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Chapter 47:  Epilogue

        Rune was a bundle of nerves, her eyes wide and her hands shaking from what she was about to do. Raven was beside her in the back of the car, playing with her daughter's sapphire hair and offering soothing words of wisdom. Kimi and Melody were up front, the former driving while the butterfly couldn't stop grinning in delight. Selina sat on Rune's right, her yellow eyes clearly stating that everything would be fine. Rune smiled at the two women beside her and took a deep breath to calm herself.

        "You're so beautiful, Rune," Raven stated, putting a silver clip in her daughter's hair. It had grown down to her waist in the past seven years since Sebastian and she had started dating. Now, she was a successful woman of 24 about to face something more frightening than any mission she'd ever been on as a Titan. "Don't worry about a thing," her mother said, sensing her anxiousness. "It isn't as hard as you might think."

        "Kyaaah! I can't believe Rune-chan is getting married at last!" Melody cried, nearly floating out of her seat in joy. "Oh, this is such a great day!"

        "Yeah," Kimi agreed eagerly, stepping a little harder on the gas pedal as she swerved around a few cars. "Sebastian's a lucky man."

        'I'm going to fall over my dress and hit my head,' Rune thought, ignoring her friends' chatter. 'He's gonna say "I don't". I'm going to cry or faint or blow something up or-!'

        Rune,a stern voice began, calm down. Honestly, nothing bad is going to happen! You're just overreacting.

        Rune sighed and started counting backwards from 100. By the time she reached 17, the car (and Rune's heart) stopped. Kimi, Melody, and Raven all exited the vehicle excitedly, leaving the bride-to-be alone with her maid of honor. Selina gave the woman's hand a reassuring squeeze and handed her the bouquet of white and pink roses—the same type Sebastian had given to her when he first asked her to go out with him. She smiled a little at the memory and glanced down at her left hand where a white gold engagement ring resided. The stone was a simple pink diamond with two smaller white ones on either side. Selina noticed that her friend had calmed down a bit and smiled in relief. She carefully exited the car, making sure no one saw the beauty within.

        Logan Falle was waiting, dressed in a formal tux as everyone took their places at the altar. He smiled at Selina as she got out of the car; she returned the smile and went to make sure everything was ready. He observed the commotion going on around him and sighed, in total disbelief that it was actually happening. His baby girl was actually getting married. He was proud, oh yes, and she didn't need words to see it. However, he couldn't help but feel that he was getting a bit…old.

        Everyone was in place, even the sun shining down on the ceremony. It was a cool August day; sunny and warm with a nice breeze passing by on occasion. Sebastian was in position, his heart hammering against his ribs as he waited patiently for his bride. He could see the car parked on the grass, just a few steps away from the aisle. He knew she was in there, and he couldn't help but grin. The day had finally come. Though the press standing 100 feet away were rather annoying, it was unavoidable—the same thing had happened at both his parents' and Cyborg and Bumble Bee's weddings.

        Finally, the music started playing, and everyone was quiet. Logan opened the door of the T-car and took his daughter's ungloved hand in his own. Rune stepped out of the car and blushed when she realized that all eyes were on her. She held on to her father's arm as he led her down the aisle, whispering how beautiful she was. Rune couldn't look at her fiancé until they made it all the way to the altar, too nervous from all the attention. She wondered if her dress was too revealing. Kimi and Melody had picked it out, of course, and they told her Sebastian would love it. She trusted their judgment, though she still wondered if strapless was the way to go…

        Sebastian, however, almost couldn't believe his eyes. He recognized the beauty as soon as she stepped out of the car, but he still could hardly believe she was his. Her dress fit her perfectly, the white fabric contrasting nicely with her light skin. It flowed around her ankles, smooth but not pouffy. Elegant: that was the word. His breath caught in his throat as she glanced up at him with wide blue eyes; all he could do was smile.

        Logan gave his daughter to the red-eyed man carefully; Sebastian took her hands in his, unable to look away from the woman he loved. The ceremony continued as everyone watched, the minister going through the usual motions of a wedding. Kimi and Melody were tearing up behind Rune while Selina just smiled. Covyll, Andrew, and James stood behind Sebastian, each one silently expressing happiness in their own way. On the groom's side were the other Titans, a few Tameranians, and random civilians who'd wanted to witness the event. On the bride's side were Raven and Logan, Yuho, and even Dominique and Mariko (his gray cat) had traveled all the way from Europe to attend Rune's wedding. In the very back row sat a brown-haired woman with a three-year-old daughter in her lap, her expression remorseful.

