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It Must Be the Donuts


It was about 10:30 when John Munch walked into the little Dunkin' Donuts a few blocks away from the station. The detectives had this deal going, where every week it was someone's job to buy donuts and coffee for all four of them. Munch wondered idly why it was always his turn the farthest week away from payday. John headed up to the counter, armed with a twenty dollar bill and morning crankiness. A little buzzing voice in his head said, 'Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.' He got angry when he didn't get his coffee.

Munch eyed the teenage boy working at the desk. He was greasy haired and had a bad acne problem. "Four medium coffees and two dozen glazed donuts," he said to the boy. "That'll be fifteen dollars and eighty-seven cents," the boy said monotonously, punching some buttons into the register. He took the twenty dollars, gave John change, and disappeared behind the counter.

The Night Before

11:32 p.m

"C'mon, hurry up!" Two young looking men had carefully broken into Dunkin' Donuts, and they had burglarized a drug store before that, taking several prescriptions with the intent to sell them on the street.

They smashed the register open and stole the money. But on the way out, one of them dropped a bottle of pills, stepped on it and crushed it. "Crap!" he yelled, scrambling to pick up the pills, salvaging the few that weren't stepped on. "Let's get out of here," the other one said. And they escaped into the night making off with a couple hundred dollars.


10:37 a.m.

The boy behind the counter lazily made the donuts and coffee. He accidentally dropped a donut on the floor and the crushed pills lightly dusted the donut. He didn't notice, and he picked the donut up and put it back in the box. The boy walked back to the counter, gave the food to Munch, and told him to have a nice day. Which he rally didn't mean at all, but he had to say it anyway.

Munch walked back out to his car and got in, carefully setting the coffee in cup holders and putting the box of donuts in the passenger seat. He turned the key in the ignition and drove back to the station. Munch turned on the radio, turning the dial to 94.9.

"Alright, I've got a call coming in… Hey, you're on 94.9, The Flame. What's your name?"


"Ok, do you want to request a song?"

"Yeah. Boulevard of Broken Dreams, by Green Day." "Alright! Remember, this is 94.9 The Flame, bringing you the hottest music in New York…" In a few seconds, the chord of a guitar rang out and the song began.

I walk this empty street

On the boulevard of broken dreams

Where the city-

Munch turned off the radio and rode in silence the rest of the drive. He didn't care much for rock music. He entered the precinct, the coffee and donuts in hand. "Here you go, everybody," he said, setting the items on a desk.

"Oh you didn't hear?" Olivia said. "We all went out for breakfast at about 10:30."

John's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. "I'm glad everyone invited me," he said, sitting down at his desk. He really needed some coffee.

Munch grabbed a donut and thought to himself as he took a bite out of it: 'Powdered? I told the kid glazed… Oh well.' He ate the donut, took a sip of coffee, and slowly, a strange sensation began to creep over him.

He was the Munchster. Mission: Seek and Seduce.

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Don't worry, this won't be an OJ fic. Or OE, for that matter. Just Munch acting crazy toward all the girls.