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A raven-haired boy followed the group of students into the exam room, all of them casting him glances and whispering.

"His lover, right?"

"Yeah, I heard it was his brother who did it."

"Why is he even here? He's all injured, how is he supposed to be able to concentrate?"

The raven ignored everyone, walking to the middle of the room and sitting down in his seat. He waited patiently for the start of the exam and then began to write. The answers came to him easily, a welcome distraction from everything that had happened. He didn't want to think; he didn't want to remember. He just wanted to write his exam and leave.

He wouldn't even have been there if it weren't for him wanting to stop thinking about it for a while. Studying and taking the exam were helping him cope. The more he answered the questions, the more he forgot about what he would be remembering in just a few hours.

He finished the exam with forty minutes to spare, and spent ten minutes reviewing all of his answers. He was confident they were all right, so gathering his things, he stood up and walked towards the front.

Everyone looked up to watch him, and he could even hear people whispering about him, despite the exam.

"He must've studied his butt off to forget about what happened."

"There's no guarantee he even finished. He might have just given up."

He ignored the whispers, walking to the front with his exam, raking his hand through his black hair. Reaching the professor, he nodded to him as he handed him his exam.

Genma took the Anatomy exam, putting it in a pile as he regarded the blank blue eyes of the boy before him.

"Thanks, Naruto."

The raven nodded, raking his hand through his dyed black hair for a second time.

"Tell Kakashi we miss him up here when you see him."

Again, the raven just nodded before turning and exiting the room, aware of all the eyes following his exit.

Naruto walked towards the parking lot, getting into his car and starting it. He turned off the screen, not wanting to hear it talk in its robotic voice. It just pissed him off. He briefly considered having it removed.

He placed his hand on his chest and winced, feeling his half-healed wound complain as he shifted in his seat. His three other wounds were fine. That one bothered him the most out of all of them.

Ignoring the pain, he backed out of his spot and turned to head down the street. He drove in silence for a long time, not even bothering to swear at people who cut him off, or drive excessively fast.

He reached the hospital within a few minutes and walked through the doors, heading for the second floor. The second he exited the elevator, he heard a sigh.

"Back again, Naruto?" Shizune inquired.

The boy said nothing and merely walked down the corridor to one of the doors. Looking inside, he noticed the silver-haired man asleep and sighed. He didn't want to wake Kakashi up.

Shaking his head, he turned around and went back to the front desk where Shizune was looking through some files. She looked up as he approached and gave him a sigh.

"No, Naruto. There's been no change. I'm sorry."

The raven nodded before turning around and heading back down the corridor. He bypassed Kakashi's room, going to the room next door, opening and closing the door silently. He turned and walked to the chair beside the bed, sitting in it and grabbing the hand of its occupant.

Sasuke lay in the bed with his eyes closed, just as they had been for the last month. Monitors beeped and worked at keeping the boy in a coma alive.

Naruto kissed the other boy's hand before brushing some of Sasuke's black hair off his forehead.

"Hey. I'm back."


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