        Sebastian and Rune were barely paying attention to any of the witnesses. They couldn't take their eyes off each other, even as they said their "I do"s. A little boy with short black hair and wide dissimilar eyes walked up to the couple with a pillow in hand, upon which rested the wedding bands. He smiled up at the adults as they took the jewelry, then hurried off to sit by his violet-haired mother. Rune only glanced down at her hand as Sebastian placed the simple white gold wedding band on her finger and at his as she placed the matching band on her husband. He noticed that she'd had one word engraved on his ring:  "Forever."

        "I now pronounce you husband and wife," the elderly minister said. "You may kiss the bride."

        Sebastian happily complied.


        The reception was held at the park right after the wedding. There were a few rain clouds that threatened to halt the festivities, but Covyll and James quickly made it sunny again with their combined powers. Everyone was on the dance floor, minus Rune and Sebastian, who were seated at their plastic table watching everyone around them. Sebastian hadn't let go of Rune's hand since the ceremony, but she wasn't complaining. Her emotions had left her alone for the better part of the day, for which the blue-haired woman was grateful. All the food and cake had been served, so everyone was chatting and dancing happily on the grass. All in all, it seemed that the day had been perfect.

        "Oi! How're Mr. and Mrs. 'Bastian Grayson doing, eh?" Covyll questioned, coming to stand before them with Selina on his arm.

        "Congratulations," the young woman stated. She'd long since overcome her intense shyness, so her voice was easily heard over the upbeat music that Kimi and Andrew had chosen.

        "Thank you," the couple said simultaneously.

        Covyll grinned happily and took Selina away to the dance floor. Rune watched them for a moment and noticed a ring on Selina's finger; no wonder she was so happy lately. She smiled to herself and was about to mention it to Sebastian before someone tugged on her arm. She looked down into the smiling face of her little brother and said hello.

        "Did I do good, Rune?" he asked.

        "You did very well, Daniel," Rune corrected gently.

        Her brother had been born without incident a few months after Sebastian and Rune had gotten together. He'd healed well enough from the bullet wound he and Raven had received, but he still had a scar on his chest; when he was old enough to speak, he told his mother that he actually liked the scar. Aside from that, he was born with two different colored eyes. His right one was green, whereas his left one was violet.

        Daniel hugged his sister and said, "I'm glad you're happy now," before walking away to find their parents. The statement confused the woman, but she didn't have time to dwell on it before Sebastian led her out onto the dance floor.

        "So, how does it feel to be Mrs. Grayson?" he asked, leading her along in a fast-paced dance.

        "Well, I guess it feels a little different," she answered, still smiling. "I'm still in disbelief, really."

        "That makes two of us," he agreed. He'd grown taller, she noted, but not by much; and he'd stopped dying the ends of his hair red.

        'I want this to be over. I can't wait to see his beautiful green eyes again…'

        Oh, I'm so happy for you, Rune! Smarty said. I'm sorry, I know you wanted us to be quiet today, but I just had to tell you that! I'm so proud! And so is your family!

        Sebastian noticed how Rune's gaze seemed far away. 'She must be talking to one of those personalities again,' he decided. He was a bit jealous that those voices could take her attention away from him, but he knew how to get it back…

        I knew this would happen! Did I tell you or what? Ah!

        'Yes, I know, Smarty. Thank you,' Rune thought sincerely. 'But when did you ever-'

        Rune was brought back to reality as soon as Sebastian's lips touched her own in a warm, chaste kiss. She blinked and looked up at him in confusion before she realized what just happened. He smirked at the light blush that appeared on her skin and kissed her again. With his lips ghosting against her own, he told her:

        "They can wait."

        Rune grinned sheepishly and nodded. "Right. Sorry about that."

        The night continued on in much the same fashion. Melody kept James all to herself (not that he minded in the slightest); Covyll and Selina could be found on the dance floor all night; Andrew and Kimi were bouncing around, always dancing or entertaining the guests and keeping the press at bay. Dominique stole Rune away for a dance, which Sebastian grudgingly allowed.

        "Looks like that husband of yours beat me, eh?" the shadows spelled in the air.

        "Better luck next time," she replied in a friendly tone.

        "No big deal. I can always steal you away for a dance, right?"

        She smiled. "Any time you want."

        The silver-haired thief smiled back as the song ended and Sebastian returned to save his wife from the charming mute. Dominique bowed out gracefully and kissed Rune's hand before he left in a whirl of shadows. Sebastian sighed a bit enviously before Rune dragged him back to their seats.

        "Still wishing you could fly?" she guessed.

        He sighed again. "Andrew, Covyll, James, Melody, Kimi, you, Mrs. Falle, my mother, and Dominique can all fly—why not me?"

        "Well, some on that list aren't really flying… They're just using their powers to lift them. Maybe you could find a way to do the same?"


        "Rune, darling! It's been too long!" Andrew cried, flying over to the couple. He snickered as Sebastian let his head fall onto the table. Oh, how he loved teasing his flightless friend. "You're as beautiful as ever."

