Title: True Darkness Comes Calling

Author: Nile Reina

Pairing: OMC/SS

Rating: M

Summary: With no opposition against him, Voldemort succeeds in taking over the Wizarding World. But what he doesn't know is that his only ally will be his downfall. The true Dark Lord has come calling. It seems Voldemort had ignored the first rule of the Shadows, 'never touch the Marked.' And he will learn that touching Severus Snape was the most fatal mistake he could have perceived.

Archive: FFN, Unique Realities

Warnings/Disclaimirs: HP characters belong to J.K. Rowling...OMC belongs to me...M/M and M/F pairings...AU setting with possible spoilers from Books 1-5...Mentions of various religious concepts (such as the Gods and Goddessess, Demons, Fallen Angels) some found at Encyclopedia Mythica...Implied situations of rape and abuse...Mild situations of violence, bloodshed, torture, sexual content

Author Notes: There are mentions of religious concepts of Heaven and Hell from various cultures or what I have learned or been taught as I grew up...I do not mean to offend anyone's beliefs or concepts but fair warning, I have used these various concepts to my theme of the Underworld...There is also a scene of a ritual bearing no known resemblance to any already in existence (I used it only as a fictional plot device for story purposes)

Author Notes2: This is a Voldemort takes over control of Hogwarts...But there is no Harry Potter or The Boy Who Lived (situation will be explained later in the story)...I've noticed this and should rectify it: I need to thank my beta, EmilyEdge, for her help during my last few stories lately (E: I really, really appreciate you bearing with me...especially when dealing with my mishaps, mistakes, and grammar problems)

Author Notes3: Yes, I know that some of the chapters are short, so, please bear with me...But I do have it on good authority by my Beta that this is a really good story (she truly enjoyed how I went about the plot)...So I hope you'll enjoy...Also, I've had plenty of people asking for the sequel to Gift of Time and Heritage (yes, there will be one) (I have an idea of what I want to do just not how)...If you have any suggestions or would like to see happen, send me a message or add it to a review (perhaps it's the jumpstart my muse needs:))

Key Codes:

Blah-- Thoughts, Emphasis

/Blah/-- Flashbacks

Blah-- Yelling/Screaming

Blah-- Foreign Language


I don't remember much. Everything's hazy. Has been for days. I've lost track. Even hope. I know I don't trust easily. I know I'm cautious, even paranoid. I know no one liked me. But what I don't know is the shadow lurking in my mind.

Memories come fleetingly, almost surreally. I see images of spiteful people. I hear the whispered jeering. But I can't remember myself past beyonda few items. Although one memory stands out.

Someone loves me, said they always would . All I had to do was reach out through our link. But I can't. Nor do I remember how. And at theedge of the haze stands a shadowy figure, reaching for me. I desperately want to be safe. With this person I would be saved.

And then reality drags me further away. For days I know pain. My intimate partner. I scream. I plead. I cry. And they laugh. In return I feel white-hot flashes of unrelenting pain beneath a bitter taste of salt and blood.

And my sane memory flees, shamed by the presence I should know, a figure from my past,in my unreachable safety. As I hide, I taste and feel the rolling emotions of concern.

----------------------------------The Link's End------------------------------------------

I feel unrelenting pain through a forgotten link. As I follow, a haze appears, surrounding a very familiar person.

I've tried calling out to my mate. I've tried reaching for him. But something pulls him further away. And when he seemingly returns to my sight, he's ashamed, trying to hide.

And before I leave him, I swear to find him. It's been too long.

Shadows danced about carelessly as a seated figure barked orders, "I want him found!"

"Sir!" Equally shadowed figures saluted before rushing off.

Another lone figure floated forward, covered in flowing veils, "You've called for me, my Lord?"

"Ah, my Faithful One. Find our wayward child. I've neglected watching to watchhim closely. It is time I wasback in the loop. I want to know everything. Every little detail. Every little secrets. Be sure my Dragons have not failed me."

"My Lord?"

"It seems my Dragons fear something. My link has abruptly opened with outside magic. Find out why."

"As you wish, my Lord. I am yours to command."

Finally alone, the commandingfigure rose from his throne of dark stone, pacing beneath the cover of his shadows, deep in thought. "What trouble have you grown? What demise must I apply? Why am I suddenly tearing away our alliance? You have answers I desire, Tom Riddle." But his harsh whispers carry nowhere, not even to the one he directed them to.