Losing Grip: Version 2

Chapter 1: No One Cares

Summary: Sam feels like no one cares about her. Can our favorite ghost hybrid change her mind before she does something drastic? D/S pairing, of course!

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AN: Hello, people! Fanficgal09 here! I know that I already wrote a Losing Grip but after I finished writing it I thought of so many things to make it better! So I was wondering I should make another version or not. And even though only one person told me that I should, I decided that I would make another version since I really wanted to! Things are going to be a little different in this version. For one it's going to be rated T and it's going to be a lot more angst. Okay, I've kept you long enough (unless nobody read this!) so without further ado, here's my second version of Losing Grip!

14-year-old Goth girl Sam Manson looked at the bleak sky while walking to school in anger, anger at her parents for fighting with her that morning, not trusting her, and accusing her of stealing from her room, anger at herself for getting so hurt and crying in front of them, though she didn't know why she was so hurt and upset when she didn't do anything wrong, but they thought she was feeling gulity and they decided to hit her, and she felt anger at the world for being so cruel, glum and uncaring in her time of pain. Well, I guess I shouldn't be so mad, I mean, at least I have Danny to help me get through this. Sam thought to herself. When she reached Casper High School she got to her locker, got her Math book and waited for her best friends Danny Fenton and Tucker Foley. When she saw them enter she felt a soft smile on her face. When Danny and Tucker reached their lockers (which the three friends had next to each other) Sam waited for Danny and Tucker to get their things.

When she saw that they were ready Sam said, "Danny, can I talk to you? I've had a bad morning."

Danny sighed and said, "Sam, no offense but I'm pretty tired right now and I could care less about your petty problems." Then he slammed his locker door and left.

"Sam I don't think he--" Tucker said but he couldn't finish his sentence becuase Sam left to the girls bathroom.

No one cares, not even Danny. Sam thought while she was in a stall crying.

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