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A mall in Beverly Hills, California….

Jubilation Lee, or better known as Jubilee, is presently walking around the mall. You may think, she's there to shop or something. But the mall that Jubilee is presently walking through is her home.

"How do hit men, kill someone they thought they were supposed to, when they were the wrong people? I mean don't they have pictures of who they're suppose to kill? Like 'whoops! We killed the wrong set of people! Well, there's no one around, lets hide the evidence!'" Jubilee pondered.

Jubilee walked into a music store,"hey they're playing Maroon five I love them!"

Jubilee smuggled a maroon five CD, she thought she was in the clear, but once she took a step out of the store…

"HEY YOU! THEIF!" Jubilee ran,"GET BACK HERE!"

Jubilee ran and ran and ran, and she was pretty fast too!

"Haha! Nana-na-nana you can't catch me!" Jubilee teased. She ran all the way outside, and into the extremely large parking lot. She ducked down by a car.

"I'm safe here for now."

"Hmmm… where is that lil thief? Coulda swore I saw her run out here!" an officer said.

His voice neared Jubilee, and she crawled over to another car. She was just about to cross over; she was leaning forward, ready to jolt over to the other side. Apparently she leaned too much, because the officer saw her.

"Gotcha!" he called.

Jubilee jolted up and ran.

Jubilee and the police man dodged car that were trying to park or leave.

"This officer has no chance in getting me!"

But alas! Jubilee was too cocky, because she looked behind her back, and ran right into a car, trying to reverse its way out of its place.

"Ah!" Jubilee fell to the ground

"Well, well, well look what we got here! A shop lifter! "The officer grabbed her off the ground and into the police office inside the mall.

"This cannot be happening! Eh! He's ruining my yellow raincoat!"

The police officer sat her down, and he quickly spoke with a lady behind a desk who gave him a tape. He then took Jubilee into a security room, with a whole bunch of TV's

"Let's have a little look at this here tape,"the officer was obviously from down south.

The tape clearly showed Jubilee stealing the CD.

"Ya know what this means lil' lady?" the officer asked.

"No officer I don't know what this means,"Jubilee said sarcastically

"This lil' piece o' evidence caught you stealing a CD, a CD that costs thirty five ninety five! You know what this means?"

"No officer I don't know what this means!" Jubilee again said sarcastically.

"This means you have just committed a misdemeanor shop lift!" the police officer said, he turned his back and noticed Jubilee impersonating him.

"Hey! I don't know how the hell people in China treat their police force but here in America? The good ol' U.S of A? We treat our officers with full respect!" the officer said, while tipping his hat at the American flag.

Jubilee again was mimicking him.


Jubilee leaned back in her chair with her arms folded,"and what if I don't what are you gonna do? Arrest me?"

"I can do that you know."

"No you can't!" Jubilee said.

"So why the hell ain't you in school? I thought lil' Chinese kids like you would love school!" the officer said trying to change the subject.

"Yeah I don't do school,"Jubilee said.

The cop called her foster parents, while Jubilee was pouting.

Half hour later….

"Jubilation Lee what has gotten into you? Come on we're going to talk more about this later! "Her aunt Hope said when she arrived.

The two of them left the security area, but Jubilee heard the police officer say something, just loud enough for her to hear.

"God damn spic! Nothing but trash!"

"Why I oughta!" Jubilee felt a tinge in her hands, just a tiny little tinge.
The two of them went to the car, and drove back to their house in silence.

At the house…

"JUBILATION LEE, WHAT IN THE WORLD HAS GOTTEN INTO YOU? First you run away from home to live in that mall, and then when I try to reason with you, you brush me off! And now this? Jubilee why are you doing this?"

"This is not my home! This will never be my home! And you are not my mom, you can't tell me what to do! "Jubilee said trying to keep down her temper.

"Yes, Jubilee I am not your mother, but I am your Aunt and legal guardian."Hope said calmly.

"Yeah well, I don't care!"Jubilee said and stormed up the stairs, and into the room that would be her room if this was her home, but it's not, she slammed the door.

"I wish she would just stop treating me like a child! I am fully capable of taking care of myself!"

Jubilee was lying on top of her stomach on top of her bed, she was really tired, and she ended up falling asleep.

Dream sequence…

"God damn spics! Nothing but trash!" the police officer said to himself in his office.

"Hey Bucky!" Jubilee called.

"Well it's about time!"

"About time what fatso!"

"About time you stopped-"the police officer never got to finish his sentence, because Jubilee handcuffed him in his chair, and pour a few cans of axe on him. He was helpless, because he was letting her do this to him, as if he deserved it. Jubilee lit the cop on fire, and ran outta there.

As she witnessed him burn, she noticed these colorful sparks the fire was letting out.

