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. Bobby...

Sometime at night in Boston…

A group of boys were standing around by a school; there were about ten of them.

"Ok, you five start egging; we'll start spray painting," the ring leader, Bobby Drake ordered. The boys nodded obediently. "Oh yeah, if the cops come drop everything and run your sorry asses off, " he continued. All the boys were dressed like a stereotypical robber.

"But Bobby, shouldn't we have a look out?" one the boys said.

"Good idea, Mike, glad you nominated yourself. See this?" Bobby held out a fire work and a lighter. What can I say the boy's well prepared? "It's a fire work, when you see a cop light it, and run. Ya hear? I've been planning this prank out for weeks! We'll meet here when we're all done and then we'll start TP-ing." Bobby and his gang of pranksters headed out.

A few hours later…..

"I'm a sexy bastard? Clint, come on! What's with that?" Bobby asked.

"Hey if you gotta problem with the truth, then sucks for you!" Clint said.

"Get over yourself Clint!" Bobby turned around. Clint sprayed "kick me" on Bobby's back.

"You are so dead!" Bobby wrestled Clint to the ground.


Mike saw a police car with its lights on. He hides himself and lights the firework that Bobby gave him, and runs.

The five boys egging heard/saw the fire work and made a run for it. But Bobby and the boys were too busy rough housing to pay attention.

"HEY! What are you kids doing this is private property!" Two police officers with flashlights were standing feet away from them. The four other boys ran. Bobby stood there frozen. His legs would listen to his brain, he just stood there.

"I'm a sexy bastard? Oh you're in so much trouble kid." The police officer said.

Them suddenly Bobby felt a cold sensation. ""Thank god I'm wearing a ski mask!"" Bobby thought as he out his hands in the air. The cold sensation intensified and a tickle feeling was added. That's when it happened; out of Bobby's hands was this cold steam that attacked the two police officers. The officers had ice all over their faces and couldn't see a thing. Without thinking Bobby ran, and ran. He ran all the way home. He snuck into his room. Tired, cold, and confused.

""My hands are so cold! I think I might have frost bite!"" Bobby thought. He sleepily changed into his PJ's and went to sleep.

X-mansion that morning….

The Professor entered the dining room. "Good morning!"

"Morning" everyone said.

Professor examined the room. Everyone even Rogue (whose CD player was incredibly loud), was loud and in the middle of conversation. Kurt was stuffing his face with eggs; Scott and Evan were having a debate on imported and domestic cars. Jean and Kitty were gossiping, and Storm and Logan were having conversation on danger room sessions.

"If you don't mind my interrupting, but I have an announcement to make." Professor stated.

Conversations stooped, Kitty nudged Rogue who turned off her CD player, and all eyes were on the Professor.

"Thank you," Professor continued," Cerebro has found a new mutant, his name is Robert Drake."

"Oh, a new boy," Kitty muttered.

Rogue rolled her eyes.

"What can he do?" Scott asked.

"He can project intense cold and turn moisture in the air into ice." Professor replied. The room was silent," So I would like Scott and Storm to accompany me to Boston," Professor finished……


"I have a job for you Mystique," a certain helmeted mystery guy said (three guesses who that is).


"See this boy, his name is Robert Drake (holds up a picture of Bobby). He lives in Boston, recruit him. And Mystique, don't fail me!" Magneto said.

"Yes Sir," Mystique replied.

Back to Bobby…

Bobby woke up tired. ""It was just a dream,"" Bobby thought. He got ready for school, kissed his mom good bye and left for the bus.

""I want a car"" he irrelevantly thought.

At School…

Bobby saw the School building, egged, spray painted, partially TP'ed. "" Mike must have gotten bored."" And surrounded with police tape.

""Crap it wasn't a dream!""

Bobby tried to act as if he didn't do anything. He went to first period. And then he heard the morning announcements. The principal was speaking," Students I'm afraid some thing very horrible has happened last night. Not only was the school egged, vandalized, and TP'ed. But two police officers were sent to the hospital because they got frost bite in their eyes. No one knows who these pranksters are but rest assured when we find out who did this, the person or group will be taken care of."

""Holy Shit!"" Bobby thought.

At Lunch….

Bobby and the ten other boys were sitting at their regular lunch table.

"Holy shit I can't believe that happened! How did those police officers get frost bite in the eye anyway?" one the guys said.

"I have no clue, can you even get frost bite in the eye?" Clint asked.

"I don't think so? What do you think Bobby?" Mike asked.

Bobby was staring off into space, trying to cover the guilt he had. He had no idea what to say or do.

