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Crossover fic from "The Mystery House"

Death Song

Chapter One

St. Guadalupe Medical

San Jose, California

Dean was walking back from the cafeteria with a bag of peanut m&ms and a small cup of strawberry sorbet . He thought the sorbet would help soothe Sam's throat, and the m&ms were just for his delectable consumption.

When he peeked into the room, Sam had fallen asleep. He could see that Sam's chest was rising and falling comfortably now after the doctors removed the breathing tube. He quietly entered in the room and set the sorbet down on the table next to Sam's bed. He then tip-toed out, closing the door.

Dean walked down the hall to the nurses desk. There was an nurse in her mid-40s sitting behind the desk, reviewing and checking over some of the files.

"Hello sweetie, what can I do for you?"

"Uh yeah, can you tell me what room Michelle Steele is in?" Dean said politely. He hadn't seen her since the incident at the Winchester house. When they arrived at the hospital, Sam was rushed on a gurney one way and Michelle was rushed the opposite way.

"Yes, she's down the hall, last door on your left." The nurse said, smiling sweetly.

He thanked her and ventured down the hall. He came to room 204, the door was open and he could see Michelle laying in bed. She was flipping through the 10 TV channels they had at the hospital. He gave a small tap on the door.

"Come in." She said, not even turning her head.

Dean strolled in the room and sat in one of the chairs.

"Daytime TV sucks." She said with a grunt.

"Yeah tell me about it," Dean said, smirking at the thought that he had said the same thing a couple of weeks ago. "So how are you feeling?"

"Well, other than the hole in my chest that has been laced up with 37 stitches, I'd say everything is peachy-keen."

They both laughed. Dean looked to the floor and started to twiddle his thumbs.

"I never got to…….you know…..what you did ..I.."

"Your welcome Dean." She said with a smile. " So how's Sam doing?"

"He's doing better. He is taking a nap right now."

"Oh I see, so no permanent damage I hope?"

"Nope, he just won't be talking for a couple of days. The doctor said that the knife only grazed his windpipe. Any deeper though and he wouldn't be talking…..you know…ever." Dean said in a low tone. " But hey, I think that its great I get a couple of days in silence, cause you can't shut Sam up half of the time.

Michelle flashed him a smile. "You guys seem really close."

"Yeah well….we're all each other's got right now so…"

"Well do yourselves a favor and take good care of each other. You don't know how much you love someone…..until you lose them." Michelle said, stroking the bracelet that her boyfriend gave her. A single tear ran down her cheek.

Dean got up and walked over to her bed. " It's going to be okay." He said, wiping the tear away from her cheek.

She managed to force a smile for him as the nurse walked in.

"Michelle, its time to change your bandages."

Dean looked back at the nurse, taking the hint that he should leave the room. " Well I better go check on Sam, I'll see you later okay?"

"Yeah, see ya." She said with a sniffle.

Dean walked out of the room and down the hall. Sam was slowly eating the sorbet when Dean walked into the room. Sam picked up his slate and held it up.

The sorbet is awesome , thanks.

"No problem, glad you like it Sammy."

Sam erased his previous message. He wrote something on the slate and held it up. It was written in all capital letters.


Dean grinned and sat in the chair next to Sam's bed. "Doc says that you can leave when your ready, I found us another gig but we'll hold off on it until your up for it."

Sam set down his sorbet and scribbled in his slate.

What's the gig?

Dean took out yesterdays newspaper. " Cannon Falls, Minnesota. Two guys fighting in front of a nightclub ended up killing each other, how I don't know. People say that they overheard them arguing over some women inside the club, how one deserved her more than the other. That she was singing to just one of them.

Sam wrote on his slate.

What is supernatural about that?

"C'mon Sam, killing some guy over a girl that can sing? That must be one hot chick or something is going on with her."

Well lets go now, help me get my stuff. Sam wrote.

"Whoa, hold your horses, we can leave tomorrow. I need you to get your strength up, you're the one keeping my ass alive you know."

Sam slid back in his bed, rolling his eyes. He hated being stuck in a hospital bed just as much as Dean did.

A young nurse walked in carrying a small tray with two pills and some orange juice on it. Sam gave her the what are these for look. She told him that they were for the pain and handed them to him. Sam put the pills in his mouth and took a sip of the orange juice, he then set the juice down and closed his eyes. The nurse picked up the tray, gave a flirty smile to Dean, and left the room. Dean's eyes followed her as she as she made her way down the hall.

He nudged Sam. "But dude, the nurses here are so hot. I wouldn't mind dying in a place like this, whew, She could sure fix me up." He said with a grin.