Chapter Twelve

"Come, Severus. He wishes you at his side." Severus nodded, following his old school nemesis from Grimmauld Place. "He was right. I didn't know. I had thought you were trying to take Remus from me, turn him against us. I couldn't lose him. I was angry, jealous of your easy friendship. Took us months just to gain his trust, his secrets. You did it in a few weeks. Each year got harder the closer you two became."

"You tried to kill me for that?"

"No. To scare you. I overheard several Slytherins mention your fear of wolves. Something about a bad experience."

Severus turned away. "No one knows. I had a sister. We got lost in the woods around our home. And something found us before our Father did. A starved wolf. It attacked, killing my sister and then turned to me. But Father and his friends finally found us. They saved me. And we buried her the next day."

"And the wolf?" Sirius was saddened. His jealousy had forced Severus to remember a nightmare, the death of his sister. He was stupid. He shouldn't have done that. He should have had more faith in Remus. Everyone's allowed close friends. Even Remus. I had James but he had no one until Snape.

Severus' voice was pained, "Dead. Mounted on my Father's study wall. A reminder to what Muggles created. The wolf was a pet, abused by its Muggle owner. I never went into the woods again until I had no choice. After I turned away from the Dark Lord, Albus helped make my way through the Dark Forest easier and safer."

"And my tricking you made you worse, made you relive all that."

"Leave it." Severus grasped Sirius' hand, wanting to leave. He only hoped no one else had heard their quiet conversation. He couldn't live with that knowledge nor the pity.

-----------------------------Great Hall of Hogwarts------------------------------

"They are waiting punishment, my Lord. Both my wife and sister. It seemed Narcissa wanted more power, at least full control of the Malfoy line when I took others to my bed after I gained my heir. Her sister wanted to make her happy. Willing to see me, even Draco, sufferwhen he turned his back on them to follow me."

Daemon raised a brow, "I see. Then we must make sure they have something extra special. Ah, my Faithful." Sirius tipped his head, relieving his burden. "By my side, Severus."

Swallowing at the sight of blood, Severus stepped forward but stopped when Daemon beckoned with one hand and licked at the blood off the other. "Have no fear, Little One. Come." Severus took a deep breath, trying to kneel by his mate's side when Daemon pulled him into his lap. "Go. Find them, my Dragons. Bring me the wolf alive. And the child's head."

"As you wish." Sirius was giddy. Remus was going to remain among the living. He was being rewarded for his services to his Master. And his reward was the chance to be with his mate.

"Daemon?" Severus was afraid. Death had still come because of him, even though he tried to save them.

"Don't, Little One. She failed. And they have no morals orrespect. But Remus did try. For that he will be left alone. It is what I demand."

Severus nodded, knowing that when Hermione Granger lost her head the others would do everything to avenge her. "And my students?" He was once the Head of Slytherin. He was still concerned about his students. He was also the only one that did everything to keep them safe, to protect them from those that tried to harm them.

"The dungeons, Consort. Safe with others." A deformed minion had scurried from the shadows.

"Cleanse this place. Mortals have weak stomachs. And then we shall free them. Their celebration has yet to come."

"Celebration? Daemon?" Severus was worried. What is he going on about?

Demanding lips covered his lips, speaking against them, "Shush, Little One. It is time. Tom failed his mission. But where one fails another can succeed. And since I have yet to return to my world and with your Light members vanquished, I shall succeed. My Dragons will be richly rewarded."

"You're giving them control!" An incredulouslook crossed Severus' face, mouth agape.

"Yes. The mortal world, at least the Magical one, will belong to them for years to come. Until I grow bored." Daemon chuckled at the astonishment on his mate's face. He meant it. Sirius, his Faithful, would have his mate. His Dragons would control the Magical world as they wished. Until there became a challenger, and one would eventually succeed, shadows would remain loyal to the Malfoys. "I grow tired of playing here. My Dragons and Faithful will keep control. And we, Little One, will have our time to enjoy. Tell them, my Minion."

The deformed creature bobbed its head. Yes. Time to enjoy. Punishments to settle. And power to control. Severus lightly purred as hands stroked beneath his robes, "Please." Yes, Little One. We shall enjoy our time together for a very long time.