Title: Bagels
Character Focus: Danny/ Sam
Genre: Humor
Rating: K

::AN:: I wrote an entire piece ranting about bagels. I like bagels, bagels and I have no beef. I do no writing for two months and this is what I spit out. Lord help me, I think I have a problem.

'Bagels,' Danny thought with disdain as he spread the impossibly immobile cream cheese on the untoasted confection with a white plastic knife on the verge of snapping. It was the same everyday.

Except sometimes the knife did snap in half, or maybe he'd use jam instead of the white cheese. But there was always that one constant, that one immovable, impassable force; the bagel. He and bagels had irreconcilable differences and yet it seemed nothing could tear them apart.

Today's bagel was cinnamon-raisin. Yesterday's was sesame seed. Once he made the mistake of getting onion-garlic-cheese medley... that wasn't such a good day.

Yes, it seemed Danny had fallen into the world of perpetual bagels. A world some people like to call College. Dorm food, true to the old cliché, really sucked. It was not for the faint of stomach.

Danny, thankfully, wasn't faint of stomach (having endured both oddities of meat and veggie courtesy of Tucker and Sam respectively), but his tongue just couldn't seem to stand the monotony of the daily bagel, the only breakfast food he could seem to get his hands on (and have time to eat while running late to Astronomy).

So time after time he just sucked it up and forced them down.

Something was different today though. Danny wasn't going to eat his bagel, which disappointed him on some level because he had wasted precious meal points on it. But rather than worry about lost points and wasted bagels, Danny was far more concerned with the five foot diameter confection before him chalk full of football sized raisins (two angled in such a way near the top to look like angry eyes). The hole in the center was positioned in a very prominent frown. To top it all off, it was floating a few inches off the ground. Danny was in trouble.

Of course he, Danny Fenton (AKA Danny Phantom), would have to face a possessed bagel. Someone or something had finally out down the Box Ghost in lame obsessions, though only barely. Still, the menacing look in the bagel's raisins and the eerie cream cheese glowy-gooey thing surrounding it made it look like a formidable opponent.

Not that it seemed to really do anything accept float there and look pissed.

After a bit of a stare down, Danny side stepped the ghoulish bagel and passed it. The bagel's status didn't change except that it was now menacingly glaring at a tree in the quad, slightly bobbing as it floated in place. Danny ran a hand down his face as he silently questioned both his sanity and the sanity of whomever decided that a possessed bagel was a good idea. He headed off to his class, already fifteen minutes late. He doubted he'd be able to concentrate.

The next morning Danny decided to skip breakfast. It just wasn't worth the hassle. Apparently, after freaking people out for about two hours, the floating bagel returned to it's normal bagel and was carried off by Sparky, the dog communally owned by everyone on campus.

Danny sulked on a bench. His stomach growled, demanding sustenance. Still, he refused anymore bagels.

This was where Sam found him.

She took a seat next to him. "What's wrong with you," she asked.

Danny noticed she had a drink in her hand, or it could have been a drink... It was kind of thick looking and an interesting shade of light green. At this point, Sam's green goo looked really tasty.

He reluctantly took his eyes off of her "drink", "I didn't have any breakfast today. I'm starving."

Sam looked at him strangely for a second. "So get something to eat then."

"I would, but I'm sick of bagels and that's all this stupid school has till noon!" He groused.

"No," Sam jiggled her beverage at him for emphasis. "Maybe if you only eat at Campus Corner."

"...You mean there are other places to eat?"

Sam stifled a laugh and pinched the bridge of her nose. Shaking her head, she replied, "You didn't know there were other places to eat on campus? You mean to tell me you've been eating the same junk for a month and a half?"

"Don't laugh at me!" he cried. "At- at least I'm not drinking green goo!"

Sam narrowed her eyes. "It's a green tea smoothie, thank you very much and I really don't see what it has to do with your cluelessness."

"Hey! I'm not clueless! If you'll recall I missed the second half of the school tour because somebody dropped the thermos!" He pointed accusingly at his friend.

A random passer-by quirked an eyebrow at the arguing couple and quickly hurried on his way.

Sam jumped to her feet and grabbed Danny's wrist with her free hand. She forcefully tugged him behind her. "Come on, you whine-o. We're getting real food."

Danny perked up, trotting up next to her. "Okay, and just because you are my savior and whatnot, I'm going to completely overlook the fact that you used the term 'whine-o'."

Sam rolled her eyes, "You are too kind."

They soon arrived at the campus's sub-par pizza place and Danny's eyes lit up with wonder. Sam's head dropped as the boy ran up to the counter and ordered the largest, most decked out pizza the place had to offer.

After devouring the only okay quality pizza, Danny grinned brightly at Sam.

"Remind me again why I'm friends with you?" Sam teased.

Danny then looked into her eyes with a devious, evil, completely un-Danny-like look. "Well, Tucker says it's because you've got a big, fat, mega-huge crush on me."

"W-wha?" Sam sputtered into her smoothie's straw as Danny broke into a harsh, mean, annoying laugh. This day officially sucked.

Fourteen year old Samantha Manson sprang up in bed, slamming the annoying, grating alarm clock off. She shook her head clear of the remnants of her dream and vowed never again to have green tea smoothies before bed.

Or bagels. There was just something about bagels...

::AN:: Well how's that for a surprise ending? ...We all have weird dreams every once in a while.

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