School is getting tougher and tougher. Being the good student that I always aim to be, I'm gonna buckle down and do all my readings for English and all my Japanese homework. So, by saying so, I'm going to cut back on my fanfiction writing. To honor the last 8 weeks I have here in San Francisco, I'm going to write 8 "sorta-interconnected-but-not-really" Takaridrabbles. I hope you like them, because they are usually the result of both daydreaming about Digimon and being with my girlfriend… Oh yah. I don't own Digimon. And I know I bad mouth season 4, so to be fair, I'm going to watch it. Let's see if I'll be inspired to write about that mess soon… So, here's the first of eight… don't forget to review! End Scene!

The Takari Drabbles: The Pencil

"Oh Takeru…"

Hikari sat, daydreaming, at her desk in her dark bedroom. The only light that was on was this desk lamp that hung above her. A light, shining from above, providing much needed warmth from the threat of winter's last-ditch efforts. Sure, spring was in the air, but she didn't feel it. But she did feel the feelings that spring carry. Feelings of love, of joy… of Takeru. She snapped out of it, and all of a sudden, a chill ran through her body, regrettably returning her mind back to focus. So, she reverted to a more studious posture, since slouching in her comfy chair was getting her nowhere, and she waited for… something… anything. Clearly, she was bored, or interested in the most obscure things.

One Fourth of her mind was on how cold it was. Another Fourth of her mind was on the tile that was barely clinging to the ceiling. She knew it was going to fall. She just didn't know when, but she wanted to be there when it did. She stared at the flashing digital quartz crystals of her alarm clock, fascinated by the fact that it has been 8 o' clock for a few hours. Not fazed by it one bit, she went redirected her attention, back to the fray tile. It was only hanging by a fiber, a thread… literally nothing. So was her sanity. You see, the last half of her mind was on her pencil. It was small, a chipped, discolored yellow #2, with countless chew marks. The eraser was nothing but a blackened nub, far from the brilliant pink of yesteryear. Hikari fell into a dreamlike-trance, focusing on her pencil. She belted out a sigh, and she gazed at the pencil, lovingly. She ignored her Algebra homework, staring at her, begging to be done.

Algebra. She hated Algebra. Every time she left algebra, she wished that she could take a shower, being drenched in so much complex radicals and polynomials. The whole thing made her sick. The only reason she would ever go to that class was… that's right. But, she also wished she could have taken that much-needed shower. She felt dirty. She felt so ashamed. She hated how she acts around Takeru. She adored him so.

"If only he would notice me… I bet he doesn't even know I exist…"

Her mind wandered and wandered and drifted. At this point, all her mind, neither fourth nor half alone, was on Takeru. She remembered she first fell for him. It was the first day of algebra class. She came in late, all flustered and clumsy. The teacher thought she was crazy, but Takeru knew better. Her sensei directed her to sit next to the boy with the shaggy, blond hair. The boy with the blue eyes that would light up any room. The boy with the white teeth of gods. The boy with a heart of gold. The boy of her dreams…

"Hikari, snap out of it!"

It was obvious that when she fell for him, she fell for him hard. In doing so, she knew it was fate for them to be together. On that first day, she had to take a test. The word 'test' never rattled her nerves as badly as it did that day. She was ill prepared for it. She frantically dug through her bookbag, in search of the elusive pencil, which was nowhere to be seen at that point.

"Hikari… Don't sweat it! Everything will go fine… Here… I'm sure you'll need this…"

And like the heroic prince to a princess in peril, he gave her his spare pencil. She was quick to respond.

"I love you."

She quickly realized what she said when she stared at Takeru. His face, though perfect, expressed a subtle confusion. He didn't know what to say. She knew what to say, but she said it already.

"I mean… Thanks, Takeru."

She snapped out of her bubble, remembering that she was in the darkness of her room. She had enough of the homework, so she gave the pencil one last look, and stowed it away, safely in the confines of her pencil pouch, conveniently located in the middle of the sling of her book bag, that when worn, would cross her chest. She turned off the light, and hopped into bed, to seek relief from the cold.

With her eyes slowly drooping, her last thoughts were of the pencil. Her last thoughts were of Takeru. It didn't seem that cold anymore.

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