Note: This story may have character death.

"Hey Danny." Tucker greeted his friend as he floated into the room. "You know your late, where have you been?" Tucker asked in his usual happy-go-lucky manner.

"Yeah, I know, I was in the Ghost Zone." Danny answered and he shivered.

"You gonna be alright?" Asked Sam, staring at her shaking friend.

"Yeah." He said with a cough.

"Well your cough says different." Tucker added.

"It's fine I think I just caught some ghost sickness, its probably only like a cold." Danny assured them.

And even though the goth and techno geek nodded, they werent convinced at all. "You know I didnt even know ghosts could get sick." Sam challenged.

"Well guess you learn something new everyday. Dont 'cha?" Danny returned.

He wasnt in the mood for another one of Sam's little games where she gets you to tell her everything even if you didnt want to. He had to admit she was good at it, and he'd fallen into her traps many a times. But he also learned to avoid them too.

"Whatever lets just try to finish this stupid Biology report. Ok?" Tucker said trying to break the slight tension between Sam and Danny.

If he hadnt Sam would've pressed more questions and Danny would try to avoid them and end up saying something he didnt want to, and just from experience Tucker knew that it never ended well.

"Ok." Sam answered and they went into her computer room. They got most of it done, and were very close to finishing it when the power went out.

"Oh man its really dark." Danny whined.

"Oh well come on we'll try to get some candles." Sam said.

The teenagers got up and tried to make it through the darkness. And when it said that the couldnt see a thing they realy couldnt see a thing. You'd be surprised to see how dark an empty mansion can be, especially if there are only three kids in it.

"Umm Danny,I dont mean to bother but do you mind?" Sam said.

"What?"He asked

"Err you're really close to me." Sam said

"Wait, I think thats me. Whose arm is this?" Tucker answered.

"Mine." Danny said.

"Wait then who's is this?" Sam asked.

"Me again." Danny returned.

"Hey Danny cant you make light with your ghost powers." Tucker suggested.

"Duh, why didnt I think about that before we had to stumble around in the dark." He said as he made his fist glow green.

The three friends found that they were postioned with Sam in front Danny in the middle and Tucker at the end. They also found that they were uncomfortably close. They pulled away from each other all trying to shake off the embarrassment of looking like scared children.

"Ok" Said Sam as she reached into the cabinets in the kitchen and pulled out three white candles and some matches.

"Sam dont you have flashlights, you know like a normal person from you know the twenty first century." Commented Tucker.

Which was followed by a snicker and cough from Danny and an evil glare set upon the two boys from Sam.

"For your information Tucker, I do, I just dont know where."

"How could you not know?" Danny asked.

"Hey, this house is huge, you try looking for them." Sam stated.

Danny coughed again except this time more violently. "Are you sure your going to be alright?" Tucker asked.

"Yeah, cause I'm sure I could find some cough medicine in one of our many bathrooms." Sam added.

"I'll be fine you guys, quit worrying. I'm fine." He said. but they both looked so worried."I promise."

They were walking back to Sam's living room where they would research the half of the project that they hadnt done in books. But once they got in the room, the green light Danny had been producing faded out and the two teens heard a soft thump. Sam instantly lit a candle and saw her friend lying on the ground.

"Danny!" She screamed.

Tucker quickly lit a candle and saw Danny lying on the floor. He looked dead.

"Oh my God he's dead isnt he?"Tucker said bluntly.

Sam kneeled beside him and pressed her ear to his chest. She had to listen closely.

"No he still has a heartbeat." Sam answered.

"What's wrong with him?" Tucker asked.

"I dont know, but remember he said he cought something from theGhost Zone, maybeit's a sideeffect."Sam took a deep breath then got up. "Stay with Danny and make sure he's ok, I'll go get blankets and a pillow, ok?" Tucker nodded. "And Tucker you dont happen to have a phone on you?"

"No, and I know it sounds strange, but there was this bet Danny made with me that I couldnt go a week without carrying electronics, uhh why did I make that bet, is it worth it now?"

"Relax Tucker, I'll go get my phone. Just make sure he's ok." Sam said gaining some stability in her voice. She got up and quickly went to get the items she listed.

Tucker was alone with the unconscious Danny with only a small flicker of light to luminate the large room. He really hated himself for not having a phone, they needed help. But thats when the thought dawned on him, Danny had a ghost illness, there probably isnt anyway the hospital could cure him with human medications.

Tucker felt so helpless. Which he never had before. He, Sam and Danny had been through a lot when it came to ghost fighting, but nothing like this. This didnt compare to the time Tucker had wished for ghost powers and had become so jealous that he nearly killed Danny, it was much worse.

Sam hurried to gather the supplies she'd listed. She hoped nothing happened to Danny while she was gone.

Why had he lied? He'd told them he was ok, he'd promised. Why couldnt he just've come out and said that he was weak and sickly instead of trying to cover it? Then again she knew he wasnt one to say die. But his determination might just be the end of him.

When she returned she saw a change in Tucker. He was usually smiling or joking to make a bad situtationlighter, but right now he had a solemn look upon his face. He looked very worried.

"Im glad your back Sam." He greeted.

"Yeah. How is he?" She asked while sitting beside Danny on the opposite side of Tucker.

"Not any better, I think he's getting worse."

"Well I got my cell phone."

"Sam." Tucker began in a serious tone. "I think we should call an ambulance."

"I know we should but we cant." She answered.

"Why not, he needs it."

"Well lets see, one Danny's got a ghostly illness and two he's half ghost."

"So it's not like he's never been to a hospital after he got his powers."

"Yeah but they never had to treat him for a ghost sickness. We didnt even go to one when we got the ecto-acne." Sam argueed.

"So what? This is serious and we dont have time to worry about that."

"Yeah Tucker we'll take him to a hospital, and when they ask whats wrong we'll just casually tell them he's sick with some ghost virus and we cant forget to mention he's Amity's greatest enemy Danny Phantom either.And hey why dont they treat him with human remmedies those are bound to work."

"Ok, ok the what do we do?" Tucker said as he propped Danny's head on the pillow.

"I dont know, " She answered as she covered her friend. "Maybe we should call Jazz."

"Sam." Tucker gasped.

"What?" Sam asked, confused.

"Danny." He answered.

"What about Danny?"

"He's, he's not breathing." Tucker answered fearfully.

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