troy's muscular body. They were watching The Notebook (Gabriella's pick) at the part where Allie was demanding him to break up with her. Tears streamed down Gabi's face, imagining what would ever happen if she was in Allie's shoes. Troy glanced down to see her sniffling and brushed her tears away with his thumb.

"Hey there now… what's wrong?" he asked, hating to see his love cry.

"It would totally suck if we had to ever do that," she replied truthfully. Troy immediately saddened at the sight and looked at her.

"Too bad that will never happen," as he leaned closer to kiss her. The air condensed as all Gabriella's thoughts and insecurities disappeared.

The pressure of Troy's lips on hers made her fall back on the couch with ecstasy. She opened her mouth as he penetrated deeper, his weight on top of her. Their tongues battled for supremacy as the air in her lungs had faded away, Gabriella almost exploding with excitement. They released as Troy stared down at her, trying to read her mind.

Did she like it? Was it too much? Did I hurt her?

But as she pulled his head back in for more, he wrapped his arms around her back, her legs tightly around his hips. She had felt the heat of him on top of her, and pulled him tighter toward her, leaving Troy dazed. Their heads moved in the same motion and on time as she clutched his brown locks that fell too soon out of her fingers.

After moments of their embraces and kissing, Troy inspected the scene before him. Gabriella had her red button up shirt open, showing her flat tanned stomach and pink lace bra. Troy was shirtless and his pants had reached his ankles somehow, leaving him in his boxers. He had settled into a position on top of her, his elbows propped up not putting pressure on her chest.

"Troy…" she whispered faintly, panting and her face tangled with sweat and hair. He buried his face in the soft crook of her neck and replied, taking in her smell.

"Thank you," she breathed as he began to bite down on the soft flesh of her neck, kissing it with his lips.

Outside, in the pouring rain, stood Sharpe who had been spying on them; he on top of her made her furious. Taking as many pictures as possible, she thought to herself: I'll be in history for the reason of Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez's, the best thing that's ever happened to East High, downfall.

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