Jubilee woke up her hands were in pain, she knew she had a weird dream but she doesn't remember what it's about. All she knew was that it was weird and that her hands were hurting REALLY badly.

"I think my hands fell asleep because they're all tingly like my nerves are snapping!"

Jubilee's hands were hurting really bad now; she started to whimper in pain. Then suddenly some pain just kinda released itself, and Jubilee heard all these popping sounds.

"Hey cool! Mini fireworks!" Jubilee said forgetting about her hands. Jubilee tried to touch one of them, that's when she saw it. A mini firework coming out of her hand.

"Oh my god! What the heck is going on with my hands? I mean it's cool, but it's just so freaky! How is this even possible?" Jubilee would have panicked, she should have panicked, but she didn't. Because whatever it was that was going on with her hands, she liked it!

Jubilee glanced over at this annoying porcelain doll on the dresser.

"I've always hated that doll!" She directed her hands over to the hideous doll, and the fireworks blew the doll up!

"This is so cool!" Jubilee aid looking at her hands," I must be dreaming! Cause this is seriously too good to be true!"

She looked up at the window; there was a pad lock on it, preventing her from sneaking out.

"Damn it! The mini 'works went away! Hmmm. Maybe if I think a little they'll come back"

Jubilee thought a little, and soon she felt her hands sizzle,"come on I just need you to work for a minute"

The mini fireworks complied and came back for Jubilee to use. She blew up the lock, and climbed out the window to her "sweet freedom"

Meanwhile at the other side of the country…

The professor just got out of his exclusive "cerebro room." He wheeled himself to his office.

"Kitty?" he called telepathically,"Would you please come to my office?"

Kitty phased through the door minutes later,"Professor what did I do? I didn't do anything I swear! I was totally, like, framed!" Kitty said in a huff.

"Kitty, you didn't do anything." the professor said calmly.

"I'm telling you- oh, uh, heh heh, right," Kitty replied.

"There's a recruiting mission I would like you to do."

"Really? Who?"

"Her name is Jubilation Lee; she's fourteen years old and lives in Beverly Hills. She has the ability to generate sparkling energy streams." The Professor said,"So would you like to go to Beverly Hills later today?"

"Uh, sure Professor!" Kitty answered.

"Great you and Logan will be leaving in two hours, you may leave now." The professor replied, and Kitty left.

A few hours later in Beverly Hills…

Jubilee found a nice looking Lexus in a parking lot.

"Jackpot!" Jubilee said. She ran over to the car and hotwired it.

Jubilee started (more like attempted) to drive around. Let's just say instead of being a pro like her "bad" self should be, she was more along the lines of awkward.

"Oh my god! Driving a car is not as easy as it looks!" Jubilee said before she braked really hard," or as fun either!"

That was when a cop car showed up, with its lights on.

"Holy crap! This is so not good! Ok I just have to get some music on, relax and try and out run this cop!" Jubilee turned on the radio and accelerated, very awkwardly.

"Note to self, don't drive again until after taking drivers' Ed classes"

Jubilee looked to her left and noticed a black car, the windows were black so Jubilee couldn't see who was in there. Jubilee continued to drive, even faster. She gauchely drove in a deserted area with the cop pretty far away. It was only a few yards away from that black car.

Jubilee was so busy looking behind her that the car she was "driving" drove off road and into a tree.

"oh my god!" Jubilee thought regaining her senses, she poofed out the air bag and noticed that the hood of the car was smoking. And then a small fire formed.

Jubilee panicked, her hands got so sweaty she couldn't unbuckle her seat belt.

"I seriously don't want to die! Holy shit!" Jubilee closed her eyes

That's when Jubilee felt someone grab her arm, suddenly she realized that she was outside.

"What the?" Jubilee was puzzled.

"Hurry up! Run if you can! Before it blows!" a brunette girl with her hair in a ponytail. She led her to that black car Jubilee noticed earlier. The both of them were sitting in the back. Jubilee looked behind to see that the car she hotwired was engulfed in flames.

"Oh, thank you so much! I don't know what I would have done if you weren't there! "Jubilee remarked

"Hey no problem, my name is Kitty Pryde by the way!"

"Jubilation Lee, but you can call me Jubilee."

"This is Mr. Logan," Kitty said pointing to the driver.

"Sup," Logan said quietly.

Instantly the two girls bonded.

"Hey half pint get to the point will ya?" Logan said.

"Oh right! There's a reason why we're here…"

Kitty explained to Jubilee that she was mutant with special powers, and invited her to a school in New York.

Jubilee was quiet when Kitty finished.

"I-I don't know what to say. But of course I'll go! This sound so cool!" Jubilee was extremely excited; this was the type of thing she wanted to happen to her for her whole life.

"Well, we'll be back at your aunt's house in a half hour," Logan announced.

"This is the beginning of a totally awesome adventure!"

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