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Warnings: Dialogue fic. Once again unbetaed, but this is for the last time. I think I have found myself a beta. does a little jig Lame title. This one actually isn't angsty. Though there is one line that broke my heart. Anyone else notice it?

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Talk to Me





"Well, I said hey. Do we need to go over the rules of a civilized conversation again?"


"Okay, well, I said 'hey' which is a greeting. You should respond with a greeting. A simple 'hello' or 'hey' or 'hello there love of my life' would suffice."

"What do you want?"

"Not exactly what I was going for, but it will work. See, James said he was tired of trying to make you talk. He sent me up to make you stop being such a prat. His words, not mine. I said you needed time, but he wouldn't listen. So, here I am. He is very persuasive."


"So, what's wrong?"


"Yes, because when nothing's wrong I normally lock myself in the dorm room without food and refuse to talk to anyone."

"No, when you say nothing's wrong you normally hole yourself up in some tree with a bar of chocolate and refuse to talk to anyone."

"True. Fine, that was a little hypocritical of me."


"Still, Sirius, come on. I'm not just doing this because James bribed… and threatened me. I hate to see you like it."

"Okay, if you hate to see it…. all better now."

"Not like that. I just… I want to help you. And I miss you. I don't care if you are depressed, mean, and angry. I still want to be with you. Talk to me, please."

"James tell you to say that?"




"I… You know this isn't going to work right?"


"Wait—don't go."




"You want to know what's wrong? Really?"

"Yes, I do."

"Fine. Yesterday I got in a fight with Regulus. Not a rare occurrence, I know. But still, every time he manages to hurt me. You know what I thought right after the right? It's okay: I have Remus."


"Shut up. It kills me that I thought that. I used that thing that about all you guys. This time it was especially you. This isn't good. I depend on you now."

"That isn't necessarily a bad thing—"

"Yes it is. Don't you see? Because, because I'm starting—I've fallen—I'm in love you with you, Remus. It isn't just some random lust, or experimenting anymore for me. I love you. Now, it hurts. Now, it's real. This is bad. What if you don't actually love me too? What if it all gets complicated? What if it all goes bad? What if I can't stop? You don't understand. I love you, and I don't even know if I know how to love."

"I… I can teach you how, if you don't know. Because, I, I'm sure I'm kind of—completely in love with you too? If it gets complicated, we I think we'll get through it. I promise it won't get bad. And if you can't stop it's okay, because I never want you to stop."

"You love me?"

"…. Yeah."





"Can I bite your nose?"

"I'm glad to see you're back to normal. Hey! Ow. That hurt."

"Sorry, you're nose is just so—bitable."

"Let's go tell James your ready to stop being such a prat, if he isn't on the other side of the door listening in. He'll be excited."

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