just something that i wrote while i was at my counsillor its sort of about black dranzers true feelings like does she really wanna be used for evil? this is my poem how she might feel

I sit here

all alone

going neither here nor there

just sitting

on the floor,

waiting, watching

the door

hoping, praying

that one day

the door will open

and they will say

'its ok

everything will be alright

you can come out

its such a lovely sight'

but every time i leave my sanctuary

i am greeted with darkness, despair, dying

and once again i lock the door and

inside i am crying

everything goes dark

i see not a thing

'cept for the ugly demon

who appears in my dream

and again has me screaming

i am not afraid

not of the night

it does not scare me

i get not a fright

but when daylight arrives i sit here

on my own

watching the door

all alone.

please review it means alot to me

peace out