Chapter 7

Dean could feel her very words tearing away at his ear drums. He was slowy drifting in and out of consciousness. He couldn't even make out what she was saying exactly, the pain heavly clouded his mind.

"Hey!" came the infuriated voice.

Callia haulted her song , turning to look behind her. Sam swung the prop bat that Dean had left on stage with brute force, knocking her into a clothes rack. The lyre fell to the ground with a loud thud. Sam raised the bat, ready to shatter the retched instrument, only to be stopped by Callia's arm. She was stronger than what he had anticipated, he struggle to shake her grip from the bat.

"There's no way I'm letting you take this away from me!" She yelled.

"I'm not letting you hurt Dean!" Sam shouted back.

Sam had temporarily cornered her, pressing her up against the wall. She sent her knee into his rib cage, causing him to release his defensive block. Sam fell back onto a small desk, knocking over some papers and a bottle of Belvedere. As Sam tried to compose his self, he slipped on the vodka bedewed floor, cutting his arm on the broken glass. Callia assailed on top of him, raising the bat over her head ready to connected it with his skull. She stopped, hearing the sound of a metal lighter clicking on.

"No!" She yelled.

Dean threw the lighter onto the floor, the flame trailing the flammable liquid up to the lyre, sending it into a blaze. Taking advantage of her distraction, Sam pushed her off of him. He ran over to Dean and lifted him off of the floor, getting him out of the way of the fire. They winced as they saw her face become increasingly distorted and grotesque. Sam managed to get Dean into the doorway of the dressing room, turning around to see a circle of fire slowly engulfing around Callia. She let out a horrid scream when she looked into the broken mirror on her vanity, her monstrous face startled herself more than it did the brothers. Tears streamed down her face as she looked up at Sam.

"Leave…..get out of here." She said with melancholy.

Sam leaned Dean up against the doorway for support. "Just give me you hand and we can get out of here, C'mon!"

"No. Leave me!" She sobbed.

Sam looked at her with pity, grabbing Dean, they left the flame engulfed room.

They made their way outside through the emergency exit, coughing and breathing heavily from the smoke. Flames started to blaze from the roof.

Dean turned to Sam. " Thanks man, you saved my butt back there."

"Don't mention it."

They walked out of the alley , they could hear the sirens come closer by the second. The fire truck pulled up to the curb, firemen jumped out and hooked up the hose and started to spray the roof of the club.

A chief fireman ame walking up to Sam and Dean. " Hello fellas. Do you know what happened here."

"Uh, we were just passing by and saw the flames." Sam said.

"Was there anyone inside?"

"We tried to get in there when we heard the screams but we couldn't, the flames had blocked the entrance." Dean said.

"I see, well if you guys will go to the back truck over there, some of the boys can get you bandaged up." The fireman said.

"Thanks." They said in unison.

Sam was getting his arm bandaged when he saw Dean giving him a funny look.


"Nothing its just, how did you snap out of the daze that she put you in?"

"I don't know, maybe those blows to the head made me remember that she was a Siren."

Dean laughed. " Yeah sorry about that man."

"No problem."

Dean continued to grin at him.

"What now?"

"Man you should have heard some of the things you said, splendifernly caristocrat." Dean laughed.

"Having trouble with big words Dean." Sam smirked.

"Bite me."

"You wish." Sam said starting towards the Impala.

"No I don't actually, oh but that blond waitress, I sure would….hey Sam wait up!" Dean said, running after his little brother.