"Well, I guess you can" Bobby said," but I bet that they're over reacting. You know trying to make those pranksters turn themselves in, by lying about some cops getting frost bite. I mean it's spring for Christ's sake, how the hell can you get frost bite in spring?" Bobby concluded.

"Yeah but there were two cops!" Clint said.

"And we all ran, they never saw our faces and they were too lazy to run after us!" one of the spray paint boys said.

"You know Bobby I don't remember you running with us?" another spray paint boy said.

"Of coarse you didn't! I mean I couldn't just have them coppers catch us all at once! So I ran the other way, so they'd have to split up," Bobby covered.

"Genius Drake!" Mike said.

The nine other boys stared at him.

"You really think so?" Bobby asked.

"Duh! If the cops split up there'd be one chasing you and one chasing the four of you (points to the other spray painters)," Mike cleared up.

"Yeah, but none of those cops chased us!" Clint said.

"Because they both chased me! Think of it, it's easier for two cats to chase one mouse then for one cat to chase four mice. Duh!" Bobby said. He had to admit he felt proud of his little cover up story.

"Thanks to the gloves there is no way they can finger print us!" one of the guys said. And with that Bobby thought the problem would be solved.

After school….

"Hey Bobby, over here!" Mike said.

Bobby walked over toward Mike; there was not a soul to be seen.

"What up Mike? I thought you had Baseball practice today?" Bobby asked.

"I'm not Mike." Mike said.

"Very funny, if you're not Mike then who are you?" Bobby joked.

"I know what you did last night Bobby," Mike suddenly started to turn into a blue, scaleish woman with red hair and yellow eyes.

"WH-who are you? What are you? What did you do to Mike? What do you want with me?" Bobby stuttered and backed away.

"Your questions will be answered in a matter of time, Freeze." The creepy lady said.

"If that's what you're going to call me then I don't want to know!" Bobby said and ran all the way home.

He opened the door, "I'm home!"

"Hey Bobby," Mrs. Drake said.

Half hour later…..

Bobby was trying to be a "good boy" and do his homework. But he was too preoccupied.

""Bobby, there is no way in hell all that happened! It's just like what you said! They're just trying to get you to turn yourself in! I bet they used special effects! But what about the whole blue lady thing? "" Bobby leaned back in his chair and thought for a second,"" I was just imagining things I guess.""

There was a knock on the door, and then the door opened. Bobby was in such deep thought that he didn't notice.

"Bobby?" Mrs. Drake asked.

"Wh-AH!" Bobby fell over backwards.

"There's some one here to see you." Mrs. Drake said a little confused.

"Who?" Bobby asked getting up.

"A Professor Xavier?" Mrs. Drake replied.

"oh-kay," Bobby went downstairs to see who this Professor guy is.

"Hello Bobby, I'm Professor Charles Xavier, this is Scott Summers and this is Ororo Munroe," A bald guy in a wheelchair said.

"Sup!" Bobby greeted, his mom nudged him," I mean nice to meet you"

""Aw shit this is sooo not good!"" Bobby thought.

Bobby and his mom sat down across from the three strangers.

"Bobby do you mind telling us what happened last night?" the professor asked.

Bobby told the story that he believed and not the story that he didn't understand. In other words he lied.

"Bobby! I can't believe that you'd pull such a prank!" Mrs. Drake said.

"And I can't believe that you'd lie about it too." Scott stated.

"Bobby?" Mrs. Drake said in her tell the truth before I make you tell the truth voice.

"What! Now why would I lie about something like this?" Bobby claimed.

"Bobby!" Mrs. Drake said again.

"Why not try the truth?" Ororo asked.

Bobby sighed, "Okay, okay! Ya got me!" And at that moment Bobby told the story that did not make any sense to him (minus the mystique part). To him that story seemed like a lie. But he told it anyway, and all was cleared up. And Bobby learned that that story wasn't a lie and hoped that he would be forgiven. In other words, Bobby told the truth and the Professor cleared everything up. And he was not forgiven; his mom grounded him for two weeks, and he and the nine other boys are going to "volunteer" and be apart of the custodial service at school to help clean up the mess they've made.

"Well, I'm glad we had this conversation, Scott will be coming in two weeks to help you move," The Professor said.

"Thank you for your time Professor, have a safe trip!" Mrs. Drake saw the three of them to the door.

Bobby was still sitting on the couch.

"Oh Robert?" Mrs. Drake called.

""I don't like the sound of that!""

"Go to your room now!" Mrs. Drake said.

"Yes Mom," Bobby took the walk of shame upstairs and went to his room.


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