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Author's Note: I turned in this little fic to my "Pretender Challenge" group in response to Kath's Jarod At Gunpoint Challenge

Special Note: Proud of me, Charro? Here it is!

It was his fault as he lurked around outside of Miss Parker's house. It was three in the morning and instead of Jarod's usual early morning telephone calls, he sat in her front yard and waited until dawn arrived. He thought surely he'd be gone by the time she would have awaken. He was exhausted from his last pretend that he hadn't realized he dozed off until he felt the barrel of a gun pointed to his neck.

He jolted up suddenly, turned around and found Miss Parker with her Smith and Wesson 9mm pointed at him as she gleamed as if she had just won the crown for the Miss America pageant.

"Inside, ratboy!" She hissed. He obediently walked into her house, he had no choice with her finger on the trigger.

There were several times she had him at gunpoint and somehow she always missed, which was unusual because she was a sharp shooter. As Jarod stood in the middle of her living room, she motioned him as he backed up against the wall. She remembered those puppy-dogged eyes of his when she first met him at The Centre a million years ago. And it was those eyes which probably had kept her from shooting at him.

No one spoke as she pressed her gun into his chest. Thoughts flashed into her head, thoughts she'd had before in her waking moments.

Erotic Thoughts

She allowed him to take hold of her weapon and laid it down on the floor. Jarod swung her around and walked her against the wall and held her hands firmly over her head. She felt his breath on her face. His lips pressed passionately on hers. After what seemed like forever, Miss Parker moved her mouth away from him, but, only because she needed to catch her breath. He tried to kiss her again, but she hissed at him.

"Let go of my arms," she demanded.

"Why is that?" He asked as his tongue moistened her lips.

She murmured under her breath. "So, I can pull down my panties."

"Here, I'll do it for you, Miss Parker."

She closed her eyes as she enjoyed every moment of his touch, his fingers in her. He rubbed up against her thighs and she felt the stiffness of his cock. Quickly, she unzipped his jeans, pulled his shirt over his head and took her tee-shirt off as well. Miss Parker dropped on all fours and arched her back, which was an invitation for Jarod to enter her from behind. She screamed with pleasure as he thrusted her rapidly. The feel of his cum and her wet juices mixed in together was all she'd ever wanted from him.

End of Erotic Thoughts

Suddenly, as if she came to her senses, she was out of her fantasyland and into reality. Miss Parker lowered her gun and stepped back.

"Go on," she snarled. "Get the hell out of here before I change my mind."

Jarod took careful steps towards her and she froze. He held on to her and embraced her tightly. She felt his lips on hers. It was warm and tender, a kiss like the movies, where you fall madly in love for the very first time with the man of your dreams. He stepped back slowy and moved away.

"Thanks, Parker." He whispered and smiled at her with those dimpled smile of his and walked out of her house.

"Shit!" Miss Parker collapsed on her living room sofa. "Next time, Jarod, I'll get you next time."

The End