By: Sokai

Disclaimer:I, Sokai, do not claim ownership to the workings of W.I.T.C.H. -- I leave that honor up to Elisabetta Gnone. However, I can and DO claim to own this story and its inspired ideas FROM said series, as well as the original character, Sitara/Amandella.

Note: Honestly? This story idea came to me after watching a certain family disney movie (I'll reveal which one after I reveal more of the plot), which is "ironic" because the movie's happy/fun, and this story's anything BUT. LoL But, yeah, I don't really know if this story will work, but I wanted to give it a shot -- plus, it'll give me a "vacation" from my other W.I.T.C.H. story that no one seems to give a crap about, anyways. But, yeah. Enjoy.

This story/prologue was created/written in March 2006.

Silence is what continued to surround the slightly secluded highway as the seconds passed and miles driven became an increased thing of the past. Although, technically speaking, it was not at all silent at the moment, as the rolling of heavy tires against wet gravel steadily reverberated into the atmosphere of the truck they were attached to, in addition to the strong battering of the vicious downpour of rain that was currently ushering down from the heavens at a swift speed to seemingly drown the defenseless earth below.

It would have been far more correct had it been stated that silence is what continued to be focused upon and willed by the lone, young woman driving the sturdy vehicle. She had been driving for the past five hours straight, and knew that, if she did not pool all of what little energy she had left within her to concentrate solely onto the road and her impending destination, the sleep that had been nagging away at her for the last hour and a half would inevitably claim her and undoubtedly create a fatal accident for her in the process.

And we wouldn't want that, now would we? she thought sarcastically, scratching her right hand that was confidently gripping the steering wheel with her left, before raising it to her pale face to take another long drag of the cigarette she'd been smoking for the past several minutes.

Of course, then again, my demise would probably do the world a favor -- it'd certainly do myself one, personally . . .

Besides that primary reason for her blocking out any and all distracting sounds, the young woman readily detested the rain -- in addition to cloudy evenings -- because then she could no longer gaze upon any of the twinkling stars up above, including the one she had long since adopted as her own when she was younger.

Although, it was honestly more like a guardian or a friend than a mere star, she had always felt, which was an extremely ironic concept given her regrettable upbringing and environment as a child.

It's a wonder I didn't just "off" myself decades ago by now, from the hell I'd been through, the teenager silently reflected, turning down her window to carelessly flick her cigarette butt outside into the drenched atmosphere.

But hey -- I'm a fighter. Always have been. Always had to be. Literally and spiritually . . . But, whatever. That's the past, and now I'm going to make a fresh start in my life; and moving to a new place where no one will recognize me and hopefully won't want anything to do with me is the best recipe for success in that notion . . .

So lost within her contemplative thoughts, the young gentlewoman had almost completely missed the turn-off that would take her to her new home and life, indeed. Had it not been for forgetting to bring her window back up, she might have missed the sign for sure.

Now partially soaked from all of the incoming rain and the left side of her long black hair matted down onto her dark makeup covered face that was now beginning to run, the lone woman lightly muttered several obscenities underneath her breath at this, while bringing the window back up with one hand and making a series of sharp turns down empty streets with the other.

It was too dark out to honestly make out much of her new surrounding's features, but because she had journeyed there a few times before when scouting out an affordable apartment to rent, she didn't have to. And it was still a bit too obnoxious for her liking, but she was already beginning to become used to the slightly nauseating smell of ocean water steadily wafting throughout the small city, in addition to the platoon of seagulls that seemed to hold permanent residence within the area due to that fact.

Immediately recognizing the tall, dark brown building that would house her from now until whenever she next felt it was time to pack up and move on yet again, she turned her truck into its resident garage, the small U-Haul attached to the back making a loud clanging sound after driving over the large yellow speed bump purposely placed in the entrance's path.

"At least now I'm free from the rain's abuse -- well, that is, until I head back out there with my stuff to get inside the building, anyway," she muttered bitterly to herself, after climbing out of the now parked vehicle and wiping her moist face clear of the marred makeup stains that had trickled all the way down to her chin in a black trail.

Making her way to the back of the U-Haul to unlock it, she paused a moment to gaze out straight ahead at her new, although still rainy environment.

"So, this is 'home,' huh? Won't keep my fingers crossed, though. All I gotta say is: ready or not, Heatherfield, here I am . . ."

-- End of Prologue

(A.N. And there you have it. The prologue to what I hope will be a successful story. Doubt it, but hey. Never knew. LoL Let's see the massive reviews come in while I write up chapter one! )