        "Thank you, Andrew. How have you and Kimi been?"

        "We're expecting our little one to arrive in a few more months!" he exclaimed. "I've no idea what gender the baby will be, but it has the most interesting thoughts ever! Oh, I love pregnant women! Unborn babies are so fascinating!"

        "Congratulations," Sebastian and Rune said.

        Andrew and Kimi had gotten married three years earlier and were still as happy as ever. Covyll and Selina finally started dating about the same time, after Melody and Rune convinced James that the Atlantian was the perfect match for his little sister. The two still didn't get along famously, but some things just never change. As for the red head, Andrew and Rune were currently helping him find the perfect way to propose to his butterfly. He was still very quiet and disliked asking for help, but really…he had no experience in the area, and those two were the ones he trusted the most, aside from his sister.

        Raven and Logan were very proud of their little girl, and they never hesitated to tell her that. They also were home schooling Daniel until he was old enough to defend himself. He'd yet to develop any powers, but no one was worried. Nightwing and Starfire were overjoyed when Sebastian told them his plan to propose, and had even helped him as much as they could. It was all he could do to keep them from popping the question to her themselves. Cyborg and Bumble Bee were both living happily at the East Tower finding and training new recruits every other month. Mas y Menos and Speedy had gone to establish their own Tower in Mexico City, and frequently sent e-mails with their stats and the progress they'd made. Aqua Lad was still with the Titans East, helping train the new recruits Cyborg and Bumble Bee found.

        Over the past seven years, the second generation of Titans had continued to get stronger and earn the respect of the city. They'd been on their fair share of missions, had sustained plenty of injuries, and each one had come close to death a number of times. But that was all part of their job, and not one of them would ever consider quitting for an "easier" or "normal" life.

        It wasn't a perfect ending. Come morning, the heroes would have to go back on duty and keep the world safe. There would be more injuries, more physical and mental strain, and enough arguments to last a lifetime. But that didn't matter. They were living in the moment and ready to face anything life threw at them.

        Speaking of which…

        Two men walked up to the table where Rune and Sebastian sat, both wearing formal attire suited for a wedding. The taller one had short white hair and dark brown skin; he was wearing a black suit with a lavender shirt underneath. The shorter man was wearing a dark red suit and a black shirt, which contrasted nicely with his slate hair and violet eyes. Rune and Sebastian looked up in surprise. Some of the others had stopped what they were doing to see what would happen.

        "Congratulations," Wraith offered kindly. His silver-white eyes were shining with mischief. "I'm glad to see you're both doing well."

        "Likewise," Sebastian stated civilly. He was tensed, as were Covyll, Andrew, and James.

        "Oh, don't worry," he said nonchalantly, "we're not here to start anything. We just wanted to let you know that we were back in town."

        "Yes, you haven't been around lately," Rune mentioned. "What've you been up to?"

        Wraith laughed. "Oh, a little bit of this and that. I'm sure you'll find out soon enough."

        Sebastian's eyes narrowed, while Rune remained impassive.

        "How's Zap?"

        "Hm? Oh, she's been gone for quite a while."

        "I see." The heroes couldn't exactly tell what the mind-reader meant by 'gone'.

        "Well, it's about time for us to go," he said, glancing down at his watch. "It's been really nice speaking with you." His tone indicated that he was hiding something, which wasn't all that surprising—he was, after all, one of the world's most dangerous villains.

        "Same to you," Sebastian replied, obviously not thinking 'nice' was the proper adjective. "Will we be seeing you again any time soon?"

        Wraith grinned secretively. "You'll just have to wait and see."

        "Farewell," Phoenix stated quietly as the two turned and disappeared into the crowd.

        Rune and Sebastian looked meaningfully at each other, their thoughts clear in their eyes. Finally, they sighed and the party continued on as though nothing happened. Rune smiled and gave Sebastian a comforting kiss to calm his nerves; they had quite a history with those two, as did the Titans East. Sebastian smiled gratefully at his wife, and the two chattered about random subjects for a while longer before going back to the dance floor. Rune noticed a brown-haired woman and a little girl standing off to the side as she held on to Sebastian. The woman looked…familiar. Rune smiled kindly at her, and she offered the same in return. She left after that, and the bride never thought of her again.

        Sebastian looked down as Daniel tugged on his arm. "May I cut in?" he inquired adorably. Sebastian grinned and picked the little boy up before handing him to his sister for a dance.

        The moon was steadily rising in the midnight sky, and danger was lurking on the horizon. But no one in the park was at all concerned with the plans Wraith and Phoenix had for tomorrow. For the moment, life was bright and cheerful. And to Mr. and Mrs. Grayson, that was all that mattered.

The End.