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"I wonder who's going to miss you more: The mad ghost hunter, or the frustrated little Goth girl who can't admit her feelings!"

Danny lay on his bed, Technus' words echoing in his head. What had he meant? By "ghost hunter", he was probably referring to Valerie. But when he said "Goth girl"… Did he mean Sam? He must have; Danny couldn't think of any other Goth girl he knew.

But then, what did Technus mean by "can't admit her feelings"? What feelings was he talking about? Questions swirled around in Danny's head; questions that he just couldn't answer.

There's a difference between Sam and Valerie, though. I really like Valerie. I like Sam, too, but she's just my best friend… right? Danny mused, baffled.

He sat down on his bed and sighed. It was probably nothing.

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