Title: Staring Contest

Genre: Humor
Rating: K
Character Focus: Vlad

Vlad stared at him. The clock ticked. Stark, green eyes stared right back.

It was a game of wits. Vlad was struggling to keep his composure, his resolve.

His opponent met his gaze lazily, yawning as he did so.

It unnerved him that he had never been so threatened and by something so outwardly harmless. It would be completely against his principal to give in. He continued the stare down.

The adversary, though, had enough of the game. With another yawn he promptly closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Vlad blinked, taken aback. He had won the staring contest, but this was no victory.

It didn't matter if the opponent didn't think he was losing anything.

This didn't change the fact that Vlad had been given a run for his money. Yes, he had been bested by nothing but apathy –pure and simple. All of his mind tricks were useless against that force.

Vlad sighed. It looked like he was there to stay. Rising in concession, Vlad crossed the table and scratched the ear of his newest ally. Packers, as Vlad mentally began to refer to him, purred lightly under his touch, stretching himself out.

With a frown he let his hand drop to his side. Something was troubling him.

He re-read the note attached to the cat's collar.

'To Uncle Vlad, With Love'

Young Daniel would never let him hear the end of this.

I love toying with Vlad's character. I'm honestly surprised I've never seen this done… or maybe I have and just don't remember. Whatever. Hope you enjoyed it!

Don't fret if you happen to read Spider's Web, I'm still plugging away... I just sort of fell into a slump which seems to be lifting. So yay and all that wonderful stuff.